4. Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Campaign Mop-Up

There are eight achievements remaining for campaign mode, and they have to be done in local co-op, as Kane & Lynch does not have online co-op across Live.

You want to make sure that when you're playing co-op, the person that has had all of the achievements so far (in single player) plays as Lynch. To do this, they need to be signed into a second controller, instead of the primary controller. On the first controller, have either your co-op partner's account signed in, or just a 'local' account (an account that is not connected to Live or has any other Live account information on it).

For the next instructions, if you are playing with a co-op partner who has his/her own account, ignore the following statements. If I tell you to do something with the 'local' account, do it with the co-op partner's account.

You can make a 'local' account by selecting 'Create Profile' in the guide button on the primary controller, and when it asks if you want it to become a Live account, decline. Make sure that both accounts are signed in (your main account signed into Live, the 'local' account just signed into the Xbox 360). For simplicity, I named the 'local' account "Player 2"

With the 'local' account, click A over the game icon on the dashboard to start the game. The game will load up, and when it asks you to press the start button, press the start button on the controller being used by the 'local' account. It will say on the screen, "Player 2 as KANE".

Note that if you did not name the 'local' account 'Player 2', 'Player 2' in the above statement on the game screen will be replaced by whatever you named the local account.

Now, click for the 'Story', and you'll come onto the chapter select screen.

If you are playing with a co-op partner right from the start of the game, the game's difficulty will need to be set as Morphine. If you are attempting to go through Co-op by yourself with two controllers, or with a friend who does not have their own account, where they'd be using the 'local' account (and you've already played the story on Morphine difficulty in Single Player), set the difficulty to 'Aspirin'.

The second option will say 'Single'. Change it to Co-op, and press A. The game will tell you to press the Start button on the controller that will be playing as Lynch. This should be the controller that has your main, achievement-earning account signed in. It will then ask for you to select the storage device where the save file for the main account is located. The game will then start the first chapter in co-op. Kane (Player 2/your friend's account) will be on the left side of the screen. Lynch (your main achievement-earning account) will be on the right side of the screen. This remains constant for the entirety of the game.

Chapter 1: Impact (Co-op)

Follow the single-player walkthrough for this chapter. When you have completed the first chapter, "Impact", both players will get the following achievement:

Fragile Alliance

Complete the first level in co-op.

Fragile Alliance
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Chapter 2: Trial (Co-op)

This chapter, we'll be getting an achievement for the main player of this game, who's playing as Lynch. The achievement requires that the player takes no damage during a chapter.

Continue through the level in co-op until you're told to go upstairs and get onto some construction scaffolding, where you can rappel down. Do not rappel down, under any circumstances. You'll get a cutscene, where enemies will come into the mall from one of the entrances, on the ground floor.

Please look at the map below. If you can't see the image at full size, right click the image, click 'Properties', and copy the Address (URL). Open up a new tab in your browser, and paste the link into it, to see the full size image:

Teflon Achievement Map

After the cutscene mentioned above, get Kane & Lynch into the positions described above, and then have Kane fire at the enemies on the ground floor. Enemies should run up the stairs that Kane is in front of. Kill them, and then quickly have Kane go to the top of the other stairs (to your left) to cut off any more enemies coming up. At all times, enemies will be firing at Kane and Lynch from the ground floor, but because Lynch is hidden behind that pillar, he won't be hit. Slowly go down the stairs with Kane, taking down as many enemies as possible.

On the floor below (one floor above the ground/bottom floor), go around the floor anti-clockwise, and you should see some enemies hiding behind some large insulation packages. Take them down, and continue going around the floor to make sure there are no enemies on this floor. Then move down to the ground/bottom floor.

As you're moving down to the bottom floor, by using the stairs, a minimum of three enemies will come in from one of the entrances. They have strong weaponry, so make sure you take them down quickly with your primary/automatic weapon. When you are sure all enemies are dead, move over to the exit on the ground/bottom floor (it's a small single gate that is open), and get Lynch there with you. Only do this when you are sure all enemies are dead. When you're both there, the following achievement will pop for Lynch (the main account earning achievements), and the chapter will end:


Avoid damage on a level.

