3. Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Campaign Walkthrough

Walkthrough Intro

Before we start, we need to decide what difficulty level you are going to play on. As this game only has offline co-op, if you do not have anyone who can play co-op with you, it is highly recommended to play single player on the 'Hard' difficulty.

In the International 360 and PC versions of Kane & Lynch, in each chapter, each checkpoint has a checkpoint name, such as "Keep 'Em Off Your Back". In the Japanese version, they are just named "'Checkpoint". For easy reading, I will not be referring to each checkpoint by their actual names. I will be referring to them as checkpoints.

If you do have someone to play co-op with, I suggest completing the game in one playthrough, by playing on hard difficulty in co-op.

For the purpose of this walkthrough, the walkthrough will be written in a way as if you are playing single player, not co-op. If you are playing co-op there will be on-screen target markers for each player to follow.

Campaign Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Impact

As you start the game, you'll watch a cutscene, where some of Lynch's associates crash into the van where you are in handcuffs, arrested. When you gain control after the cutscene, follow Lynch into an alleyway.

When you get into the alleyway, there will be another short cutscene where Kane gets hit with the butt of an air rifle. Once you're back in control, you can go down the alleyway, to where a police officer has been neutralized. You can pick up his pistol by pressing A.

Keep following the onscreen instructions and it will take you to a black van which you need to jump on top of, and then jump over a closed gate. Once you leave the alleyway, you'll get a checkpoint.

You will now be in a scrapyard, with your gun-toting associates firing at the helicopter in the sky. You cannot take the helicopter down, so don't waste your ammo.

After a few seconds, some of your associates will open the garage door, and you should be able to get inside. Shortly after you're inside, a police car will ram into the right side of the garage, and police will start shooting at you. Return fire, and defeat them.

If you are playing on hard difficulty, remember to always be in cover, or you will die very, very quickly. When you have shot all the cops, it is very likely that some of them have died inside the garage you were defending. It is also very likely that one of cops have dropped an automatic weapon. Go over their bodies to find it, and pick it up with the A button. To change your weapon in future, press up on the D-Pad, and it will switch back and forth from your sidearm to your main weapon.

After you have defeated the incoming cops, your associates will blow a hole in the wall of the back of the garage. Go through it. You will to go forward through another part of the scrap yard, and then take a left. There will be cops on the road so be careful. Take them out if needed. You can sprint across the road by clicking the L-Stick.

You will now be in another alley, this one a lot shorter than the last. You will have to move forward, and climb up a large green bin with the A button, and jump over a wall. This is when you get your next checkpoint.

You will now be prompted to click the L-Stick to sprint forward into a building, so do so. When inside, take a left, and go up two flights of stairs, and then take a right into the next room.

You will be in a room with a door leading out to the main area of a warehouse. As you enter this warehouse room, cops will rush in through the main door. Take your time, and take them out. If you need to, you can also climb up stacks of boxes on the left side of the warehouse to get a high position to shoot out of the windows.

After removing the nearest threats, you can now leave the warehouse, and cross over to the back door of the diner. Do not attempt to do this until you get told to do so by your associates, who will say "Go, go, go.".

As you leave through the warehouse door, you will see at least four of your associates waiting by the diner's back door. As you reach them they will run in. Follow them in. When you enter through this door you will get a checkpoint.

Whilst you are in the diner, there will be a brief lull in danger. you will come under attack by a lot of law enforcement. Stay in cover, and take your shots when you can. Do not stand out in the open, as you will die very quickly. You can also let your associates kill some of the enemies.

After a while, they will say that they need to leave the diner. You will see one of your associates run out and the helicopter will fire yellowy-green coloured smoke in front of the diner's entrance. It is at this point you can leave through the diner entrance. When you leave, make sure there are not police officers nearby, because if there are, you will die very quickly with the high-powered weaponry that they are shooting at you and your associates with.

You will then be told by your associates to, "Head for the donut shop, now!". As you do, beware of the SWAT members either side of the road on the far left and far right. Run to the donut shop and enter through the open set of double doors where your associates are waiting for you.

You will now need to hold the donut shop as a defensive position for a couple of minutes. Do so, and shoot any law enforcement that come close. A large amount of officers will come from the main road. If you are facing the main road, there will also be another large amount of officers who park to the left side of the diner.

After a couple of minutes of holding this position, you will hear a car's horn from behind the donut shop. This is your escape vehicle. When it's safe, and the law enforcement are not shooting you, run out of the back of the donut shop to the knee-high barricade, and a cutscene will end the chapter.


Escape from death row.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

Chapter 2: Trial

As you start this chapter, you will be inside a mall which is being constructed, along with Lynch and a car. The start of this chapter is basically a control tutorial for weapon switching.

First, you will be told to click, and hold the L-Stick to find the current objective. Go to the back of the car, and a cutscene will show you getting ear-pieces, and a shotgun, which Kane holds.

Click and hold the R-Stick, and press up on the L-Stick twice, whilst holding in the R-Stick. This will give Lynch the shotgun that Kane is currently holding. After doing so, then press A at the back of the car to get an automatic weapon for Kane. Press A again, and you'll get a sidearm. After picking up the first sidearm, click and hold the R-Stick, and this time, press down on the L-Stick twice, whilst holding the R-Stick to give Lynch the sidearm you just picked up. Press A again at the boot of the car, and you will get a sidearm for yourself.

An objective marker will appear. Go over to it. On your screen, you will be instructed to click up on the D-Pad to change between your primary weapon and your sidearm.

You will then have an objective marker to your left, directing you to a lit-up vending machine. Go to it and you should automatically go into cover against it. You will then be told to press RT to perform blind fire shooting, i.e shooting without sticking your head out for better aim.

When you have tried this, you will then be told to press and hold LT to look around your cover to aim. Do so and fire a couple of shots.

After doing this, and going back into cover by releasing the LT, you will be told to go back to the car, to pick up some tear gas grenades. You will be told that to throw grenades, you need to hold RB, and to throw the grenades a longer distance, you need to hold down RB for a longer period of time. You should note that, unlike in the multiplayer (more on that later), you cannot cook any grenade you have for an infinite amount of time.

After a bit of talking between Kane and Lynch, your next objective will be to go up two flights of stairs to a bit of scaffolding. Like in the first chapter, you will be told how to sprint again (clicking the L-Stick). Go to the red rope on the top of the scaffolding for a cutscene. After the cutscene finishes you will get a checkpoint.

The game will now tell you to rappel, but do not do this, as you have the high ground where you are. Instead, from the top of the scaffolding, shoot as many enemies as you can who are waiting on the ground floor. Some enemies will start climbing the flights of stairs towards you, so be aware of this. When you are sure all enemies have been eliminated, do not rapel down. Just walk down the flights of stairs, but be careful as you do, because some enemies spawn underneath the flights of stairs. Once you have reached the ground floor, and killed all the enemies so far, we can continue.

At this point I will alert you to the fact that in Single Player, as Kane, you can control what Lynch does. Y button tells Lynch who to shoot, or where to shoot. The X button tells Lynch to follow you, or keep close. B button tells him where to move to to defend.

Now go to the open bit of metal fencing/gate opposite the bottom of the two flights of stairs. You will be alerted to make sure that Lynch is following you, by pressing the X button. When he is close with you, to the exit, the chapter ends.

Chapter 3: Withdrawal

In this chapter, I suggest that you use only your sidearm pistol to take down enemies, and attempt to get as many headshots as you can, as the enemies in this chapter like to hide in cover, and then stick their heads out for really easy headshot kills.

As you start the chapter, you'll get a cutscene. You will then be on a balcony area with Lynch. Both of you have large backpacks on yourselves. Turn to the left and you'll see a flight of stairs. Go down them. At the bottom, do a hairpin right turn, and you will see a black van in the distance. Go to it. As you approach, a balding man will get out of the driver's seat. The in-game name for him is 'Vaultbreaker'. You will get a checkpoint here.

Behind the van, you will see two large green bins which you can climb up. Above them, is a gap in the fencing. When you climb over, run forward to the security guard who is standing outside of the door, and rapidly press A to disable him with a meleé attack. Do not stop here; run straight inside, and turn left. There will be a second security guard visible, so rapidly press A when you run up to him to disable him, as well. If you dawdle too much when dealing with these two security guards you will fail the mission and go back to the last checkpoint.

Continue on, going up the first flight of stairs, and you will get a cutscene where you will be given a balaclava to cover your head. After the cutscene, run up the stairs as quick as you can, as there is a security guard on the way down. You will most likely come across the security guard as you reach the wall with a big red '4' on it. Disable him by again rapidly pressing A when you come close to him. Continue going upstairs, and then outside onto the roof of the building you are on. You will notice that you are on the rooftop of the building next to the bank. Climb up to the next building directly in front of you, which is the bank, and you will get a checkpoint.

Move forward slightly, and below the bank's window, you will see an air conditioning unit. Move up to it, and press A, to release the sleeping gas into the air system of the bank. If you want to see the sleeping gas being put into the bank, you can adjust the camera angle with the R-Stick, and you can see it dispersing, through the window.

Once the sleeping gas has been dispersed, turn around away from the window, and you will notice there is a spot where you can rappel down into the car park of the bank. The armoured truck to your left (if you're looking at the building from rappelling down) will go into the bank's loading bay through the loading bay's left door. Follow it in, but beware that there will be a security guard on the right as you enter, in a little office. The security guards that drive the van will also exit the vehicle and attempt to kill you. Dispose of them.

To make sure that we do not miss any enemies, we will go through the office to the right, and go through the corridors so that no security guards or police can flank us from behind. It is possible one of the first security guards from the loading bay may be hiding behind a door in this corridor, so beware of this.

As you come out of the corridor, you'll notice that you are back in the loading bay. Turn to the right, and you will see the Vaultbreaker attempting to open a set of double doors with a computerized keypad. Behind him (he's facing the right wall), there is a large pane of glass in the left wall. There will be security guards attempting to shoot the Vaultbreaker through it. It is very likely that he will go down and need medical assistance from you. Shoot the security guards first, but try and eliminate them quickly, and then if the Vaultbreaker goes down, move to him, and press A to heal him/give adrenaline to him.

After a few seconds, he will get the computerized keypad to open the double doors in front of you. The Vaultbreaker will then run to the next computerized keypad on the far left wall, to try to open the next set of doors. At this point, Lynch is told to 'Secure the Lobby' and he goes through the two sets of double doors that the Vaultbreaker opens for him. In co-op, this will be the first time where both players will be separated from each other. There will be a checkpoint at this point.

As the two sets of double doors that Lynch disappeared through close, you will notice the other set of doors in this room now open. Enemies will now spawn on multiple floors going down to the vault from currently-unseen doors on both the left and right sides. They do take a few seconds to spawn, so do not run straight down the corridor and down the stairs as you will die very quickly.

Take cover on either the left or the right side of the entrance of the doors that just opened. This is a good spot to get some headshots with your sidearm pistol towards the 47 Headshots achievement, so select your sidearm pistol here. Rarely, the security guards will run up to meet you, so it's best to use your primary weapon if this happens. However, this did not happen whilst the writer of this walkthrough was playing through. If you are a really bad shot, and run out of pistol ammo, the security guards will drop some, so move over their bodies to pick it up.

Fight your way down the stairs, taking cover at each set of double doors, and getting as many headshot kills with the pistol as you can, by being in cover, and holding LT to pop out of cover to take shots.

When you get to the bottom of the staircase, the Vaultbreaker will attempt to break into the vault. He will need you to defend him, so take cover at one of the sides of the bottom of the stairs, and get ready to take down more security guards. They will run down the stairs and take cover. Continue to get as many headshots as you can with the pistol. It is insanely easy in this section of the game to bulk up your headshot kills.

After killing a few of these security guards, there will be a couple of tear gas grenades thrown down part of the staircase in an attempt to block your sight of more security guards running down. The tear gas grenades should not actively cause you problems directly, so just stay in cover, and take headshots with the pistol when you can.

