4. The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Multi-PlayerUpdate notes

The online achievements you can do a few ways, however, they must always be done in ranked matches. You can find people to play play through them legit, which at this point is very difficult as the game doesn't have a big following like some of the other classic fighting games. Alternatively, setup a boosting session, ask a friend, or self boost (requires 2 Gold accounts) the achievements.

Boosting method:

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Simply enter the character selection screen and the person taking the losses quits out. This will record a win for the other player. Keep doing this for both players. I recommend taking wins in blocks of no fewer than 10 in a row. This will be required for the following:

The remaining achievements, one you should have already, are cumulative so you can work on them any way you like, though blocks of 10 makes it easy to track.

In all this should take between 30-60 minutes per person going for the achievement. Congrats on another completion!

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