5. Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Fragile Alliance - True Elite & Celebrity

First, I'll explain what the requirements are for these two achievements to unlock.

To get these two achievements, you must be placed #1 (True Elite) and #2 (Celebrity) on the Trueskill Rank overall leaderboard. Then, whilst you're still #1 or #2, you must play a game of Fragile Alliance. The moment you're in the game, and can move your character, the achievement will unlock. If you get to #1 without hitting #2, True Elite will unlock, but Celebrity won't; i.e. these two achievements are not stackable.

There are multiple ways to boost these two achievements; However, all methods require the use of multiple accounts/dummy accounts.

On October 1st 2013, at precisely 2:21pm GMT, the leaderboards were reset for all three versions of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men; the international 360 version, the PC version, and the Japanese 360 version.

Over the following ten days, the two above achievements in the international 360 version were given to over 115 people by a method that I call 'chain-ladder boosting', or more simply, 'Chaining'.

'Chaining' basically involves having multiple accounts, and using them to increase your Trueskill Ranking before you actually play a multiplayer game with your main account.

The method that was used to get over 115 people the achievements required the boosting group to play 5-player games.

The following image explains exactly what needs to be done:

How to boost K&L Leaderboard achievements

Also, if you can't see the image at full size, right click the image, click 'Properties', and copy the Address (URL). Open up a new tab in your browser, and paste the link into it, to see the full size image. Note that the above image assumes that the accounts you are going to be using have NEVER played a multiplayer game of Fragile Alliance. They need to be 'clean' accounts, i.e. have never played Fragile Alliance at all. Only when a dummy/secondary account is in 1st place on the leaderboard do you bring in your main account to get the '1st place' job. If you follow the instructions in the above image exactly, you will eventually get the following achievements:

True Elite

Play as Kane in Fragile Alliance.

True Elite
3 guidesOnline Game ModeVersusOnline SkillPlayers Required


Play as Lynch in Fragile Alliance.

3 guidesOnline Game ModeVersusOnline SkillPlayers Required

Good luck!

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