At about the time when the Vaultbreaker manages to break into the vault, and open the door, four security guards will run down from the top of the staircase. Some of these have automatic weaponry, so stay in cover, and take quick pistol headshots when you can. It is possible that a couple of them will need a double headshot with the pistol to kill them.

Once all are dead, you have the choice to go back up the stairs to change your primary weapon with the automatic weapon the security guards were holding. If you want to change your primary weapon, do this before going into the vault.

When you are happy with your weapon selection, go into the vault. You will get a checkpoint and a cutscene. Kane will tell the Vaultbreaker to blow open all of the safe doors. Whilst he's doing this, go back to your place in cover either side of the staircase. More security guards are coming, so beware. When they first start coming, they will throw a tear gas grenade very close to where you are in cover, so take care of any security guard that is close to you near the bottom of the stairs, then go over to the tear gas grenade. Whilst you're doing this, make sure you are aiming up the staircase as you do, and then when you are standing over the tear gas grenade, press A to throw it back, and then get back into cover either side of the staircase.

After you've thrown the tear gas grenade back, you may get one or two more security guards come running down the stairs, dependant on where the tear gas grenade landed. Once this first set of security guards have been eliminated, another set will come from the top. Eliminate them as well, preferably with as many pistol headshots as you can. It is possible that the explosives that the Vaultbreaker put on the safes will take you down. However, if you are in cover, and you have no active damage, you will not die, and the Vaultbreaker should revive you with adrenaline. If you want to be careful, you can run up the first part of the staircase to the more-open flat part, about 1/3 of the way up the staircase, to make sure that you don't get hit with the explosion.

When the explosion has happened, go back into the vault, to the back right. You will get a bit of chat between Kane and the Vaultbreaker. Lynch will radio in as well. You now need to go back up the staircase. Security guards will be waiting at the top of the staircase, but one or two may run downstairs towards you, so beware of this. Eliminate the security guards, again, with as many pistol headshots as possible.

When you get to the top of the staircase, and the security guards are dead, you will be able to go through the doors that Lynch went through earlier, to your right. As you reach the ground floor of the bank, you will see Lynch going psychopathic with his shotgun, taking out security guards and civilians. The doors between Lynch and yourself will now open. After going through these doors, you will see that Lynch is killing the civilian hostages, in the psychopathic belief that they are actually security guards and police. You will then be told that you can select different crew members (currently Lynch and the Vaultbreaker) by pressing left and right on the D-Pad. For now, don't change anything, just keep both Lynch and the Vaultbreaker as 'circle' which is to stay close and protect you.

To your right and left, there is a spiral staircase going up to the next floor. Go up one of the staircases so that you have the higher ground. Beware of the snipers shooting through the windows at the front of the bank. There may also be some security guards on this floor, so take them out with pistol headshots. Go towards the front of the bank, and you will see that some of the security guards and police will be near the entrance, or will be inside the bank, in cover behind the pillars in front of the front doors.

Beware when being near the front of the bank on this raised floor, as the security guards do love to run up the stairs. To counteract this, go down to the bottom of one of the staircases in front of you, and get in cover at the bottom of it so that you can pick enemies off as they come through the front door of the bank. Again, I remind you to stay away from the windows on the staircases both sides of the front doors of the bank, as the snipers outside will incapacitate you in one shot on Hard/Morphine difficulty.

Eventually, your escape van will drive through the front doors of the bank. When you can safely move to the back door of the van, do so. When you're sitting in the back of the van, you need to wait for Lynch and the Vaultbreaker to join you, so take care of any other security guards and police that are visible and are shooting at you. When Lynch joins you, the back doors of the van will be closed, and the chapter will end.

Chapter 4: Cracking Up

As chapter 4 loads, you'll get a cutscene with our characters talking to each other. Kane & Lynch will be in the back of the van that you climbed into at the end of the previous chapter.

A short while after this, a police car will ram the back of the van that you are in, and the doors will burst open. Your task here is to destroy the police cars as quick as you can, so that you don't die. I suggest aiming for the driver of the cars, because if you kill them, the police cars will turn and crash, and you don't have to deal with actually destroying the cars. For the record, the drivers are on the right side of the car, as you're looking at the front of the car. You also have an infinite supply of grenades and ammo in this segment of the chapter, so go crazy with your grenades if you want.

When you see your ammo and grenade count appear at the bottom right of the screen you no longer have infinite ammo and grenades, so stop throwing them rapidly when you see this happen. When this happens, your driver will go down a road which moves closer to the ground as the road continues. Police cars will come closer at this point, and you will want to try and get rid of them quickly by shooting the drivers. After shooting a few police cars, your driver will now drive into an underground tunnel, and you will have to deal with more police cars that come towards you from inside the tunnel.

Assuming that your van does not blow up when entering tunnel from too much damage, you will soon come to a stop, and between 1 and 3 police cars will drive up behind you, and the police will get out and start shooting at you. Take care of them, whilst you're still in the back of the van, as this lets you shoot over the police car doors, and then exit the van by pressing the A button. Do not go out either side of the van as this puts you in the firing range of more police officers. When the van stopped, you will be given a checkpoint.

If you have got a lot of headshots in Chapter 3: Withdrawal, you should have or be getting close to the following achievement:


47 headshots.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeCumulative +

If you haven't got this achievement yet, it is a good idea to stay in cover around cars on this chapter, and try and get as many as you can, as the AI in this chapter are still rather simple, and won't move from cover to cover as much as they do in the later chapters.

Moving on, move past your smoking van, slowly taking cover behind each vehicle as you do. There are police officers up ahead, as well as at least one police sniper, so don't run up past the cars without taking cover, as you will die very quickly.

Also, do not take cover behind one car for too long, as it will catch fire and explode under the police gunfire and sniperfire. Also make sure, that if Lynch or the Vaultbreaker get incapacitated, you revive them with the A button as quick as possible, when it is safe to do so.

As you move up the tunnel, you will notice an opening in the middle of it to your left. There are one or two cops in this section that you need to eliminate, otherwise they will come behind you and sandwich you between the cops ahead, and themselves. As you move up the ramp on the left, to go through this opening, the police sniper ahead will try to aim at you, so beware of this. The cops in this side section will be to the immediate left, so work your way back, and eliminate them, then return to the opening to the part of the tunnel you just came from.

You have a choice here. You can either go back into the first tunnel, and move up to eliminate the police sniper and some other police officers, or you can movce forward up this left tunnel, with no cover, and eliminate some police officers that are awaiting up ahead. These officers do not have a police sniper, so if your aim is good, you should be able to pick them off before they incapacitate you. A police car may drive down to you, and attempt to run you over. However, if you stay on the 'pathway' to the right of this tunnel, they will not run you over, and the police car will stop, which allows you to kill the police officers inside it as they get out of the car, before they can cause any damage. You cannot go past these police cars ahead of you in the left tunnel, but you can eliminate the police officers to make the upcoming segment easier.

Go back to the opening to the left tunnel where you first entered. Remember that if you are running low on ammo, you can get some from either Lynch or the Vaultbreaker, when they have the ammo symbol over their heads. Move up in this right tunnel, and kill the police officers when you can. When they are all dead, and you are up to the police cars, you will get another checkpoint.

Now go back to the back of the van that you got out of at the beginning of this tunnel. Enter it with your Lynch by pressing A. The Vaultbreaker will resume driving. He will drive you out of the tunnel, and you will now have to shoot more police cars, like in the first segment of this chapter. The Vaultbreaker will miss his turning, stop the van, reverse, and take a different road.

Note that unlike the first part of this chapter, where your ammo and grenades were infinite, you now have a set limit of tear gas grenades and ammo, and this will remain as such for the remainder of the chapter. At no other point in this chapter will you have infinite ammo or grenades.

The screen will flash white, and the Vaultbreaker will reverse off of the road, down a hill. The white screen will then turn into a cutscene. Police will now be attempting to surround you from multiple directions. Kane will be moving slowly from having the wind knocked out of him from the crash. Move forward a few paces and you will get a checkpoint, and Kane will be able to move normally again.

Police like to spawn for this segment in the following locations:

  • Underneath the large, green advertising board/billboard on top of the hill that the Vaultbreaker just drove down.
  • In front of you, on the ground, to take cover behind a car underneath the bridge/overpass.
  • In front of you and slightly to the left, in the scrapyard ahead of you.

Take care of the police officers, and revive Lynch or the Vaultbreaker whenever they need it. When all enemies are dead, go over to the missing loot bag, which is behind the van and to the right, underneath a different part of the bridge/overpass. If you can't see it, click and hold the L-Stick and you will see the green objective marker on the radar that comes up. Beware of more enemies spawning on top of the hill in front of you as you move closer to the bag. Pick up the bag with the A button, and then go back to the van.

As you make it to the van, the Vaultbreaker will be attempting to restart the van's engine. Stay near the back of the van as he attempts to restart it and the van starts to crawl forward. When the van makes it back to the main road, you will be able to enter the back of the van with the A button, and get a checkpoint.

After driving for a short while, more police cars will chase you, as well as a police helicopter. Your driver, the Vaultbreaker, will now drive down a flight of stairs into a subway. Kane will pick himself up out of the wreckage of the van, the screen will go black momentarily, and you will get a checkpoint. At this point, the Vaultbreaker is dead.

The moment you regain control, DO NOT take cover anywhere. Instead, run straight ahead and down the escalators in front of you. You need to do this because police officers will be surrounding you in seconds. On Hard/Morphine difficulty it is impossible to fight them off. As you go down the escalators you will see a green objective marker. Go to it. Police officers will now start coming down the escalators in front of you. They will also start coming down the escalators that you just ran down. This is an unavoidable sandwiching part of the chapter, and you cannot avoid it.

It should be noted that whilst you may have tear gas grenades selected, if you press down on the D-Pad, you can change your selection of grenades to frag grenades, so do this now.

At this point, you are waiting for a train to arrive, and you need to eliminate police officers whilst you're waiting. Use your frag grenades to your advantage by throwing them at the bottom of the escalators in front of you, so that the police that come down them thin out, and you should be able to eliminate the others. This leaves you with the ones that came down the escalators behind you. Turn, take cover on one of the pillars in the middle of the subway platform, and take out as many of the police officers as you can. It is very likely Lynch will be incapacitated here, so revive him when you can, if he is taken down.

When the train stops, move to the open train doors near the green objective marker. You do not need to press any buttons, but Lynch must not be incapacitated. If you are both up, and not incapacitated, you will get a cutscene with you leaving the subway on the train, and the chapter will end. You must get in the first train, otherwise it'll leave without you, you'll fail the mission, and have to go back to your last checkpoint.

Chapter 5: Mizuki

As the intro to this chapter is playing, you will get the following achievement:

Have Gun, Will Travel Part I

Travel into the Rising Sun.

Have Gun, Will Travel Part I
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

Before we start this chapter, you should know that there is an achievement in this chapter for completing it without killing any civilians at all. For the purpose of this chapter, it is advisable to use close-combat meleé kills by using the A button any time you are dealing with the guards with the flashlights around any civilian club-goers.

Move through the club by walking slowly through the club-goers. You can move slowly by just slightly tilting the L-Stick in the direction you want to go. If you somehow get lost, you can follow the neon blue light lines on the floor. Go up the stairs and meleé kill the guard standing there. You can do this by going close to him and pressing the A button. Pick up the pistol you get from him, but do NOT use it in the crowds. You will cause a panic and it will make the enemies much harder to kill.

Continue along the balcony and kill the two enemies in the hallway with the rock feature to the right. Go into the office, and after the cutscene, Lynch will now be carrying the woman in a fireman's carry, and you'll get a checkpoint. Before leaving the office, kill the enemy through the window in the roof that is shooting at you. Now, aim at the floor in the office in a corner, and tell Lynch to stay there by aiming at the corner and pressing B. This will stop Lynch dying whilst following you through the club.

As you leave the hallway between the office and the nightclub room, there will be two enemies on the balcony waiting for you. Shoot them in the head with your pistol, as this will not make the crowd panic.

