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Just Cause 4 - Complete Edition
Type Bundle
Publisher Square Enix
Developer Avalanche Studios
Platform Xbox One
Discovered 22 Oct 2019
Last check 08 Aug 2020
Last on sale 16 Jun 2020
Release date 07 Nov 2019

Unlock the true potential of Just Cause 4 with the Complete Edition! This ultimate all-in-one package includes all previously released improvements and additions to the game as well as access to all Black Market, Expansion Pass and Premium content. Jump into an explosive open-world sandbox experience, fully loaded with a wide selection of weaponry, vehicles and gear. Strap into your wingsuit, equip your fully customizable grappling hook, and get ready to bring the thunder! Just Cause 4 Complete Edition includes: - Just Cause 4 - Black Market Bundle (Access to all Black Market/Premium Content) - Dare Devils of Destruction Expansion - Los Demonios Expansion - Danger Rising Expansion - Skystriker Weaponized Wingsuit - Black Hand Stealth Micro Jet

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Just Cause 4 - Golden Gear Pack

Grab the premium Golden Gear Pack and receive the coveted Golden Gear Shotgun featuring ricochet tracer secondary fire, plus the Golden Gear Wingsuit and Golden Gear Parachute.

Just Cause 4 - Deathstalker Scorpion Pack

Grab the Deathstalker Scorpion Pack containing customised gear crafted by Rico Rodriguez himself.

Just Cause 4 - Neon Racer Pack

Grab the Neon Racer Pack and receive the modified Neon Racer Supercar, plus the Neon Racer Wingsuit and Neon Racer Parachute.

Just Cause 4 - Renegade Pack

Grab the Renegade Pack and receive the specialized Renegade Drone Rifle, plus the Renegade Wingsuit and Renegade Parachute.

Just Cause 4 - Dare Devils of Destruction

Rico Rodriguez gears up for an adrenaline fuelled adventure in Dare Devils of Destruction. Drive one of many weaponized vehicles as you take on rival gangs across three explosive challenges. Burn rubber and shred metal in this celebration of violent vehicular mayhem. Destroy. Drive. Survive.

Just Cause 4 - The Dragon

Add the explosive weapon 'The Dragon' to your Just Cause 4 arsenal and watch the fireworks fly!

Just Cause 4 - Los Demonios

Whilst Rico & Javi investigate a newly discovered temple off the shore of Solis, an archaeologist working with the Black Hand unexpectedly releases an ancient demonic force from its imprisonment. A parasitic infestation now spreads across the island, terrorizing its inhabitants and attacking any Black Hand forces that stand in its way. Rico must now tackle a new type of threat and seek out answers to send the demons back from whence they came before it’s too late!

Just Cause 4 - Toy Vehicle Pack

The Toy Vehicle Pack includes: Toy Tank (El Tanquecito): Armed with a fully functioning turret and boosters, this Toy Tank is built for agile destruction! Toy Bomber (El Pajarito): As small as a bird but with the firepower of a dragon! Unload bombs and twin machine guns on your enemies from the sky with the Toy Bomber plane. Toy Patrol Boat (El Buquecito): Take to the seas in this down-sized Toy Patrol Boat and eliminate Black Hand forces with a homing mortar canon!

Just Cause 4 - Soaring Speed Vehicle Pack

Enhance your Just Cause 4 gameplay experience with the Soaring Speed Vehicle pack which includes 2 unique vehicles: Flying Car (Prisa Avispa C): This enhanced vehicle can take to the skies and roads of Solís effortlessly. This car boats a sleek design and fully retractable wings Hot Rod (Coyle Rattler): Hit the road at high speed and look good doing it! Leave blazing trails behind you in this vintage design Hot Rod

Just Cause 4 - Adversary Assault Vehicle Pack

Adversary Assault Vehicle Pack includes: VTOL JET (X700 Flycatcher): The Agency VTOL Jet comes fully equipped with heat-seeking missiles and horizontal, vertical manoeuvrability. BLACK HAND INTERCEPTOR (Prospero Shade): Turn the tables on your enemies with the Black Hand Interceptor's dual machine guns and high-speed boosters

Just Cause 4 - Danger Rising

Armed with a new prototype hover board, Rico vows to take down the Agency after learning of their plans to eliminate him. Tom Sheldon joins Rico on his mission and the pair begin by investigating a large submarine which has surfaced ominously off the coast of Solis. Could Rico be out of his depth against The Agency? The odds are mounting and the hunter is about to become the hunted…

Just Cause 4 - Sea Dogs Vehicle Pack

The Sea Dogs Vehicle Pack includes: GUNPOWDER GALLEON (SS Borracho): Send your enemies to the bottom of the ocean with the fully working front and side canons. This Galleon is just as fast on land as it is on the high seas! ARMORED HOVERCRAFT (Hellbender): Built to withstand heavy fire, this behemoth of a vehicle can take on any military unit! The armored hovercraft comes fully loaded with a heavy canon and heat-seeking missiles!

Just Cause 4 - Shark and Bark Vehicle Pack

Sharks, lasers, dogs and boosters. What more could you want? Shark and Bark Vehicle Pack includes: SHARK CAR (Thresher): Launch amphibious assaults with the Shark Car using its laser-targeting weaponry DOG CAR ('84 Sheepdog): Stand out from the crowd in this fur-covered transport. Bark down the Black Hand and make a swift getaway with the boost functionality.

Just Cause 4 - Brawler Mech

The Brawler Mech is built for delivering swift destruction! Smash your way through Black Hand strongholds with the Brawler Mech's powerful punch. This Mech has no problem delivering damage to air-bourne targets also with its aerial uppercut attack!