2. Just Cause 2 General Hints & TipsUpdate notes

For the two different playthroughs, there are specific tips that will make things a lot easier for you. However, for both playthroughs, you can easily get just about anywhere on the map by using the grappling hook and the parachute, but it's best to travel wide across the map by calling in the black market dealer with cn_down to extract yourself to a location that you've previously been to. To get a better range of places to explore, do stronghold takeovers and faction missions for the gangs, which will send you to distant regions of Panay and make traveling to obscure places a breeze. It's also important to know that when you're falling out of the helicopter after being extracted (or falling in general), you can just dive straight towards the ground and grapple yourself towards the ground, which will void any damage you should have taken.

Hardcore Playthrough

As you would have expected, your health is very precious on Hardcore. If you get hit, you'll slowly gain some of it back after you take cover and avoid damage for a while, but if you're too damaged, you won't be coming back to full health. The only was to heal are to find a health station, which will return your health to full no matter what, or to find a fifth armor part, which will also lead to upgrading your maximum health. Armor parts are much more important on this run than the 75% completion run, of course, but it's equally important to upgrade your weapons as much as you can. I prefer to use the pistol at the beginning due to its simplicity and easiness to control, and the grenade launcher (when you unlock it) as a second weapon, with the main explosive used being the placed ones, since grenades have to be timed precisely or thrown with bouncing in mind.

Since you want to finish this run quickly so you can move on to the easier albeit longer run, you want to get 435,000 Chaos as fast as you can, doing the other story missions along the way. The fastest way to that number is to do as many stronghold takeovers and faction missions as you can, which will reward you with hefty amounts of Chaos. On this difficulty, there might be some missions that are just too hard for you to complete; don't worry about those and just do what you can. You can make up the rest of the Chaos if you need to by simply completing locations. Avoid challenges, which unlock like faction missions do, because they only reward you with money and not Chaos.

75% Completion Playthrough

For this run, you'll want to finish the story again and do every single faction mission, which will now be much easier thanks to your ability to turn the difficulty down for this playthrough. You'll have to do 50 challenges and do a bunch of collecting, which there's more information of on the 75% Completion Playthrough page. Be sure to look at the miscellaneous achievements and nab whatever you didn't get by accident on the Hardcore run when you have the chance as well. To give yourself a nice set of fast-travel points at the start of the game, I suggest making enough money to get the Pell Silverbolt, finding a long and flat section of land, and flying all over Panau (which will take quite a while), providing you with tons of places that you can immediately return to, so long as the game recognizes that you've been there before.

The most important thing of this run, though, is the massive list of vehicles that you need to be in at least once. The vehicle page should cover everything just fine, but just in case you don't miss anything major, the "rare" vehicles will be noted down in mission descriptions if they're in one, so you don't miss your chance to ride in it. There are also six DLC vehicles which also count towards the achievement; you might want to look at the DLC in the main menu before starting the game up. I highly suggest keeping the vehicles page in a separate tab in your browser while you look at whichever other page is important to you at the moment so you don't miss out on anything.

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