We now need to go through the club without killing any civilians. You can still get the achievement if the AI computers kill them, but not if you kill any civilians yourself. Instead of going down the staircase that you came up, pause in place where the bodies of the two guards you've just shot are. You will see a third guard coming up the staircase ahead of you to your left. If you can headshot him, the crowd will not panic, and you can carry on through this chapter a little easier.

If the crowd are not panicking, you can take the opportunity to look into the club-goers to see who is carrying a flashlight. These are all club guards that will need to be immobilized in one way or another. Again, whatever you do, do not kill any club-goers.

You will see that there is a guard that is mostly hidden behind a pillar to the left of the bottom of the stairs that you came up. If you go to the left of the balcony, you should be able to headshot him easily with your pistol from behind. Do not go down the stairs yet as the crowd are now panicking. There are other guards in this room that you need to be aware of. To make sure that you do kill any civilians, once you have killed the guard which causes the crowd to panic, go back into the hallway between the club and the office. The other guards with flashlights will now follow you, coming up the stairs that you went up, which allows you to meleé them as they come around the corner to enter the hallway. You should get two guards coming to investigate. You are meleéing these guards because the meleé kills count towards another achievement.

After these two guards have been meleé killed, there will most likely be another guard in the middle of this room, with his flashlight pointing at you. Let him see you, so he starts coming towards you. Go back in the hallway. Let him come up the stairs, and meleé kill him, as well.

The next guard will still be in his position by the entrance to this room, however, you will see him shining his flashlight around, in an attempt to see what has caused the disturbance. Do NOT attempt to shoot this guard as it is highly likely that you will hit a civilian as they run around.

Now hug the left wall on the ground floor, and meleé kill the guard who is shining his flashlight around. Instantly run back to the hallway between the nightclub area and the office. We are going to meleé kill the two guards as they follow you again. We are doing this to make sure that no civilian gets killed by our hand. It is possible that they lose track of you and don't come up the stairs. If this happens, run along the balcony so that they see you again, and then run back to the hallway.

After these two guards have been dealt with, it is very possible that another guard is making his way towards you through the panicking club-goers in this room. You can either run up to him and meleé him, or just wait until he comes up to the hallway. I recommend the hallway method. Once you meleé kill this guard, you may get the following achievement:

Pushblade Symphony

Points for getting up close and personal.

Pushblade Symphony
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeCumulative +

If you don't get the above achievement, you will be very close to it, as to unlock it, all you need to do is get 10 close-combat meleé kills.

As you go through the doorway to this room (or the opening where the glass window was), you will most likely get shot at by another guard. Go back behind the wall and wait for him to come through the door/broken glass window, or run straight towards him to meleé kill him.

Now go back through the ground floor of the nightclub. You'll see a staircase on your right, but do not go up it. Instead, go past it, turn to the right, go forward, and you'll see a small opening. There will be a guard here, or close to here, so meleé kill him. Then take cover behind the wall. Another guard will come forward to shoot you. Again, when you get the chance, meleé kill him. During the killing of these two last guards, you should have gotten another checkpoint. Now this small side room is clear, aim at the corner of it, and press B so that Lynch stays here.

Go back to the staircase you passed on the way to the entrance, and go up it slowly. There are enemies on the second floor, as well as civilians. At this point, you run a very high risk of shooting civilians. So as this has two parts to it, go up the first part to lure the enemies down the stairs, and as they come down, quickly run around the corner, meleé one of them, and then run back around the corner to safety. Do this until all the incoming guards have been neutralized.

There will be more guards on this next floor, however, you can get a lot of them to follow you. As you go up these stairs, go forward and round the corner to the left. As soon as you do, an enemy guard should start shooting at you. Straight away, move back down the staircase you just came up, wait for him to come to you, and meleé kill him. A second guard should not be too far behind, so meleé kill him as well.

There are also enemies to the right of the staircase, which have come down from the upper floor. Again, allow them to come to you, and meleé kill them when you get the chance. When you are sure no more enemies are coming, go up the staircase and make a hair-pin right turn. You will see another two-part staircase. Go up it.

In front of you, you should see a waist-high balcony wall. Crouch next to it with LB. Do NOT fire your weapon in this segment, as you are likely to hit a civilian. Continue around the balcony wall anti-clockwise, still crouched against it. There should be one or two more guards on this floor, near the wall opposite the staircase you just came up. Meleé kill them as well. Follow the room around, and you'll see a white and red lit-up exit sign on the wall.

Now go back to where Lynch was, and get him to follow you (aim at the corner, press X) back up to this point. Do NOT go around the corner when you make it back here. Go the exact route you came. Do not deviate from this path. When you get back to where the glowing exit sign was, make sure Lynch stays in position with the woman out of sight before the turn to the right to the corner. Make him stay in position by aiming at the wall before the corner, and pressing B.

Now go around the corner. You should see a guard facing away from you, just ahead and to the right. Meleé kill him, and the crowd up here should not panic. However, a second guard will have seen what you've done, and he will start shooting at you, causing the crowd to panic. He will come from the left. Meleé kill him too.

Go forward and to the right, and you'll see the exit door. Open it, and call Lynch to you by pressing X. Go through the narrow corridor and press A to the open the door. The woman will now wake up, knee Lynch in the unmentionables, and run off. Go out of the door that you have just opened. You will now get a checkpoint.

Go forward up the steel stairs, and across the rooftop. You will see the office you were in previously, below and to the right. You will see the woman in there as well as a guard. Kill the guard quickly, in the head if possible, and jump down through the window to meleé attack the woman. Do not shoot the woman or this will fail the mission, and require you to go back to your last checkpoint.

The moment you meleé her, another guard will come through the office door. Take him out. Go into the office hallway and you'll get another checkpoint. The club is now deserted apart from guards. Make sure that Lynch stays in the hallway with the woman, by aiming at the floor or corner and pressing B.

Go through the club's ground floor again, killing all guards in your way. You can also pick up an automatic weapon from the guards that are carrying them. Make sure that you do not kill any civilians by mistake that may be cowering next to walls, as this will void your achievement for killing no civilians during this chapter.

When you have killed the guards on the ground floor, go to the staircase that you used to get up to the next floor, but do not go up it. At the bottom of it, aim at the wall opposite the stairs, aim at it, and press B. You want Lynch to hold the woman in his fireman's carry there. Do not have him following you.

As you go up the staircase, there are enemies opposite you, on the floor above, hiding behind the balcony waist-high wall. It is likely there is an enemy hiding behind the pillar directly in front of the stairs. There will also be a couple of enemies to the right, hiding behind some pillars, so take them out when you can do so safely.

When the enemies in this room are dead, get Lynch to follow you by pressing X. Go up the staircase you went up before, and follow the exact route that you took before, whilst there were club-goers running around. As you get to the corner where you can see the first exit signs, make sure Lynch stays still, out of sight, so that he does not get shot by the enemies that are around the corner to the right.

When you look around the corner, there will be an enemy facing away from you. Kill him. There will be a second enemy to the left, and a third enemy to the right, both of which who will charge at you and shoot at you when you kill the first enemy. Take care of them. Once these three enemies are dead, you may get shot at by two enemies on the floor below, through the glass balcony barricades. Take care of them too. Get Lynch to follow you by pressing X, and go through the exit door again.

Now you're on the roof for the second time, and you need to be cautious. Make Lynch stay by the metal stairs in front of you by aiming at them and pressing B. As you go up the metal stairs, three enemies will charge forward from ahead. Take cover behind the air-conditioning unit in front of you, and pick them off easily. Go down the stairs in front of you, that you went down before, and make Lynch take cover in the middle of these stairs by pressing B whilst aiming at them.

This time, instead of jumping into the office, go past the office and up the large set of steel stairs to the left. Enemies will run down the steel steps in the distance to shoot at you. You should notice that there are multiple triangular-shaped glass skylights in the roof in front of you. Do not shoot all of the glass panes here, because it will make it extremely difficult to progress past this section without dying. Instead, wait until the enemies run at you, and then as they run over the tips of the triangular skylights, either shoot them, or shoot the glass they're standing on so they fall through and die. The way to deal with them is your choice.

After you have dealt with the enemies on the same roof as you, run across the glass skylights that have not been smashed with bullets. As you do, you will be shot at by a single enemy on the next roof, to the left. Either run across the skylights quickly, and shoot him, or stop between two of the skylights and shoot him so that you're safe to continue. When you're across, and all of the enemies are dead, call Lynch to join you with the X button. Go up the staircase that the enemies came down, and you'll get a cutscene which finishes the chapter.

If you managed to get through this chapter without killing a civilian, you will get the following achievement:

Crowd Control

Surgical precision in the nightclub.

Crowd Control
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Also, this is the first chapter where you will realistically have a good chance of completing it without being incapacitated, which means Lynch will have not given you adrenaline to revive you. If you have managed to get through this chapter without being revived, you will pop the following achievement:


Avoid using adrenaline on a level.

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Chapter 6: Exchange

After the cutscene, you'll be temporarily split up from Lynch. Lynch will be staying with the bound woman, whilst Kane will be in the main 'park' of this chapter.

The first thing you need to do is go to the small Japanese building in the middle of the bridge over the water. When you get there, you will find a mobile phone in the middle of it on the floor. It will start ringing. You will get a checkpoint here. Pick up the phone by pressing A.

As the phone call cutscene ends, immediately press up on the D-Pad to activate your weapon. You need to do this because of a small glitch in the game which, after this cutscene, deselects your weapon. There will be three enemies at the end of the bridge in front of you, shooting at you and your two colleagues, Ryu and Shinja.

Try and stay in the building, because there are two snipers at your 2 o'clock and your 8 o'clock. You will get an in-game prompt telling you that you can tell Lynch to shoot them by aiming at the snipers and pressing Y. You do not need to go out of the building to do this. You can look through the small holes in the wooden trellis on each side of the small building you are in. This is much safer than going out of the building to aim Lynch's attack. However, do keep moving side to side in the small building, because the snipers can shoot through the wooden trellis.

Also, when you set the target on the two snipers, the game will set Ryu or Shinja to attack the snipers, as well. However, they are too far away to do any damage. It is possible that they may get taken down, but they should mostly be focussing on the enemies running towards you on both sides of the bridge. Also, do not waste your ammo attempting to shoot the snipers yourself, as your accuracy is very poor at this distance.

As soon as you tell Lynch to shoot each sniper, go back into the building, and then, if you keep an eye on the bottom left of your screen, you will see Lynch shoot each of the snipers and they will fall off of the edge of the road that they were standing at, to the ground. There will also be enemies coming up to you across the bridge from behind you (the way you came). Keep an eye out for them and take them out if they cause problems.

Once all of the enemies are dead, click and hold the L-Stick to find your objective direction. This is where Lynch, and the van are waiting. As soon as you get off the bridge, there will be another checkpoint. You will then start to get shot at from the direction of 11 o'clock to 3 o'clock. Between this range of direction, there will be three groups of enemies with flashlights. Continue going forward (after moving slightly to the right, and you'll see a large boulder which is directly in front of you and slightly to the left. Use this boulder for cover, and then pick off the enemies when you can.

Once these sets of enemies are dead, progress forward across the small stone bridge, and go along the lantern-lit path to the left. You will see a boulder in the dark to the right of the path. Hide behind this and pick off enemies when you can. There will also be a sniper trying to get you whilst you're in this position. The sniper is located in front of you, up the stone spiral staircase going up one of the support pillars of the raised freeway. He is on the 2nd 'spiral' of stairs above the ground. There is also another enemy on the 1st 'spiral' of stairs, just below him and both are facing you. If you can't find them, look for the freeway support pillar that has two lights in the shape of a vertical line on the wall of each 'spiral' of stairs. Also, if you can't shoot the sniper yourself, aim at him, and press the Y button twice to get Ryu and Shinja to focus their fire on him to take him down.

Once they're all dead, run forward to the stone stairs (that the sniper and one of the enemies were on) and go up them. As you go up the stairs, there will be a checkpoint as you reach a wire mesh gate. Continue going up the stairs and a police officer may run down. Be aware of this, and shoot him if he does. At the top, there are some police cars to the left, so don't go out into the road from the stairs. Keep in cover, and pick off enemies when you can. When the enemies have thinned, you should be able to move closer to the stone road divider in the middle of the road and crouch behind it. This should give you a better chance to kill more of the police officers on the other side of the road.

