Latest Just Dance: Disney Party News

Ubisoft Ends Support for Several Xbox 360 Games

As even Microsoft winds down its support for the aging Xbox 360 console, so do developers and publishers. Ubisoft has announced they will end support for another batch of titles.

Posted 7 years ago by Kelly Packard

Retail Releases: Week of October 22nd, 2012

There'll be no shortage of big weekly new releases from now through the end of the year. Exhibit A: This week. Whether you're geared for war, hunting, racing, or just dancing the night away, you'll f

Posted 12 years ago by Mark Delaney

Just Dance: Disney Party Announced

Ubisoft has announced a second Just Dance title is hitting store shelves this October, with Just Dance: Disney Party on Kinect. This one is obviously aimed at the younger demographic, with kid friend

Posted 12 years ago by litepink

Latest Just Dance: Disney Party Screenshots

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