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3 years after the release of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men we return to the story of "Gamings Most Notorious Criminals."Last time we saw Marcus Kane as the games main Protagonist,trying to return a fortune in order to save his wife and daughter,while being accompinied by the self-medicated psychopath Lynch.The first game was cut down early by a lot of critics after one certain reviewer got fired for giving the game a bad review.But here we are to see if Kane & Lynch can climb out of the rubble to redeem themselves in this updated 3rd Person Shooter.

This time around its Lynch calling the shots,he has settled down in Shanghai,works for a crime boss(Glazer),has a girlfriend(Xiu) ,and has got his problems under control.Lynch's boss is involved in a large arms deal and Lynch knows someone that would come in hand for a job like that.Without giving much away Lynch calls Kane to help him in the arms deal,Kane comes out to Shanghai for the money and as we know when these two mix everything goes to hell and transforms the game from a simple job into a mad chase through the streets of Shanghai.The characters are both unique and not the same super soldier you see every day.With influences from movies such as Heat and Collateral it is a Crime Drama Fans delight.The only down points with the Story are how short it is.One play-through on Easy may take you only 3 hours and 10 minutes to complete,but with 4 difficulties and online co-op it makes up for it with replayability.

You know that sticky cover system from Dead Men?Well its gone and we are presented with a much needed GoW style cover system.The game acts like most cover based 3rd person shooters,take cover,kill move forward.What saves it from being a boring experience are the A.I. as they will try to flank you and will not hesitate to rush you if your too close for comfort.A new Human Shield system sadly replaces the instant kill push blade attacks from Dead Men but give you the chance to gain some emergency cover or just blow the guys brains out.As long as i'm talking about things being replaced I will mention the lack of grenades,and their replacements.You will now be picking up,throwing,and shooting fire extinguishers and gas cans for that desired explosion.Take note that at anytime a quick press on the down portion of you d-pad will show you where any guns around from dead enemies are and any of those new thrown explosives are.

Youtube+COPS=Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days graphics.Ok well this is kind of a general statement but thats truly the feeling you get from this games visuals.With a grain filter and shaky cam it really feels like a modern internet over the shoulder camera documentary.One really cool feature of this are the mosaic censor effects,for example a enemy comes up to you and you blast him in the head with a shot gun you expect some gore but instead your treated to a mosaic censor of what might still be his head.This style really adds to the gritty feel of the game,making you wonder how bad it must look.Lighting effects are reminiscent of COPS with police lights streaming vertically and tv screens looking as if though you recorded them with a camera when you look their way.(though there have been reports of the game freezing for a few seconds with a close up shotgun after a few hours of gameplay,video has been sent to the Developers and they are working on a solution)

Fragile Alliance returns in Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days and it is better than ever.If your not familiar with FA's rules I shall refresh you.You start out on map(called heists)There are 8 players in a match and your goal is to steal $4,000,000 and get to the getaway vehicle before the time runs out while gunning through AI cops and goons.Money you escape with each round can be used to purchase better weapons that you have unlocked.The catch is you all split the cash,unless you get a little greedy and decide to off a teammate for his share of the loot.This marks you as a traitor and others can kill you without worry of becoming scum like yourself.Don't worry though if someone goes traitor on you,you have a second chance.Thats right any player that dies will respawn as a cop with the chance to kill the team he was once on and get 10% of whatever he picks up.A variation of this mode is called Undercover Cop,its the same idea except one of you is randomly chosen as the Undercover Cop.His goal is to kill all criminals and get away with it,the UC will also not become a traitor when he kills a criminal adding to the intense atmosphere.The 3rd game mode Cops & Robbers is K&L2's take on standard Team Death Match with a team of Cops and a Team of Robbers both trying to get the most cash.There is also a Bot Match style game mode(Arcade Mode)where you play alone with a team of AI controlled bots against increasingly hard rounds.One big problem rears its ugly head out time to time and thats the lack of Host Migration,at any time if the host is losing and cant handle that he can just leave and cheat you out of any EXP.

My Verdict-
If you enjoy a fast paced action,crime drama,and two deep characters then this is the game for you.Problems do show up such as the campaigns freezing and no host migration but its awesome title that goes away from the mundane FPS's we play too much and shows us two guys in a struggle bigger than themselves.

Final Verdict-9.1
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Posted on 22 August 10 at 11:21, Edited on 22 August 10 at 16:43
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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, the second outing for the two flawed physcos. This game has had the strangest review scores, from Destructoids 1/10 to the Official Xbox Magazines 9/10. I understand many people (Once including me) didnt know where to stand with this game, so i taken a chance and bought it.