Once most of the police officers are dead, there will be a small SWAT team coming towards you from further down the road to the left. You should be able to pick off the majority of them, if not all of them, as they're running towards you. When they're dead, move close to the large black van, and you will get a cutscene which ends the chapter.

Chapter 7: Reunion

After the set of cutscenes at the beginning of this chapter, climb up the edge of the grave in front of you, and then meleé kill the guy who's standing in front of for a nice meleé kill cutscene. The moment that the meleé kill cutscene finishes you should be standing over him. Pick up his weapon by pressing A before you move. Once you start moving after picking up the pistol that the enemy dropped, the following achievement will pop:

Revenge Part I

Silencing the silent one.

Revenge Part I
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As Kane's daughter will stay in the grave because she's scared, it's best to get Lynch to guard the grave, so that no enemies can run forward and shoot Kane's daughter. To do this, look at the space between the van next to the grave, and the grave itself, and press B.

Your first set of enemies in this chapter will come down from the giant ramp in front of you, which I've just mentioned. They drop pistol ammo, so if you need it, pick it up quickly.

The next set of enemies will come from the ramp to the right (again, we're assuming the right is in the direction where the giant ramp is straight in front of you). Dispose of them when you can. If you die after this point, you will start from a checkpoint you get here, which is not announced on-screen.

The next set of enemies will come from 8 o'clock, coming through the construction site, so they will use cover, and one or two enemies may try to flank you in a clockwise direction. Keep Lynch in position, and kill the enemies when you can. During this third set of enemies, one or two of them will drop an automatic weapon. Pick it up, if you can find it, as this will be very useful for the upcoming, infamous giant dumptruck scene. Keep using your pistol for now. You will get another unannounced checkpoint if you defeat this set of enemies.

Two cars full of enemies will arrive in the direction of 5 o'clock and 7 o'clock. You can either move close to cut them off and try and defeat an entire car's worth of enemies before they leave the car, or you can stay by the grave. I personally like to keep Lynch by the grave, and try to take as many of the enemies out of possible.

If you turn to the direction of the two cars, the enemies in the 5 o'clock car come up the left side, and are easy targets for your pistol. Try to take care of the 5 o'clock car's enemies first. The enemies in the 7 o'clock car attempt to flank you by going through large, concrete pies half-dug into the ground, which have small gaps in between the segments. These enemies can be taken care of easily if you wait by the grave, shoot as many as you can as they get out of the car, and then turn to the left (9 o'clock position with the giant ramp at 12 o'clock). This is tough on Hard/Morphine mode, but it is doable.

You will now get a cutscene where Kane checks on the health of his daughter. He'll then have to leave her again, because the infamous giant dumptruck arrives and runs over the grave. This is unavoidable, do not worry about it. You cannot be damaged this first time with the dump truck driving over the grave. Make sure that you do not try to get out of the grave until the dumptruck has driven over it the first time, otherwise you will die.

When you get out of the grave, use your primary weapon (if you managed to pick one up) to kill the guy standing on the right of the dumptruck's bucket (the guy on the left will fall and die, so don't worry about him). It is very important you kill this enemy. He will drop his primary weapon (or ammo for yours if you already picked one up). Make sure that you are always pressing Y to get Lynch to also attack the enemies and the driver

At this point, the giant dumptruck should not have come back down the giant ramp yet. Use the primary weapon to shoot out the driver's door window or the main windscreen of the dumptruck as it does a 3-point turn. Put as many of your bullets with your primary weapon into the driver's door window (this is easier than the main windscreen), and try to get as many shots on the driver's head as possible. When you can see the front right (your left) of the dumptruck, you will see two other enemies on it. You can choose to take these out if you want, but it's not a priority. Your priority is always the driver after you've defeated the enemy on the right of the bucket of the dumptruck.

If you fail to shoot the driver whilst he's doing his 3-point turn at the top of the giant ramp, you will have another chance as long as you've shot the enemy who was on the back-right of the bucket of the dumptruck. Chase the truck as it goes over the grave (click L-Stick to sprint) and goes into the open area where the 5 o'clock and the 7 o'clock cars were. Go to about where the 7 o'clock car is, and take the chance to unload as much ammo as possible into the driver from this position and as soon as the driver is dead, you'll get the following achievement:


Stop the roaring beast.

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Move back towards Lynch and the grave, and Jenny will escape. You'll get a cutscene that ends the chapter. If you managed to do the dumptruck scene in fewer than 10 attempts, you deserve a toast.

Chapter 8: Breakout

After this chapter's starting cutscene, jump down off of the huge dumptruck you've taken from the previous chapter. Shoot through the middle window in front of you, and climb through, killing the guard who's inside. Turn right, and go into the room opposite, killing the other guards that are there. Go up the short corridor and take a right turn into the right communications area. Shoot two guards on the other side after shooting through the glass, and climb through.

Continue on. You will see a small room with signs on the wall which say "No Physical Contact Allowed", "NO smoking", and "No presents, no food, no drugs". You will get a checkpoint here.

Enemies will start shooting at you from the other side of the glass tunnel. Take care of them. Sprint through this tunnel with L-Stick, because there is a sniper who will take you out if you do not. Take a right and then one prison guard will attempt to shoot you through the steel mesh floor above you and a second guard will attempt to shoot you from the guard room to your left. Take them both out.

Go inside the guard room, where you'll see a guard dead with a shotgun on the ground near him. To the right is a red button you can push with the A button. Do so. It will open the next doors. As you leave this guard room, there will be three prison guards spawn above you (one to the left, two to the right) and will attempt to shoot you through the steel mesh flooring. It is easier to take out the two on the right by staying in the doorway of the guard room, aiming up and shooting their feet diagonally through the steel mesh. Once all three guards above you are dead, go through the first set of doors you just opened into Prison Block A. Do not go through the second set of doors just yet. In the back of this large room, you'll see two prison guards, most likely hiding behind a pillar and the dumbbell rack. Take care of them. When you do, then go into the main room.

The room will go into lockdown, with a loud alarm. Take cover behind one of the two pillars closest to the door you just came through. Prison guards will come down from the left and right sets of stairs. Some will also stay on the walkways. You should be able to take them out easily whilst you're in cover.

Once all of the prison guards are dead, go up either set of stairs, and through to the guard office directly above and in front of you. Go to the electronic console, and press A. Your next objective will be to get one of the prisoners. The prisoner is located on the ground floor, in an 11 o'clock direction, so go down the left set of stairs, and go to his cell door, and press A to free him. After the cutscene, you'll get a checkpoint.

Four prison guards will run in through the doors below where the guard office with the electronic console was. Take care of them, and move through the doors. Continue on and you'll see a prison guard shoot an inmate. Go around to the left, and kill the prison guard. In this room, there's a pair of open doors. Take cover on one of them, and shoot the guards who are firing at you. Now take cover on the next set of doors, and try and shoot as many of the enemies that you can that are in the boundary of this room. You'll be able to get the majority of the guards. When you think all of them have been eliminated, take the stairs you just went past on the left (or right, the both lead to the same place), and just do a lap around the first floor just to check.

Some of the guards you have just shot will have an air rifle weapon, instead of an assault rifle. Personally, I prefer using this air rifle, instead of the assault rifle, because headshots are normally one-hit kills with this weapon. The air rifle is also much more useful and effect against the sniper-carrying prison guards later in the chapter than your assault rifle. Follow the pathway around, picking up ammo for your new air rifle from the dead prison guards, and come down the stairs at the end. This new weapon has a bullet limit of 80.

Now, go back to the main room of the cafeteria you've just been around. You'll see the main entrance (where you first took cover) and you'll see an exit in the back right of the room, with a scarlet 'kitchen' line and an orange 'laundry line'. You will want to follow the orange 'laundry' line straight ahead, and then to a left turn. You will hear gunfire going on to your left, but ignore that for now.

Continue following the orange 'laundry' line down a flight of stairs. Make a turn to the right and get ready to fight two more prison guards. Take care of them. Open the blue set of double doors with the A button, and you'll get a new teammate, and a checkpoint. Kill the five enemies that come down in front of you, then move back to the stairs you came down.

Do not run up the stairs immediately, as a prison guard from above tosses a grenade down the stairs, which lands halfway down. To get the scripted grenade to activate, go through the doors slightly, and then back up again. When it's exploded, stay at the bottom, as the prison guard who threw the grenade will be coming down. Shoot him when he appears.

Go back up the stairs, and start following the red line to your right. Go through this now-open doorway and take cover, after shooting the nearest guard. Use your air rifle to get as many headshot kills as you can, as this saves ammo and is much more efficient.

Move through this room, throwing back the tear gas grenades if they cloud your vision. Throw them back by standing over them and pressing A, but don't do it if there are still a lot of prison guards alive, just change your position.

After all of them are dead, continue forward to the back right of the room, and you'll get a checkpoint. Do not run out into the yard through the dark red doors. There is a sniper, and they will down you in one hit. There is a prison guard tower at the back left of this yard. There are two guards on top of it. The left is the sniper. The right is not currently looking at you. With the air rifle you've got, taking these two out should be extremely easy.

However, still do not run out. There is a second sniper in the distance to the right, as soon as you go out the door. If you can't see him, look for the four plumes of smoke, and he'll be in between the two right-most plumes. When both snipers are dead, continue on.

Climb up the large green bin and the air conditioning unit to get onto the roof. Follow the other prisoners. We can now shoot prison guards that are outside of Prison Block B. Do so, then jump down onto the large bins in front of you (which are right up against the wall, you can't actually see them until you go to the edge of the roof and look down) and then jump down to the ground floor itself.

Pick up more air rifle ammo from the guards you just killed, if you need it, then go inside. To the right you'll talk to another prisoner. You will also get a checkpoint. At this point, more prison guards will rush into prison Prison Block B from the higher floors. Take them out from the lower floors with your air rifle, whilst going out of the entrance to regain health if you get shot too much. Work your way up to the prison guard office on the top-most floor. Go inside, and press A on the electronic console (the actual 'press A' requirement is in the middle of the guard room, not actually next to the consoles itself). Doing so releases all of the prisoners.

Now go out of the door that you did not use to enter the prison guard room. Follow the corridor and go into the 'skybridge' for a cutscene with the prisoner you gave a gun and an earpiece to. Go through the other doors which open after the cutscene, then through the next set of doors too. Do not run forward. There will be guards ahead along the perimeter of this area, and your cohorts will move to the left to take shots at them. With your air rifle, you should be able to pick them off before they do any damage to you whatsoever. Continue around the perimeter, shooting prison guards as they appear.

Go through the doors and then go upstairs to a prison guard tower. There will be four guards inside with high-power weapons. Take them out. There will be a button you can push, so push it. At this point, a helicopter will come along and try and shoot you. There will also be two prison guards each in two different towers trying to shoot you through the window opposite where the pushable button was. You cannot take the helicopter down, so don't waste your time and ammo trying. You will find you can rappel out of the window where the pushable button was, so do so.

Follow the prisoners which are all running out of the same exit. Watch out for the helicopter firing on some prisoners. Kill the prison guards on the tower to the right of the door you exited before you do anything else. The prisoners will break through the fencing. Follow them through it.

Before you do anything else, shoot the prison guards in the towers. Try not to shoot the prison guards in the car park, as they are the ones that fire the tear gas grenades which we need for an achievement.

The prison guards and police officers will start throwing tear gas grenades at you. Grab as many as you can, and keep throwing them back by standing over them and pressing the A button. I found after killing a couple of guys past the torn-down fence, if I went to the back right corner, I didn't get shot, but lots of tear gas grenades kept getting thrown at me. Keep throwing them until the following achievement pops. It should take about 25-30 throws (across your entire campaign playthrough):

Return to Sender

Throw back enemy grenades.

Return to Sender
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Once you have popped this achievement, kill all the prison guards you can see, and then move across the car park to the large, red, armoured van with 'Prisoner Transport' written on the side. When Kane and the rest of the group are there, Kane, Lynch, and the rest of the group will break out of prison the same way Kane & Lynch broke in; using a big vehicle to go through some wire fencing. The chapter ends.

