7. Just Cause 2 Misc AchievementsUpdate notes

As with almost every game out there, there are going to be some miscellaneous tasks you probably won't get done unless by accident in order to get all of the achievements. There are a lot based on killing enemies in a certain fashion, and others based on your driving and flying prowess. For most of these achievements, there will be an in-game counter that occasionally pops up in the upper left corner every once in a while when you perform that action. You should focus on these achievements on your completion run rather than the Hardcore run to minimize frustration, but getting some of the easier ones out of the way while you're doing your first run wouldn't hurt.

Enemy Achievements

The first few achievements won't require you to use tethering to get kills in special ways. Headshots and melee kills are pretty straightforward; just aim for the head and melee enemies up close with cn_B 50 times each for these first two achievements. The third is given for getting 750 overall kills, which you'll easily get when playing the game and going for the rest of the achievements down this list.

These next two achievements are very related, and is just a matter of whether or not you want one achievement or the other. Pull an enemy off a ledge so he falls to his death. If you want him to die by fall damage, you'll get Gravity is a Bitch!, and if you shoot him while he's in midair to keep him from hitting the ground in order to kill him, you'll get Juggler. Both require 30 kills in each fashion.

You'll next want to grapple enemies to a wall or high place so that they're not touching the ground. The objective this time is to kill 30 enemies while they're being held up in the air (in the air against a wall works), with five of those kills preferably being melee kills so you can kill two birds with one stone.

  • Pinata Party

    Kill 5 enemies with the melee attack while they're suspended with the grappling hook.

    Pinata Party

The last of the easier kill-based achievements require a vehicle, and shouldn't be too hard to get. The first is simple: tether an enemy to a vehicle and drive off in it until he dies, which you need to do five times. The second also requires five kills, but this time you need to have a hard-hitting object tethered to the vehicle, and you need to hit enemies with it. The best ways to go about this are in any place with a statue that you can blow up and some driving room, or inside a military base after hijacking a tank (with something tethered onto the tank, of course). The last of the killing/driving achievements requires you to just hit enemies head-on with the vehicle you're driving, which is self-explanatory.

  • Follow Me!

    Kill 5 enemies by dragging them behind a vehicle with the grappling hook.

    Follow Me!

  • Wrecking Ball

    Kill 5 enemies by smashing them with an object tethered to your vehicle with the grappling hook.

    Wrecking Ball

For this next achievement, you need to kill 20 enemies within 60 seconds. An easy way to do this would be to use a helicopter to fly over the city districts or towards the horseshoe-shaped military base near Karl Blaine's house and fire away with the chopper's guns and missiles until the achievement pops. However, you're most likely going to get this achievement while doing the Ular Boys faction mission named Holy Smoke!, but save before you start the mission. A bunch of enemies will be coming in to your position for this mission, so just take a grenade launcher or missile launcher and set up some planted explosives, and wait until you think you're able to take down 20 in a minute.

You'll need a combo of 50 kills without losing too much health; unlike the achievement's description, you'll be fine as long as your screen doesn't turn red. When it turns red and a heartbeat sound comes up, you've lost too much health and the combo has stopped. You can tell whether the chain is still going by looking at the top left, which will notify you of your streak after every five kills. You cannot use any weapons like the gatling guns or vehicles, as the kills have to be inventory weapons.

You could also go about getting this achievement in the Ular Boys mission mentioned for the Killing Frenzy achievement; bring a rocket launcher and kill everyone without losing too much health, then get the last remaining kills elsewhere. You could also start up a new save file and run through the mission on the easiest difficulty, which will net you a bunch of kills. At the end of the first mission, enemies will always spawn and come after you, so just stay safe and shoot until the achievement pops. You can also just find a small group of soldiers, blow them up, hide until the heat goes away, and repeat until you hit 50. Just make sure you're using inventory weapons.

Vehicle Achievements

The first of the miscellaneous vehicle achievements is one that you should get as you do everything else, especially faction missions and challenges; there's no need to grind for this one. Just drive 75km and you'll get an easy achievement. You can check the menus for how long you've driven if you want to.

The next achievement is easy but time consuming, and best done when just running amok and causing havoc. Hijack 50 enemy vehicles, whether they're cars, helicopters, or boats, while the driver is still inside. This should be fairly simple considering almost every time you blow up a chaos structure, enemies will zoom over to you using vehicles.

Stunt points are a fun little counter that shows how stunt-y you are while driving. They're awarded for going fast without crashing for a long period of time, doing some sick jumps, and things like that. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to get them, though, is to simply drive as many cars as you can off of cliffs until you get the points. When you get points from doing a jump while inside a car, the camera will change position and the counter will appear to the top left. Get 100 points, and you'll receive another achievement.

For the flying equivalent, you'll have to fly very close to the ground for 30 seconds in a row without crashing or ascending too high. You can try this over any long road, but there's a lot of low, flat ground to the south in the marsh areas. Ground underneath the water won't count unless it's shallow; to better understand this, just imagine the water isn't even there. If the ground is too far below you, it won't count. Below is a video to help with how to do this.

The last vehicle achievement only requires you to fly underneath 30 bridges. Due to Panay's geographical nature of having plenty of rivers, there are more than enough bridges to get the job done. Buy the Pell Silverbolt from the black market dealer and fly over rivers and under bridges until this pops. If you're having trouble reaching 30, only some bridges over land might count, but they can be hard to fly under if they're low to the ground. A bridge is likely to count if it's higher off the ground when above a road.

Other Achievements

To get the next achievement, you need to break/destroy 30 objects in a minute. You can get this by flying over a location with a lot of weak structures like fencing or other things and blow them up with missiles, or you can get this through the story. In the third story mission, once you reach Tom Sheldon, use the gatling gun to destroy a bunch of the pillars in the surrounding area as fast as you can, and hope that you get 30 in time. The more controlled way to do it, which I managed to do on accident twice, is to play the first story mission (starting up a new save wouldn't be too much of a problem) and keep going until you're attacked by a helicopter. Hop onto the AA gun as instructed and blow it up, but then fire constantly and destroy every chaos structure you can see. Don't forget the ones to the right on the bases out in the distance. You can see this third strategy in action in the video for that mission on the story page.

The next thing you'll want to do is to climb the tallest mountain in Panau, whose peak is located at around X20465, Y11772.

Then you'll want to go to the Mile High Club to the east, preferably with a plane to speed things up. fly up above the club so that you're standing on the two balloons keeping the place afloat, and then jump off towards the ground below. A base jump counter will appear in the top left and update every 50 meters. Once it hits 1000m, pull your parachute out and the achievement will pop. You will need to survive the jump and use the parachute in order for the base jump to register.

For the last achievement on this list, head to the snowy mountains, and find a very tall ridge that you think is over 300m tall. You'll need to climb 300m using the parachute, which is achieved by using your parachute in the air, followed by grappling your way up the mountains while the parachute is still out. An easy method of doing this early on is doing the first stronghold takeover for the Reapers and heading to the outside of the base to the east. Looking towards the peak nearby, grapple onto something and use the grapple to continue rising upwards until you're at 300m of where you started from. There's no way to check your height difference as you do this, so you'll just have to go as high up as you can.

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