The story follows Kane and Lynch, two maniacs. Kane, the ex mercenary turned to crime and Lynch, the balding skitzophrenic. Theyre not neccesarily deep, they may be forgettable but they are very interesting people. The game starts with Lynch, making a new life for himself with his girlfriend 'Xou' in Shanghai, Hes let all his criminal past behind but hes agreed to do one last job with his ex-counterpart Kane, Kane flies to Shanghai and together they are going to do a quick deal, one last job to make themselves some money and forget about their criminal pasts and start new lives with the money earned. But, something goes wrong, and every gun in Shanghai is pointing toward them, they are being hunted mercilessley by Shanghais finest, they need to get the deal done and get out of Shanghai.

I completed the game in roughly 5 or so hours and whilst that may seem short, those were 5 action packed hours. kane and Lynch is a good solid third person shooter. The cover system whilst receiving many complaints works really well, its no Gears but it certainly does its job. The feeling of taking cover and hearing bullets whizz past your head and hit with decimating force really does make you feel like every second counts. Its not great, but it does its job better than most third person shooters.

The shooting, the bread and butter of the game also works relatively well, guns have that ooomph and 'ting' as they bounce off metal and walls all around you. But some guns sound ridiculously week, there is a shotgun in the game that sounds like a pea-shooter when shot but its one of the strongest guns on the game. There isnt really any major problems with the shooting as a whole, just what you would expect from a third person shooter. There are plenty of guns to choose from ranging from small pistols to massive light machine guns, they all do their part. one strange thing about the combat in Kane and Lynch is the fact theres no grenades, its a minor gripe but theres many times i wish i could have just thrown a frag grenade to clear a room full of enemies. But thats not a huge problem, regularly in the game you will come across gas cannisters, you pick them up and throw them at a group of enemies, when its almost home, you can shoot it whilst its in mid air to give a huge blast to the poor buggers. Sometimes these can actually be more fun that grenades. Sometimes.

The graphics of kane & Lynch, the big gimmick. IO Interactive seem to be proud about this, the game has taken great inspiration from the Youtube generation and the ameteur video footage you see all over the internet, the camera is grainy and very wobbly. This actually works really well, it gives the look of a cameraman following Kane and Lynch and it really adds to the gritty gangster underworld tone that this game sets so well. When you run, the camera shakes vigorously and it can be quite annoying to some and it can even make people dizzy. But in the options menu there is an option named 'Steady Cam' and once turned off it steadies the camera right down to a regular videogames pace, it still feels like a cameraman, but its not as dizzying, this is a great option.

Overall, its a fun solid shooter, the single player is a Guy Ritchie movie from start to finish and the Online Multiplayer will add many hours onto your total. Co-op is fun with a friend and the online modes really test your skills. Its a good game, if your looking for single-player alone then rent it, because you will be done with it in about 5 hours or 8 if you replay the game on Extreme. But if your looking to play this with a few friends i would reccomend it greatly, its a good buy andd you will be playing it for a while.

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Posted on 26 October 10 at 10:13
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Kane and Lynch (the original) was a game which was the digital equivalent of Marmite. Some loved it, some hated it. Either way, the developers listened to their critics and promised that they believed they had a solid potential for another outing of Kane and Lynch (now aged somewhat) in a sequel entitled 'Dog Days'.

The new approach consisted of tightening up the gameplay mechanics, such as shooting, writing a stronger story and pulling their socks up presentation wise, aiming for the current 'grainy Youtube' footage trend.

With regards to the latter, IO Interactive succeeded. The presentation is nice, it feels kind of edgy in an appropriate way, and adds an atmosphere to the game which makes you feel like a fly on the wall in cut scenes. This may not be to everyone's tastes though, and you'll be out of luck because this extends through the full game. Loading screens 'buffer', head-shots are pixelated, lighting flares across the screen in a big way and the darkness is grainy and gritty,

However, with regard to the first two points, Kane and Lynch fail horribly. The gameplay mechanics are fundamentally flawed. Ducking for cover and trying to aim for example, can sometimes cause the camera to spasm when it doesn't know whether to 'lock' over your right or left shoulder. The result, you can't get your shots off even though you can see the enemy plain as anything. The other problem? Shooting is woeful when you are on target.