Chapter 9: Retomoto Tower

For this chapter, we will be attempting to get our teammates to kill every enemy in this chapter. Under no circumstance should you ever press RT or RB during this chapter, otherwise it will disable the achievement. Your only job during this chapter is to command your crew, and revive any crew members that need to be revived.

When you start this chapter off, you will be on top of Retomoto Tower, with Lynch and three others. You will see four enemies near the helipad. Before telling your teammates to shoot them, hide behind the mast which holds all of the satellite dishes. Then aim at where the enemies are and press the Y button four times to get all of your cohorts to shoot the enemies.

After they're dead, move towards the other side of the helipad, and down the stairs. Your group will go over the plan. After they do, you'll get a checkpoint. Enjoy the 'Mirror's Edge' moment, and start abseiling down the side of the building.

As soon as you put the bomb on the side of the building, move to the far right or far left of the balcony so that you do not get exploded by it. Your crew will then swing down onto the balcony as well. Use the Y button to direct them to kill any enemy inside. Stay outside whilst they do this. It is possible you may have to revive some of your teammates. They will not do this themselves. Try and get any of your teammates to aim and fire at the enemy that may or may not be your fallen comrade. When he's back up, return yourself back outside to the balcony until all enemies have been neutralized.

When they're all dead, go to Retomoto (the target marker points to him) and take the suitcase. After the short cutscene, enemies will burst through the door. Set your teammates to shoot at the door by rapidly pressing Y as they explode inwards.

Once they are dead, progress through the door. Press X multiple times to make sure that your crew are following you. Go around the corner to find enemies shooting at you. Aim your crew at them with the Y button. Enemies will then come from the other side of the top floor. Take them down too, again with the Y button. Remember, keep your fingers completely away from RT and RB during this chapter.

When you are confident that your crew have defeated all of the enemies on the top floor, look down one of the sets of stairs, and get your crew to start shooting enemies near the bottom of them, and whilst they're doing that, retreat yourself back up onto the top floor for safety.

Fight your way down the floors by getting your crew to target enemies with the Y button. When you reach the bottom floor of this area, you will notice a small hallway leading away from this main room. There are guards behind the counter, and other guards that will run out of the hallway as you approach, so be aware of this, take cover behind a pillar, and send your crew to the hallway first.

When the guards are all dead, move to the elevator to the left of the counter, and go inside. You'll get a small cutscene.

If you managed to get to this point in this chapter without pressing the RT or the RB buttons, you'll unlock the following achievement:

Sun Tzu

Let your crew do the dirty work.

Sun Tzu
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The chapter will now end.

Chapter 10: Tokyo Streets

As you come out of the elevator, a police officer will alert Kane and the crew that everyone's evacuating. As you go down the stairs, guards will start shooting at you, so instead, go back to the top of the stairs, and go around to the left on the balcony. This allows you the high ground for any police officer or guard that comes through the front door. This also keeps you out of the way of the tear gas grenades that get shot through the front door. Take down any and all police officers and guards that come through the front doors.

When you are sure that no other police officer is going to come through the door, go down the stairs and take cover behind one of the many pillars, and start picking off the police when you can. Move forward, from cover to cover, so you can get better shots. Don't forget that you can tell your crew to aim at various enemies whilst you regain health in cover, or whilst you're shooting at a different enemy. Fight your way out of the doors, whilst picking off the police officers with the help of your crew.

When you manage to fight your way to the street you'll want to move down the road to the right. You'll get a checkpoint as you come to the corner of the next building, so take cover at the corner. You should be able to aim around the side of the building, and take care of the police officer running across the pedestrian bridge. Whilst you do that, police cars will pull up on the road underneath the bridge, police officers will get out, and take cover behind various cars to shoot at you. Take them out when you can.

Go up the pedestrian bridge, so that you have the higher ground. Stay crouched when you're up on the pedestrian bridge, when you're not shooting, as the game will not 'pull' you into cover. There are police officers shooting at you from below you, on the road, and further along the road, where traffic is going across a raised bridge, there is a police sniper. Take him out as soon as you can, without putting yourself at risk.

When the police sniper is dead, you can quickly press the LB whilst holding LT to stand so you can aim at the police on the road below, and then quickly press LB again to duck back into cover when you take too much damage.

As you kill the majority of the police below you, 6 riot shield police officers will arrive in the distance. It is easy to identify them, as they have large, red shields. The sniper who you killed earlier has dropped his sniper rifle, and it has ten bullets in it. Use them to kill as many of the riot shield police officers as you can before getting off of the pedestrian bridge.

When two have been killed off (sometimes only one), the remaining riot shield police officers will start to charge towards you. However, when they do this, they don't seem to have their shields adequately protecting themselves, so if you can get a good shot on them with the sniper rifle, do so. You should be able to defeat all six riot shield police officers before any of them start climbing up the stairs on the pedestrian bridge.

When all six riot shield police officers are dead, return to the police officer who originally had the sniper rifle (his body should still be on the middle of the pedestrian bridge you're still on), and pick up your assault weapon again (which you dropped to pick up the sniper rifle), and continue on, going down the stairs of the pedestrian bridge to the left.

Continue moving along the road and take the first left that you can. When you take the left and move forward a little, you'll get a checkpoint. As you move forward to the staircase and barricades ahead of you, you'll see that you've reached a bus station, and police officers will see you within seconds. They will throw tear gas grenades up the stairs, and will attempt to take you out with assault rifles.

Take cover behind whatever bit of cover you prefer, and take them out slowly. There isn't an infinite spawn, so take your time, and make sure your crew aren't doing something stupid like standing out in the open. When there's no more police officers shooting at you, go down the stairs. Take note that when you do, it's very likely that two police officers on a walkway to the far right of the bus station will start shooting at you. Take them out when you can. If they're causing too much damage to you as you go down the stairs, get into cover, heal, and then take them out.

When they are dead, it is very likely that you have killed most, if not all, of the enemies in the bus station. Run to the back left of the bus station, but not all the way. There will be three riot shield police officers. There will also be 3-5 members of a SWAT team coming from the right. Take out the SWAT team with your automatic weapon, then set your focus on the three riot shield police officers.

I find that when you're standing behind the last bus before the riot shield police officers, if you throw a full-distance grenade at the middle riot shield police officer at a normal height, the grenade will bounce and roll right in line with him, and explode, killing him, and at least one of the others. The explosion will rock the other officer, allowing you to shoot him whilst he's not protecting himself. When they're dead, run forward to the black van ahead to finish the chapter.

Chapter 11: Freedom Fighters

You will now see that the game's storyline has somehow gone from America to Cuba. During the intro cutscene to this chapter, the following achievement will pop:

Have Gun, Will Travel Part II


Have Gun, Will Travel Part II
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

After the cutscene, you'll regain control. Take a look between the cracks in the wall, and you should see some Cuban army personnel outside, around the map. Take as many of them out as you can, and take cover when you need to.

When the majority of the enemies are taken down, look behind where you started and you'll see an open doorframe. Go through it, and jump down the hole in the corner of the room. Go around this ground floor, and you'll see you now have a crew with you.

During the cutscene, RPGs will hit the floor you were just on, shaking the building. Cuban army officers will run from the right to the left outside of the building. Take care of them if you can, but it's not a priority, as you're going to be fighting your way through this whole area, so you'll be killing everyone, anyway.

Go outside of the building, and run to the left behind the building for cover. Make sure there are no enemies here before you do this. Ahead of you, on the left side of this open area, there is an enemy with a minigun. Try to take him out safely, as well as the other enemies that are near to him. Also be aware of the RPG-shooting enemy just to the right of the minigun, on the raised balcony. The RPG enemy's accuracy is rubbish, but there's always bad luck, so take him down as soon as you can to lower the risk of him hitting you.

Move forward from the corner of the building you're in cover against, past a couple of pillars, then go close to the building, so part of the building is actually above your head. One or two enemies may spawn on the red roof of the building that the RPG enemy was in front of. They can't really get into cover on the roof, so take them down easily with your primary weapon.

At this point, some enemies should spawn on the right side of the map, opposite you, and start shooting you. Use the pillars of the building that you're hiding next to/under as cover, and take them out.

When they are dead, continue moving up the left side, past the sandbags where the minigun is. More enemies will spawn on the ground in front of you, and on the balconies of the buildings in front of you. Keep going into cover, and take them out, with the help of your crew.

As you get to the top of the stairs, after killing all of the enemies nearby, you'll get a new objective, which tells you to meet up with the other men. The guns that the Cuban officers are using seem to be much more accurate than your current primary weapon. I suggest picking one up from one of the enemies you and your crew have just killed, then go around the bodies of the other enemies and maxing out the ammo, up to 200 bullets.

From the top of the stairs, look to your right, and you will see an RPG leaning against a pillar of the building to your right. If you can't see it, go in between the pillars. It is next to two ammo boxes that have an RPG and a grenade launcher in them.

Our main objective at this point is to destroy the tank that is attacking the other men who are your allies. If you pick up the first RPG against the wall, remember where this was, because you will be dropping the Cuban officer's weapon that you picked up, and you'll want that after the tank has been destroyed.

Stay behind the pillars of the building and use the pillars for protection as you make your way towards the tank. You may notice additional RPGs leaning up against the pillars. When you get as close as possible to the tank without being shot, shoot it with an RPG.

Use all of the RPGs you can find, and then, if you need it, go back to the grenade launcher weapon that was near the first RPG, pick that up, and then use that against the tank. When it is destroyed, the other men (which are very weak, but still part of the storyline) will jump down from some windows and join you. Quickly go back to pick up the Cuban officer's gun that you dropped, then return to the destroyed tank. You will get a hidden (unannounced) checkpoint after destroying the tank.

During this next section, you will occasionally get shot by the attack helicopter. There's nothing you can do about this, as you take down the helicopter later. It shouldn't cause you enough damage to incapacitate you or kill you, unless you are severely damaged from enemies. Also during this section, your crew are very poorly-coded, so I recommend that you have them set as 'defensive', by pressing the B button for each crew member at certain bits of cover as you progress through the following area.

As you make your way forward past the tank, instantly go into the building to the right. You will see two enemies coming down the stairs, so take care of them quickly, then go upstairs. There will be one additional enemy upstairs, around the corner to the right. Kill him, and go into cover. In this higher vantage point, you have a much greater chance of killing all of the enemies that appear. You will also notice that there are two RPGs up here. Do not use them yet. There is also a minigun. Do not use this as it leaves you out in the open for you to be shot. Use the various broken windows to take down as many enemies as possible.

Before you go back downstairs, pick up one of the RPGs, and destroy the army truck with the minigun on the back of it that is (if you're looking out of the window of the building you're in) directly to the right, further along the road. When this has been done, pick up the second RPG on the floor up here, and use it to take down the army truck with the gunner in the middle of the area, to the right. In this position, you'll see it just behind one of the right-most pillars of the structure with a broken roof in the middle of this area. Do not worry if you miss this second shot, there will be another chance to destroy it shortly.

Once both army trucks have been destroyed with the RPGs, run down and then go to the direction that you came from. Look to the right of the tank that you destroyed, and you'll see a building that has pillars supporting a floor above. Hide behind these pillars to kill any enemies that have a shot at you.

From this point on, until further notice, whenever you hear the helicopter's engine getting closer, hide directly behind any tall bit of cover (whether it's pillars, the column/statue directly in front of you), or anything else you can find, as the helicopter is the second-most annoying part of this game, since you can't destroy it.

Use the RPGs near the column/statue to shoot down the army truck ahead and to the left if you weren't able to do so before. Alternatively, if you were successful before, use them to shoot at any of the enemies in front of you. Try and get your crew to aim and kill any enemies that you can see by using the Y button to set them to 'Offensive'.

Note: When you need to spawn the next set of enemies at any point during this chapter, you should stay in cover, with no guys attacking, until the helicopter flies over you and leaves temporarily. This is the best time to trigger the next set of enemies, as it means the helicopter is much less likely to appear and incapacitate/kill you.

