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The Most Anticipated AAA Games on Xbox in 2018

With a new calendar year come a whole slew of new reasons to get excited. New games are coming, and we don't have to wait very long before the AAA titles pour in. Here's a look at all the biggest games we know of so far.

Posted 11 days ago by Mark Delaney, 126 comments

Jurassic World Evolution’s First Gameplay Footage Revealed

The developers promised a brand new world of your own creation, a park building experience where you could manage every attraction to the peril of your attendees. Today, we’ve earned our first look at the game.

Posted 3 months ago by Kevin Tavore, 11 comments

Full List of Xbox One X Enhanced Games

We know the Xbox One X is coming on November 7th and we know lots of games are going to support it, but until today we didn't know exactly what games those would be. There's over 100 titles.

Posted 5 months ago by Claudio Barata, 68 comments

Jurassic World Evolution Announcement Trailer

Have you ever watched the Jurassic Park movies and thought about how you could definitely make a safer park than the ones presented? If so, now's the time to prove it in the newly announced Jurassic World Evolution.

Posted 5 months ago by Ethan Anderson, 33 comments

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