Just Cause 4 Reviews

  • Acurate BobAcurate Bob516,346
    24 May 2019 26 Jun 2019
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    I honestly don't think I'm playing the same game as the reviewers are.

    Better gunplay? It feels as janky as Just Cause 3. Aiming and snapping to enemies has been like this and doesn't feel that much, if any, of an improvement over the last game.

    Missions saved by the way you can handle the missions, cause there was ever a limitation for the Just Cause missions, ever. It's always been like this, so it's nothing new.

    The maps huge, but with so little in it it's kinda pointless, made even more aware by being so big and so much of it goes unused. Pretty world, but dead.

    Twisters are cool the first few times. But afterward, it's kind of an annoyance. Yet another thing to slow down progression during a mission or collectible hunt.

    The "fake" war at the borders are nothing but map detail to show you visually where the border between your captured areas and the enemies. That's it. No side will ever win and push the other forward or backward. Even if you destroy every enemy, more will just turn up.

    The stupid skill challenges are back, easily the worst part about Just Cause 3 was to progress you are required to do these pointless challenges, over and over to unlock new skills. Why bring that back. Urgh...

    My experience with the series is that I have 100% the first and second. A great many hours on the third. And way less on the forth. Will not be going back into it. Except for an eventual Achievement hunt. Even then, it will be a chore to do.