When you move forward down the stairs in front of the column/statue the next set of enemies will spawn. Under no circumstance should you stay in front of the column/statue, because the AI are so poorly-coded that they will run forward, get incapacitated, and then need you to pick them up. If you don't pick them up, you go back to the last checkpoint (where you destroyed the tank). If you do pick them up, you get shot yourself, and go back to the last checkpoint.

As soon as you see the enemies spawning in front of you, run back to behind the column/statue, making sure that your crew are all set to follow you (circle), so they don't run ahead and get killed. Stay behind the column/statue and take care of the enemies from long range. Some of them will advance closer to you, allowing you to get a good shot. Keep watching each side though, so move side to side behind the column/statue.

It should be noted that this new set of enemies have much more powerful weaponry, so don't run out into the open at this point unless you have to revive one of your crew. Use LT to look around cover, and take shots when you can. Also, use short bursts of your weapon (which should be the one from the Cuban army officer) instead of continuous fire, as it's much more accurate.

Once this set of enemies are dead, it is very likely that you will have to run towards the small structure in the middle of this area with the broken roof to trigger the spawn of the next set of enemies. Do this, taking care of the ones coming from ahead to the right, and then run back to the column/statue for adequate cover. Take care of this set of enemies in the same way that you took care of the last set; staying in cover and taking shots when you can. When you finish off this small set of enemies, move forward to the structure you just had to walk to, to get this set of enemies to spawn.

When this set are dead, move forward to the next structure, with another column/statue. Enemies should come from the left at this point, but you may get a couple from the right. Once these are dead, some enemies will spawn on a building to the left, on a balcony. Make sure you're in cover when this happens because their weapons can down you very quickly. Defeat them. Move to the building they were on, and take cover behind the pillars, on the side that faces the direction you just came from. More enemy army officers will spawn, and take cover behind some of the other pillars. Take your time, and take them out.

Move forward, and turn to the right, going around the corner, next to the doors. You will get a cutscene where Kane talks to his crew. The chapter will now end.

Chapter 12: El Capitol

After the opening cutscene ends, you'll see Kane running forward for a couple of seconds, and then you'll gain control. If you move forward, and look across the courtyard, you'll see three guards talking to each other. You do not currently have a weapon selected, so press Up on the D-Pad once to select your assault rifle. Take as many of them down as you can.

More enemies will spawn at this point, at various places on the balcony opposite, the balcony one floor above the first three guards that you saw, and also one or two will spawn on the ground floor. For some reason, you cannot shoot through the barricade/banisters, so you actually have to be standing next to them and shoot over them, down to the ground, to kill the enemies on the ground.

One enemy may also run around to charge at you to your left, so be aware of that. There are also a couple of enemies on the ground floor. If you take substantial damage, you should be able to hide back in the corridor that you just came out of, until your health regenerates.

When all are dead (it is possible you may have to revive Lynch at some point if he takes heavy fire), move around the balcony to the left, until you're in front of the door where the first three guards were talking. Do not go through the door. Instead, take cover to the left side of the door frame and press LB to crouch whilst in cover. With you at this new, lower angle, you should be able to take out the enemy that is up the stairs through the door.

Go up the stairs, but be aware that when you reach the top, an enemy will start shooting you from the other side of the courtyard. Take cover behind the left side of the door frame. If you go into cover here, it is possible that the game will still have you crouching in cover. This is not needed right now, so press LB to stand in cover instead. Hold LT to pop out, then hold Right on the L-Stick so that you strafe to the right. The moment you can see the enemy that was shooting at you, take him out.

When he's dead, move out of the door, and go around to the right. There is only one way you can go, so go through the door frame at the end of this balcony, onto a rooftop. As you go through, you'll get a checkpoint.

Move forward and you'll see three guards talking. Take them out, and then move to the back left of the building, where you can see two APCs on the ground that are firing at you. Take them out with the RPGs that are near this corner. When they are both made to stop firing, the helicopter scene will start, so quickly run behind you and take cover behind one of the small rooftop buildings that were to the right of you when you entered the roof.

Lying around this rooftop are a lot of RPGs. We are now going to be tasked with taking down the helicopter that was causing us so many problems in the previous chapter.

The helicopter that you are about to face has two main ways to attack you. The first is where it flies above you, from in front of you, and flies behind you. It will then come back from behind you to fly over you so it's in front of you again. After it's flown behind you, quickly move from cover, and move back into cover on the side of the large building that faces the door that you entered the roof by. This will stop the helicopter shooting you as it returns from flying over you.

The second attack is where it flies just below the roof of the building that you are on, in front of it, and then hovers up, shooting it's miniguns at you. The helicopter's miniguns can shoot through the smaller rooftop buildings, so make sure that you only take cover behind the largest rooftop building.

Both methods of attack will kill you very quickly if you stand in the open, so obviously always stay in cover behind the largest rooftop building when the helicopter is nearby.

What you want to do is use the RPGs laying around to take the helicopter down. It is possible to hit the helicopter whilst it flies by and sends rockets at you, but as you have a limited supply of RPGs, I recommend staying in cover, and just firing RPGs at it when it's hovering and firing it's miniguns at you. With an RPG, just look out of cover with LT, and fire it at the helicopter when it's hovering in front of the building.

Also, another annoyance in this fight is that sometimes an enemy will appear on a roof above you to the right, and start shooting at you, so when you see him, take him down as quick as you can with your sidearm pistol (as you've probably dropped your primary weapon to pick up RPGs).

The rockets that the helicopter fires do have the ability to destroy some of the buildings on top of the roof, so be aware of this. If you ever do not know where the helicopter is, click the L-Stick, and you'll see it as the green objective marker.

After three hits with the RPG, the helicopter will go down, you'll get an unannounced checkpoint, and you'll get the following achievement:


Get that bird out of the sky.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

Once you see the achievement pop, move forward, move to the back left (where you went before to see the pair of APCs) and pick up another RPG. Enemies will be spawning on the ground in front of you. You will then see that you can rappel down off of the roof, but don't do this yet.

Before going down to the ground, use the remaining RPGs up here to take down as many enemies that you can. When you've used the rest of the RPGs, find your assault weapon that you started the chapter with. It should be laying on the roof somewhere, and have a high amount of ammo in it.

When you're ready, go to the designated rappel point, and rappel down. On the ground, in front of you is a tank. Take cover behind it, and start shooting enemies that spawn in front of you. When they're dead, move forward. I advise replacing your primary weapon with one of theirs, as their weapons are slightly more accurate at the range that we're about to shoot at next.

In front of you, there are multiple minigun nests. However, the operators of these miniguns do not have any protection, so you should have no problem picking them off with short bursts of an enemy weapon that you can pick up. Move along the right side of the area when you can, but don't go in front of the building where the grassy area is yet.

Go to the end of the road to the right, where the right-most minigun was. Just to the left of the minigun, you'll see an opening into the grassy area. Don't go in yet. Take cover on the left side of the entrance, and you should see more guards run from the building stairs, and take up position on the minigun directly in front of you. Killing these should be extremely easy. Move forward behind it, and you should get maximum ammo in your weapon. If you don't, pick up the weapon that one of the enemies you just killed dropped, and get as much ammo around this minigun as possible.

Now, what you want to do is move forward up to the stairs to trigger the next set of enemies taking position behind the giant sandbag-surrounded minigun nests at the top of the stairs. The moment you see the enemies moving, move back to the minigun nest that you just came from (to the right of the stairs). Lynch may take down some of these enemies before moving with you. When you've waited a couple of seconds, move forward, and try to take care of some of the enemies inside the building. Some of them are behind a sandbag wall inside. Also note that there are probably a bunch of enemies on the minigun to the left of the stairs that you haven't taken care of yet.

Once you've taken care of the enemies inside, do not run in, as this allows the guys on the left minigun to come up behind you. Take your time and take out the guys on the left minigun first. You can also loot behind the minigun to the left of the stairs for more ammo, which will most likely fill your current primary weapon. When it's clear outside, then move inside.

Once you go inside, after the enemies are dead, you'll have to climb a staircase. There are a couple of enemies waiting at the top to shoot you as you come up, so don't run up. Just turn around as you're going up the stairs, taking aim at the floor above you. There will be four enemies, two on the left, two on the right. Take them out as safely as you can.

You'll now want to move to the left, to the doorframe before a corridor. At this point, you'll get an unannounced checkpoint. Now, slowly move forward through the door whilst holding LT. You want to be aiming just to the left of the last pillar. An enemy with an RPG will appear at the end of the corridor, so as soon as he comes into view, take him out before he manages to fire an RPG at you.

Halfway along the corridor, you'll be able to aim between the pillars to your left, to shoot at an enemy on a minigun. Take him down, then move to the end of the corridor, taking cover to the left of the hole in the wall. Using LT, look around through the hole from cover and take out the enemies. There should be two or three enemies there. You can also pick up the ammo these enemies drop, to make sure you've always got high/full ammo in your current primary weapon.

Behind these enemies will be a large set of double doors you can enter. Do so. You will get another checkpoint, and a small bit of chatter. As you go in, you'll notice a large statue. Off to the right are a pair of sandbag-surrounded minigun nests. Move forward to the large bit of stone cover close to you on the left. Fire some shots off at the right-side minigun nest, and then, if you're not damaged, run forward to the large bit of stone cover further inside the room on the right. This is where you'll want to try and take down the right minigunner. The game suggests using grenades to clear them, but I find trying to get them with your primary weapon is much more accurate.

When you've killed the right minigunner, move to the low cover to the left, just in front of the left minigunner. Make sure you're crouching with LB whilst you do this, or you'll get shot. Take cover on the right side of this low cover on the left, and look out of cover and fire on the left minigunner.

When you kill him, there will be a large explosion from behind the minigun nests, and you'll get an unannounced checkpoint. Go through the space between the two minigun nests, and you'll see a trail of blood. Follow it to the second doorframe, but do not run through it. There is an enemy waiting to shoot at you with an automatic weapon, so take cover on the left side of the doorframe, and kill the enemy whilst you're still in cover. Move forward and you'll get another short cutscene. When the cutscene ends, you'll get the following achievement:

Revenge Part II & III

Who's the old timer now?

Revenge Part II & III
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

Continue through the only exit in this room, kill the enemies in the last room. When they're dead, you'll get a couple of cutscenes, and the chapter will end.

Chapter 13: Bird's Eye View

As soon as the intro cutscene for this chapter starts (not the 'loading screen' cutscene, but the actual cinematic cutscene), you'll get the following achievement:

Have Gun, Will Travel Part III

The Beginning of the End.

Have Gun, Will Travel Part III
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

As you gain control of Kane, you'll see your crew moving to the right. Follow them. At the end of this path you'll get a cutscene which explains the chapter. When this cutscene is finished, move down the path to the left.

As you carry on down the jungle path, you will see a bunch of enemies move left to right, and one of them will set off a flare. This is acceptable as it will hit the canyon wall, and will not affect the rest of this mission, and thus, you will not be sent to the last checkpoint when this flare is launched. Take out all of these enemies, and progress forward. If you're having trouble with the enemy using the minigun, then climb the giant rock in this area, and shoot him from up high. He's an easy target. As you move forward you will get a checkpoint and see a rappel point in front of you.

Before going down the rappel point, check the opium field below you and ahead. You can see a few enemies on the wooden building ahead, and also an enemy walking around the opium field itself. This enemy does come towards you so go down the rappel quickly, and hide behind the tree to your left. Wait until he stops moving, pop out and shoot him with your silenced pistol (which you have from the beginning of the chapter). It may take multiple shots to kill him so do multiple shots in quick succession.

After this first enemy has been killed with a silenced pistol, move behind the large, stump-like object to the right of where he was. Assuming that the other enemies have not been alerted, what you want to do is to try and kill the enemy that is on the minigun ahead, at the side of the building. This will in turn, cause all of the other enemies to start swarming at you. This is fine, because you and your allies are hiding behind the stump.