Lining up the cross hairs and firing a controlled burst of three rounds from your rifle, from a stationary crouched position causes you to miss 95% of the time. I don't know what Kane and Lynch are loading into their guns, but they seem to be firing blanks most the time as you have to stand in a guys face for a hit to register and then fire around forty of the blasted things to get a kill. Combine this with dramatically over programming the recoil on a gun and it makes the numerous long range shoot outs, boring, annoying, and very very long winded.

Conversely the enemy can hit you 98% of the time from a mile away without issue, even on Medium difficulty. And the best bit? They often seem to be able to do it whilst you're in cover. Ducking down behind a concrete block is no guarantee of safety. Every so often a stray bullet will apparently bend time and space around itself to find a way into your body causing a lot of confusion as you hunker down waiting for a gap in the fire to pop your head up and spray wildly into the scenery like a blind man with weak arms.

Now we move on to the story, which is quite frankly, one of the worst I've ever encountered in a game which takes itself seriously, and claims to be a story based shooter. The game starts off with all guns blazing, before careening off at all tangents, still with all guns blazing. There is no character development, no sense of friendship or indeed even knowing who Kane and Lynch are (meaning you don't care if your mate gets shot up, but then it's OK because the AI can't die... at all), despite this rich history they share. Things carry on at a million miiles an hour with a twist thrown in (except you don't care as the character was never developed and you only see him three times in the whole game), and mid gun battle, after a tenuous cut scene, the credits roll.

Redeeming features? Well, Fragile Alliance is back as a multiplayer mode (and a single player Arcade Mode), which was one of the best aspects of the first game, along with a couple of new modes. However, the online community is more or less dead unless you want to play the signature online mode (Fragile Alliance) so the achievements for racking up twenty wins in a dead multiplayer mode are either unobtainable, or in need of some boosting.

Aside from that, it really is a poor, poor game. Perhaps worst the the first in many ways which I didn't think would happen with the way their return was being trumpeted and plugged.

Rent it. Just don't buy it.
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Posted on 28 March 11 at 02:40
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Don't let any of these reviews mislead you into thinking this game is anything but a steaming pile of dog poo. That being said I actually enjoyed playing through this god awful game. Why so contradictory? I sat down with a good buddy and a fridge full of booze to slog through the coop campaign this weekend.

Playing this game reminded me of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The only enjoyment this game could possibly bring is through the communal act of ridiculing its failure. My partner and I chose to suffer through extreme mode and had a blast even though playing this game solo must be equivalent to smashing yourself in the groin repeatedly with a nightstick.

Me: "Hey look at this catwalk that M.C. Escher would have trouble drawing!"

Friend: "I can't! I'm too busy looking over my character's bald spot to snipe a dude with my shotgun while he dances about his buggy pathing out in the open."

Shotguns are super accurate and can be used to snipe to greater success than the various machine guns up to medium range.

I'm not even sure it qualifies as a game. It more closely resembles some kind of interactive movie hybrid. There are no loots, no points, no power ups, no inventory screens. There are guns, crosshairs and flailing bodies to shoot. That's about it. Otherwise you're traveling along the rails of a terribly distorted youtube video train shot from the perspective of a trippy leprechaun perched on the shoulder of your respective addict avatar.

The dialogue was short of inspiring. One of my favorite moments:

Kane: "Shhhhh. Quiet!"

Lynch: "FUUUUUCK!"

In fact every third word of dialogue happens to be the wondrous word, "FUCK."

The worst aspect of this game by far is its cover-based combat ala Gears of War. Going into cover is actually the surest way to be murdered on the spot. Instead it is vastly more effective to stand or crouch behind the environment, without pressing A to "go into cover" and peek around corners to pick off your enemies by shooting the pixels of a stray elbow, helmet or foot that happen to be hanging out.

I would give this game one star but I can appreciate the attempt to utilize an original aesthetic and provide a coop campaign experience. The result just happens to look terrible and could make you ill if you play for long periods without enabling steadycam.
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Rice Reap3r
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Rice Reap3r
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Posted on 03 October 10 at 21:38
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Well this is my first review, well first since our loss of server data, and I see that no-one has yet to post a review. If you have a problem, comment, and I'll change something.

Here goes.

I have extremly mixed feelings about this game. So much that, I want to play it, But can't seem to sit down long enough to get into it.

Being a big fan of the first game, and its online counterpart, I was VERY excited to see, Kane and Lynch 2 for 30 bucks at Futureshop. Bought it in a second, But one thing really bugged me. A friend said, the view is really weird, Its like your playing through an old VCR tape or something. While I didnt understand at first, It soon became clear.