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Chapter 3: Withdrawal (Co-op)

Follow the single-player walkthrough for this chapter until the point where Kane & Lynch split up, where Kane goes down to the vault with the Vaultbreaker, and Lynch goes up to the lobby where all of the bank's civilians are asleep from the gas put into the ventilation.

As Kane is working his way down to the vault, Lynch will hear police cars approaching outside. After Kane & the Vaultbreaker get into the vault, Lynch will start hallucinating. You can tell this is happening because the screen with Lynch will seem a little whiter/brighter, and it'll look slightly distorted, like looking through unlit gas. Lynch will also see the civilians as police officers, some wearing animal masks.

Your task now, whilst Lynch is hallucinating, is to kill all civilians around you, as well as all police officers that come through the front doors of the bank. Once all are dead (or even before all are dead), the following achievement will pop:


Make the most of Lynch's condition.

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Chapter 4: Cracking Up (Co-op)

Follow the single-player walkthrough for this chapter. Have Lynch get most of the kills with his shotgun, and you should be able to get the following achievement:


Shotgun messiah.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeCumulative +

Whilst playing, try and get Kane to incapacitate an enemy. If you see an enemy down, get Lynch with his shotgun, and move close to him whilst he's still moving about on the ground. Aim at his head, and get a headshot with the shotgun whilst the enemy is incapacitated. This will unlock the following achievement:

By the Grace of...

Lynch puts them out of their misery.

By the Grace of...
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Chapter 5: Mizuki (Co-op)

Follow the single-player walkthrough for this chapter. After this chapter is complete, you'll get the following achievement:

No Going Back Now

Go to the point of no return in co-op.

No Going Back Now
2 guidesOffline Game ModeCooperativeMain Storyline

Note that the above achievement will not pop if you have used chapter select to play this achievement. You must have played and completed all chapters in co-op before this chapter.

Chapter 6: Exchange (Co-op)

Follow the single-player walkthrough for this chapter until Kane reaches the wooden building in the middle of the large bridge. When the two snipers appear, Lynch needs to kill both of them within 7 seconds of the end of the cutscene before they appear. The two snipers will be at Lynch's 8 o'clock and 2 o'clock, on the raised highway. If you manage to do this, the following achievement will pop:


Lynch reacts fast at the Exchange.

1 guideOffline Game ModeCooperativeTime/Date

Continue following the single-player walkthrough until the end of the chapter.

Chapter 7: Reunion (Co-op)

Follow the single-player walkthrough for this chapter. Have the person playing as Kane continue shooting people near the grave whilst Lynch goes after the big dump truck's driver.

Chapter 8: Breakout (Co-op)

Follow the single-player walkthrough for this chapter.

Chapter 9: Retomoto Tower (Co-op)

Follow the single-player walkthrough for this chapter, however, whilst in co-op, you do not need to send your troops down to kill everyone, as you already have that achievement. Follow the route in the single-player walkthrough, and work with your crew to shoot enemy threats, instead of having your crew take everyone out.

Chapter 10: Tokyo Streets (Co-op)

Follow the single-player walkthrough for this chapter.

Chapter 11: Freedom Fighters (Co-op)

Follow the single-player walkthrough for this chapter.

Chapter 12: El Capitol (Co-op)

Follow the single-player walkthrough for this chapter.

Chapter 13: Bird's Eye View (Co-op)

Follow the single-player walkthrough for this chapter.

Chapter 14: Within the Walls (Co-op)

Follow the single-player walkthrough for this chapter.

Chapter 15: Choice (Co-op)

Follow the single-player walkthrough for this chapter.

Chapter 16: Consequence (Co-op)

Follow the single-player walkthrough for this chapter. After this chapter is complete, both players will get the following achievement:

End of the Road

Complete the game in co-op.

End of the Road
2 guidesOffline Game ModeCooperativeMain Storyline

Now campaign is 100% complete, let's move onto multiplayer...

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