In this position, you and your crew should be able to take out the majority of the enemies that you can see. Some of the enemies are stupid and will run right up to you, giving you and your allies an easy shot. When you're sure all of them are dead, move forward. Don't forget to revive anyone who needs it, before they bleed out. Move to the building.

One or two enemies may still be inside it, or may run into it from behind it. As you reach the bottom of the stairs/ladder on the right side of the front of the building, more enemies will spawn behind the building. Your crew should automatically start shooting at them. Join them in killing all of the enemies coming at you until they stop. If you're feeling lucky, you can go into the building and through to the other side of it to use the minigun on that side of the building to take down enemies. If you find you're taking too much damage, then obviously retreat away from it.

When these enemies are dead, progress forward, and you'll see a slight split in the path. You will get an unannounced checkpoint here. On the left, you can go down towards a bridge. On the right, you can go uphill for a higher vantage point. Use the right option. Creep up slowly, and at the end of this higher vantage point path, you'll see a rock and a tree stump. Whilst crouched (LB), move up to it, and then take care of the enemy in the raised platform. Then, with your crew, shoot as many of the other enemies as you can, as you need to prevent them sending off a red flare. More enemies may come from the back, but as long as the flare does not get sent off, you're safe. Kill all of the enemies, then go back, take the left path, and move across the bridge.

As you go down the path ahead, you'll see a building on fire. As you come closer to it, you'll get a checkpoint. Progress forward, slowly, and quietly, into the building right in front of you that has stairs going up into it. Enemies can be sighted through the window at the back of the house, but this time, do not directly shoot them. Just to the right of them is a large explosive gas canister. Shoot it with your primary weapon, and it should explode, taking out a few of the enemies. The army truck that is near will retreat out of the way for now. The rest of the enemies will start attacking you, so take them out with your crew. It is possible that you'll be running out of ammo, so take one of the enemy weapons, and go around the bodies of the fallen enemies to get a high/maximum amount of ammo.

Continue on, you'll get a checkpoint, and you'll come to a raised bridge. Go along the bridge, and you'll see a rappel point. Before using the rappel point, look to the right of the bridge, and you'll see an enemy walking across a rope bridge. Take care of him now with your primary weapon, and make sure that he dies, otherwise he'll set off a red flare, and you'll have to go back to the checkpoint you just got. When he's dead, rappel down, and start going downstream, along the right side of the stream. You'll get a cutscene where you're looking over a small church and a few small houses.

Next, we're going to do something I've not yet asked you to do in the game before. Go to Carlos, who's the guy with the dark, bushy facial hair (if you're not sure which one he is, keep pressing left or right on the D-Pad until his name is highlighted, and Carlos will temporarily get a '!' above his head). Stand near him, click and hold the R-Stick, and then press Up on the L-Stick or D-Pad twice to switch your primary weapon for his sniper rifle. It should have about 20 bullets in it. Once you have the sniper rifle, use the B button to make sure your crew stay away from the edge (if you restart checkpoint, the place where you are at when the checkpoint starts is the perfect place where to put them out of the way).

The sniper rifle that you have just taken from Carlos has the ability to zoom in twice. To do that, hold LT to view through the scope, and then press Up on the D-Pad to zoom in with a higher magnification.

Now you have the sniper rifle, use it to headshot the enemy just to the left of the army truck with the lit headlights. The reason why you shoot this enemy first is that he is the driver of the army truck. If you do not shoot him first, he gets in the army truck and drives off, and then you get a prompt to stop it from crossing the bridge, which is much more difficult. However, occasionally a different enemy will take the driver's place, so you need to watch out for that.

Now use the sniper rifle to take out as many enemies as you can from the higher vantage point. Only shoot when you have a clear shot, and take your time. Always make sure your crew stay back from the edge. The enemies will shoot at you but you should be safe with the much higher vantage point.

After the first shot, enemies will flood in from the back of the village, but there's nothing you can do about that. Keep taking your time, using the sniper to take them out one at a time, moving back away from the ledge when you take significant damage. If you are a good shot, and get a lot of headshots with the sniper, you should be able to kill all of the enemies (or all that you can see) with two or three bullets left. Take note that if you back too far away, the enemies will revert to their 'idle' state, as if you aren't there, which means you can get really easy headshots when they're just having their 'idle' breathing movement.

When you've only got two or three bullets left, instead of going for more ammo from your crew, switch your weapon with Carlos again to get your assault rifle back. You do this because your crew never run out of ammo. Once you have your weapon, and you believe all of the enemies down below have been defeated, get your crew back to 'follow me' mode, by pressing the B button for each of them, and rappel down the rope.

To your left is an entrance into the village through a small arch. If you have defeated all of the enemies that you could see, you should be free to go through. However, when you go through the arch, and move forward slightly, to the right of the army truck with the lit headlights, is a large X-shaped tree stump. Take cover behind it, because to the right of you there may be another enemy with a minigun stationed inside of a house, ready to fire out of the window. If the enemy is there, take him out. Further along the road, to the left of this window, there may be another enemy on a minigun right against the side of the building. It is in a position where you would not have been able to kill him when you were sniping from your high vantage point. Move forward to the bridge for a cutscene.

The chapter will now end.

Chapter 14: Within the Walls

As the opening cutscene ends, you'll see that you are once again equipped with the sniper rifle that you gave back to Carlos, and it has had its ammo completely refilled. Your crew will stop a short while after you catch sight of a tower with a spotlight ahead and to the left. Once your crew stop do not move ahead. Stop where you are, and use the sniper to take out the single guard on top of the aforementioned tower. This is a tough shot because the glare of the flashlight makes it hard to see where exactly the guard is standing. Make sure you kill this guard before the upcoming checkpoint

Slowly continue along the raised pathway. You will see enemies near a campfire, but do not shoot them yet. You will get a checkpoint, and if you look down to your left, you should see an enemy walking from right to left, with a flashlight. Take him out with a couple of shots of your silenced pistol. Now, look further left, and you should see another enemy standing around doing nothing. This is an easy shot with both the silenced sniper or the silenced pistol. You can now move forward and look at the three enemies standing by the campfire.

These three enemies can be tough to kill without one of them escaping because you have a silenced sniper and a silenced pistol, neither of which are good at medium range. What I suggest that you do is cook a grenade at full throwing distance for a couple of seconds, and then toss it down to the campfire. This should hopefully kill one or two of the enemies, if not all three. Use your pistol to quickly take out any enemy still standing. Whatever happens do not an enemy run forward, away from the campfire, because he'll alert the nearby enemy base. If an enemy does manage to get away from you, you should just restart checkpoint to save time.

As you move forward, after killing the previous six enemies, you'll see a large gate in the distance, as well as a guard tower to the right of it. Use your silenced sniper to take out the guard in the tower with a headshot. Then take care of the enemy standing still to the left of the gate. Then tell Carlos to move over towards the main gate. You can tell him to go to the gate with the 'Defensive' button (B).

Follow the path around to the right. and you'll get a short pause in the ability to move whilst you converse with your crew. When you regain control, continue the path, towards the objective. As you climb up to a higher vantage point at the end of the path, you'll again converse with your crew. You can see enemies in the distance. Do not shoot them yet. Continue along to the rappel point, but do not go down it.

Now look down and to the left, and pick off the guard standing alone by an army truck. Ahead of you, walking back and forth is another single enemy. Take him out. Further back and to the left, patrolling alongside the building. Take him out. At this point, it's very possible that an alarm will go off and more enemies will be alerted. If this happens, back up, and get your crew back into safety so you don't have to keep picking them up if they go down. Keep using your sniper to pick off any other enemies that appear.

After the first wave of enemies, a second wave of enemies will come out of the building to the left, right near where the army truck with the lit headlights is. Take them out too. You'll probably be running low on sniper ammo at this point, so you can either exchange your weapon with one of your crew, or get ammo from them. Personally, I kept the sniper. Rappel down.

Go up the ramp ahead, and turn to the left, but do not progress on. If you look ahead, you'll see another guard tower. Use the sniper to kill the guard at the top of it. Just below the tower, and slightly to the left, you'll see another guard idling. Take him out with a sniper headshot too. Now run along the right wall, and you'll go between a small passageway between the wall and a building made of corrugated metal. Take cover at the end of the corrugated metal building.

Now, use LT to look around the corner with your sniper, and you should see in the distance two enemies near each other. To get a good shot on them, you'll have to zoom in all the way. If you take the left guard out with a headshot, the right guard doesn't seem to notice. Take out the right-side guard as well.

If you move any further along this path, more enemies will spawn just to the right of where you are, in the small, one-floor building. Before you do this, switch your sniper rifle with either Rific's weapon or Shelly's weapon. Don't switch with Lynch because the shotgun is pretty useless in this chapter. When you have one of their assault rifles, move along the path and then take cover where the waist-high wall turns into a brickwork column. Either blindfire or use LT to look out of cover and shoot all of the enemies here.

Now, look opposite where you were standing when you sniped the two enemies that were side to side. You'll see a building with an open door. An enemy may or may not be inside, or shooting at you. Continue through the building, through the room with the bunk beds, and you'll see you can go through the door to the right to shoot at the enemies, now that you've flanked them. Take cover by the door, and just use LT to look around the doorframe to shoot the enemies there. Then, once they're dead, go upstairs, and kill any enemies that remain upstairs. There may be none there, but you must check to be safe as we come closer to the end of the chapter.

Now, leave through the ground floor exit that you just killed enemies through. There is a sniper in the distance and we need to take him out before we progress. If you switched your sniper with one of your crew's weapons, retrieve it back from whoever you gave it to. It should still have a couple of bullets in it.

Right in front of the door you've just exited is a army truck parked underneath a small shelter. Go behind the shelter, and take cover to the left of the back of it. You now need to pull off a very fast sniper shot, or a very careful one. Hold LT to look around the corner, and instantly press UP twice on the D-Pad to zoom in as far as you can go. You want to aim for the balcony that has a light above the door, directly down the road where you're looking down your scope.

As you look down the scope, you will notice that he is trying to snipe you. The moment you see the 'sniper radar' at the bottom left corner of your screen, release the LT and go back into cover. Do not press any other button, as this will lose your aim. When the 'sniper radar' has disappeared, hold LT again, and resume aiming. Shoot the sniper in the head for a one-shot kill, and then trade the sniper back with one of your crew so you have an assault rifle again.

Run down the road, and go right up to the opening in the right, but do not go in. Just take cover by the opening to trigger the enemies, then run back up the road a little, so you can pick off any enemies that come through the opening, which makes the following segment a little easier.

Your crew in the following section are complete and utter IDIOTS. Your crew in the following section, even if you tell them to stay outside (by using the 'Defensive' setting on their orders), will run in the moment that you start killing people. Instead, to try and prevent this, try backing right away from the opening, so you're near the set of three army trucks on the left side of the road. Then, just start shooting through the opening at any enemies that appear. If no enemies appear, move to the left slightly, so that you can see some more enemies. Keep doing this until no more enemies appear. If you see your crew running forward, back up, aim at the middle of the road behind you, and press B four times, to hopefully get them to stay there (in 'Defensive' mode).

When you've picked off most of the enemies, and only have a few right at the back of the area in front of you, feel free to get the sniper back off of your crew, and pick off the last enemies.

When they're all dead, move forward through this first area to the back left. You'll see a small tunnel/archway you can go through. Be warned, that this next area has a lot of enemies in it, and there isn't much adequate cover at all. As you first see into this area, you will see enemies moving from right to left across the opening at the other end of the tunnel/archway. If you move through the tunnel/archway, you'll get an unannounced checkpoint. Before going into the tunnel, make sure your crew are behind you, and out of the way of the opening of the tunnel so they cannot get shot. Make sure they are put to the side with the B button, so they do not follow you.

This next section is very hard to get into without becoming incapacitated or dying, simply because the level design is very poor. You get shot from all angles from outside the tunnel/archway, and with your assault weapons, it's very hard to hit some direct hits on the enemies to thin them out.

I recommend going to the end of the tunnel and taking cover on the right side of it, and trying to take down enemies to the left. When they've thinned out, sprint as far left as you can and crouch behind the wall. There may be an enemy waiting for you there, so meleé kill him by rapidly pressing the A button. Now call your crew to join you (press X button for each of them). With any luck, they'll be able to join you behind the wall, and start shooting enemies as well.

After some enemies have been taken down, you should attempt to sprint to the small, circular building to the left of the area. Your crew will follow. At this point, your moronic crew members will attempt to run out and shoot the people in the window, and you'll probably have to revive some of them. Inside the small building are a couple of RPGs. Use them to your advantage on the enemies shooting from the windows.

Eventually, you and your crew should be able to kill all enemies attacking you. When you do, run up the stairs, and through the door for a small cutscene.

Run to the next door, and you'll get a checkpoint. Go through the door, and run to Jenny (Kane's daughter) in the middle of the plaza. Notice the mine on the right as you do. In the following bit of conversation while abuse gets given to Kane, turn right, and shoot the mine. As soon as you do, and it's safe, run to the columns for cover, and shoot the enemies that are on the balcony above you. After the cutscene with the mine exploding, you'll get the following achievement:

Revenge Part IV

Shouldn't have gotten personal.

Revenge Part IV
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

As soon as you regain control, run to the right and take cover behind the columns. When all the enemies on the balcony above you, surrounding this plaza, are dead, leave through the large gate that you saw Jenny being dragged off through. The chapter will now end.

Chapter 15: Choice

As you load up this chapter, you will be in the back of an army truck on the minigun. This segment is an on-rails shooter, and it is very unforgiving, especially on Hard/Morphine mode. Your first of group of enemies will be around an army truck just ahead. Attempt to explode the army truck and then kill any enemy stragglers near it.

In this on-rails section, try not to miss too many enemies, as you cannot aim behind you, and if you leave too many enemies alive, it is very likely that they will shoot you from behind, incapacitating you, causing you to fall off of of the army truck that you are on, and have to go back to the start/previous checkpoint. Also, don't continuously fire the minigun, because it will overheat, stop firing, and leave you completely defenseless.

As you destroy the first army truck, there will be a second one behind it, which will give chase. Aim the gun to the left, and fire on it mercilessly, to make it explode as well.

You will then come to a road block of two army trucks. Destroy the front one, causing it to explode, and shoot the enemies that don't die from the explosion. It is likely you will take a lot of damage here, but if you manage to kill them, your health will regenerate before the next set of enemies.

You will notice that the second truck that was in the roadblock takes off the down the road. Your driver will then come to a split in the road, and take the left road, which will be completely blocked. As you stop in front of the roadblock the truck that sped off will advance on you from the raised grassy to the right, as well as a couple of enemies. Take care of the truck first by exploding it, and then fire on the enemies as your driver reverses.

As your driver reverses, and then starts to drive down the right-turn at the split, you'll get a checkpoint. Enemies spawn in the tunnel. Take them down. As you come out of the tunnel there will be an enemy on a tower in front and to the right of you (the tower has a large floodlight). Destroy him, and the tower if you wish. Your driver will then reverse to the right, and then speed off to the left.

An RPG shoots over your head so quickly adjust your aim to the tower in front of you, and take down the enemies on top of it. As you go along this road, there will be more towers with large floodlights. Destroy all of them. You don't really need to aim specifically at the enemies, just the top of the towers themselves, as they will collapse under the heavy fire of your army truck's minigun. You will know when a tower has been destroyed because the floodlight will go out.

After you've ran out of road, your driver will drive you onto the airstrip. Shoot the army truck driving in front of you. As you kill this army truck, reach the end of the airstrip, and do a U-turn, you'll get a checkpoint.

As you're driving forward, there will be a tower to your left with a floodlight. Take it out. It should be taken out just as a truck attempts to drive in front of you. As you get closer to the plane, another truck will drive along, towards the plane, on your right. Also, to the left of the plane, there are RPG-shooting enemies in the tower, so try and take down that tower as soon as you can, as they are very accurate and will incapacitate you in one hit.

If you failed to explode the truck that drove towards the plane, when you turn around behind the plane, you'll see that it has stopped. Explode it there, behind the plane. Your next task, as the plane is starting to take off, is to shoot the large engine that is on each wing, closest to the cabin of the plane. Do not shoot the smaller engines with the small propellors as this will have no effect. If you manage to set both engines on fire, the plane will raise into the air, then lose it's speed and crash back down to land. You do not need to have each engine as a huge ball of fire for it to count (graphically, it won't show this anyway). As soon as you see an orange glow coming from the front of the engine, along with smoke, it's disabled.

Your driver will adjust the angle and position of the truck as he parks. You will get a checkpoint here. You will be given a prompt to get off of the back of the army truck that you're on, but don't do that yet. An enemy truck will appear in front of you, and part in front and to the left of you. Shoot it until it explodes. Then get off of the minigun. A second enemy truck will part in front and to the right of you. There are two enemies in that, so select your weapon with Up on the D-Pad, and kill them. Alternatively, stay on the minigun and shoot the second truck as well, if you've not taken much damage.

Your next task is to deal with the plane. Do NOT run into the plane. Instead, focus on the back of the plane (where the 'cargo' door has opened. Use LT to focus on it, and press LB to crouch. Slowly edge to the right. With you crouching, you should be able to see the legs of two of the enemies in the plane whilst they're in their 'idle' coding. You should be able to shoot them without them causing any problems to you at all.

When the enemies in the back of the plane have been dealt with, you will only have one enemy left. He's in the cockpit, with Jenny (Kane's daughter). Stay outside the plane, and just take the chance to shoot him from this diagonal-like angle, which allows you an easy shot to kill him. When he's dead, you'll get the following achievement:

Revenge Part V

Glad it got personal.

Revenge Part V
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

Go inside the plane to see Jenny. It is possible that one more enemy will be inside, hiding behind boxes on the left, so beware of this. Jenny and Kane will have a cutscene together. You now find out why this chapter's title is 'Choice'. Go up the wooden stairway to the helicopter. You have a choice to either save your crew, or leave on the helicopter with Jenny. We're going to do both. Get on the helicopter with Jenny and the moment that the cutscene starts, and the following achievement pops, press Start and restart the checkpoint:

Damned if you do

Let them burn.

Damned if you do
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

Pressing Start and restarting the checkpoint will put you back to where your army truck stopped behind the crashed plane, which is much better than having to replay the whole level again! Go through the 'Saving Jenny' section again, and this time, go with Lynch when it's time to the choice. The chapter will now end.

Chapter 16: Consequence

After the opening cutscene ends, you'll find yourself on the edge of a small village on fire in various places. Press Up on your D-Pad so that you have your primary weapon selected. Move down the small wooden stairs, which are located just to the right of the small, burning building at your feet, and then start moving up the road. You'll see an RPG get fired in the direction of the church on top of the hill. Just around the corner, an enemy will climb on the back of a truck into the minigun position. Take him out. Another enemy will run from the right to the left. Shoot him as well.

Move forward slightly, and you will see a third enemy in a doorway that is glowing with unseen fire. A lot of enemies will now spawn in front of you, but should be easy to kill with your current primary weapon. Do not go through the doorway that the enemies have come out. Instead, move around to the left side, as this gives us a little more cover for the enemies ahead. You'll see the opening on the right as you go to the left, so shoot any enemies you can see through it.

Before moving forward, look up to the church, and then look to the right of the church. You will see some gravestones. You will also notice that there are some enemy figures in the graveyard. Shoot them from where you are, and because your weapon is so accurate, you should be able to get a few kills. You are purposefully getting these enemies out of their 'idle' state early so they do not swamp you when you move up the stairs shortly. Some enemies should come down the stairs and run towards you, letting you and Lynch kill them with ease.

Once you've killed as many enemies that you can, go right back to the start of the level to where the first two enemies were (where the RPG was fired to the church. This time, instead of going left at the truck, go right. Work your way along the path, and kill any enemies that you see. You will see an opening to the left, and if it's safe, look through whilst in cover, and take out any enemies you see on or around the truck. Once they're taken care of, continue to the right, along the path.

There will be a gap in a wooden fence. Go through it, and be aware that there are a lot of enemies in the following area, including a gunner on the back of a truck. Slowly fight your way through this area, taking out as many enemies as you can. Always play safe and defensively on this section, as there's no checkpoint in this entire village until we reach the church. Make sure to blow up every truck on your way to the church.

As you fight your way through, you'll need to eventually go between two tail white walls. Just ahead of this opening will be another truck with lit headlights, so play defensively here, too, take out the gunner, and then take out any enemy you see in this area. Do not rush in, because there are many enemies ahead that have a clear shot at you. There are normally a couple of enemies in the direction that the headlights of the truck are pointing, behind the rock to the left, so take care of them.

Continue moving up the rocky path to the church that's ahead and to the left. Note that there are other enemies on the path so go slowly, and take them out when you see them.

It is very possible there are still enemies in the graveyard (which is now to your left) as you go up the rocky pathway, so be extremely aware of this, go slow, and if you hear bullets going off, instantly move back down the path for safety, and try to get shots off at them. You could also press Y button to try and get Lynch to lure any enemies out, or rapidly press Y over different parts of the graveyard to see if the order attaches to any enemy. If it does, that enemy is bound to move, allowing you to see him, and kill him with Lynch.

When all of the enemies in the graveyard are dead, go up to the church doors for a cutscene. The moment that the cutscene starts, you'll get an unannounced checkpoint.

After the cutscene, a lot of enemies will spawn in the graveyard, despite us having just cleared it out. A lot of them will rush towards the bottom of the stairs that you just climbed up, so as soon as the cutscene ends, hold your grenade for about two dots (two dots on the grenade-throwing reticule) and throw it at the bottom of the stairs. With any luck, you'll get 5 or 6 kills with it. If you don't get at least 5 kills with it on your first try, just reload the checkpoint. Getting 5 or more kills with the one grenade will unlock the following achievement:

Frag Out

5 with one fragmentation grenade.

Frag Out
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

Now you need to defend yourself, your crew, and your daughter, so kill as many enemies as you can. When they're all dead, move away from the church door, and look down at the village below. In the distance, you can see a boat near a dock. That's where we need to go next. You will see that unfortunately, all of the enemies of the village have respawned, due the exceptionally poor coding in the game, despite us having completely cleared the village entirely. Use your weapons to shoot the two trucks (which you should have also destroyed before) and make them explode. We are going to take the easier route instead of the longer route.

Very soon, Jenny will become incapacitated. This is a scripted event, and unavoidable. You now need to get Lynch to take down the majority of the enemies as you can now only fire your pistol, which cannot be aimed with LT, as you're carrying Jenny. Look at the bottom of the stairs, right in front of the church, to the right of the graveyard. You should see a lot of enemies waiting at the bottom. Take them down with your pistol (if you're carrying Jenny) and Lynch as quickly as possible.

As you get to the bottom of the stairs, go forward and to the right, through the archway where we shot at enemies in the graveyard before. Make sure that Lynch is near you at all times with the X button during this final section. If you managed to destroy the truck when you were looking down at the village from the church, there should only be one or two enemies here, so get Lynch to kill them, then move forward past the truck, and take a left turn. Again, keep Lynch close to you at all times.

Move through this 'alley' and there should be about three enemies ahead of you. One will mostly be in front of an opening on your right. The other two will be further ahead, hidden behind cover, on the left. Use Lynch to take out the first enemy, and then send him to take out the enemy at the back. Whilst he's doing this, you should be able to take out the other enemy with your pistol. Once they're dead, call Lynch back so he's close to you, and go through the opening to the right. You'll see you're right at the start of the dock.

Use the B button to send Lynch onto the dock first, just in case an enemy has made it's way on to the dock. Keep sending Lynch forward to the end of the dock, with you following behind. You'll get a cutscene with Lynch, Kane, and Jenny getting onto the boat, and Lynch getting shot. After the cutscene ends, you will get the following achievement:

Damned if you don't

No rest for the wicked.

Damned if you don't
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

If you completed this playthrough on Hard/Morphine difficulty, you will also get the following achievement:

Iron Flower

Complete the game on hard.

Iron Flower
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

You will also get the following gamerpic:

Gamerpic for Campaign Completion

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