The ENTIRE game, is played through a sort of, Documentary style view, Sort of like Cloverfield the movie. At first I thought, Hey this is interesting, then it soon became clear, While its interesting. It hinders your gameplay big time. When you run, the game gets fuzzy, and the camera shakes. Making it 100% impossible for any kind of run and gun, and thats the worst thing about the game. It's like an inept camera man does all the shooting for this game, and you have to play from HIS view. It worked for Cloverfield, It ruined this game.

Multiplayer is about the same. The maps are short, and uninteresting. In the first game you would need to transverse more terrerin, to reach your objective. The maps in Kane and Lynch 2, are over in 2 minutes or less.

Thats about all there is to say about this game. Its bland, Disappointing, and offers no gameplay value to the people striving for third person game that isnt gears of war.

2/5 at best.
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Posted on 12 September 12 at 00:45, Edited on 17 September 12 at 14:15
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I originally wrote this review on Feb 28th 2012 and posted it on gamespot this year but I am moving it onto TA along with all my other reviews. Apologies if its not up to standard but I hope it puts across a picture of the game.

Kane and lynch dead men was a tactical 3rd person shooter in a small regard as you could actually command your AI partners to other locations etc. The sequel dog days not only throws this out the window but never even mentions its predecessor apart from a brief line of dialogue during a mission.

Now the game itself is not necesarily bad its just dull in most ways the gameplay literally consists of corridor shooting in random grey environments in Shanghai. They are detailed mind you but they are still rather boring in that regard. The game does seem to make the effort in varying what grey corridor you fight in next but its all the same really gameplay wise, hide behind cover and shoot the dudes without dying. Its that simple. The graphics are fine and quite detailed in places but grey in the others the game does its job there, its just a shame its presented as if a teenager were filming it on his iPhone because the image quality is deliberately bad which I am not sure if they are meant to be proud of or not because they damn well succeeded making it look bad.

The story itself is actually uninspired compared to the original, it was the story of a flawed man trying to gain the respect of his daughter and deal with some enemies from his past called the 7 who were going to kill him at some point anyway so we knew how screwed the character actually was.

Dog days however is a case of you accidentally kill the daughter of the most powerful man in the city and you go on the run killing everybody in your way......so its more of a rampage really not an escape. But your always running to somewhere in this game so you do get the feeling of trying to get somewhere it just never really comes. The story itself is a letdown but if you ever just want to kill stuff for no real reason then this games storymode will definantly satisfy your need to kill things.

The game itself is playable especially if your turn the shaky camera off in the options menu which many people failed to do it seems. Gameplay wise its another third person corridor shooter at least in the main story anyway. The cover system seems to decide when it wants to work which is usually never! I wish this was an exaggeration its actually easier to aim your gun and move behind cover than actually use the cover system. And this makes me wonder why people complain about gears of war.

There are alot of weapons to use in the game but sadly most of them handle the same and alot of the earlier weapons take quite alot of shots to actually kill somebody that's right a normal pistol takes several shots to the chest to actually take an enemy out. And the shotguns are more accurate than the submachine guns which surprised me they are like sniper rifles compared but at least they don't pull the crap most games try by making shotguns only be accurate at 5metres at most! So that's a point in its favor from me. Its just a bit sad that the actual sniper rifles are less accurate than the shotguns.......once again I wish this was a lie.

No it seems this is another game where the multiplayer is where it truly shines because its not the gameplay that makes it fun but the actual situation you find yourself in when your mixed with a bunch of randoms online who are just as insane as you are if not worse. And your stuck planning out whether your going to be professional and carry out the heist or go nuts on your team mates and teabag what remains of them!

Multiplayer is divided into 3 modes. Fragile alliance which is a team of mercs rob a bank or a truck etc and have to escape with as much loot as possible but you are never truly working together. If you escape together you share the swag. But if somebody goes for the role of the betrayer they will keep all their money if they escape, so watch out for your allies as they may have their cross-hairs pointed right at your skull. If you die though the opportunity for revenge is around as you can come back as the a police SWAT team member who are trying to stop you anyway and getting the guy who killed you back brings such feelings of joy that you think you may need to see a doctor. Thankfully there is alot of reward for being loyal or being the scum bag so games are often different which is very good if you actually survived a round of the insanity!

The next mode is undercover cop which is the same mode again but one of you is selected at random to be the cop and this causes such paranoia that its not even funny because you know there is always a betrayer and he will come for you because he has no other choice, its actually rather fun and nerve racking which is quite an achievement for this game if you ask me.

The final multi-player mode is cops and robbers a basic team deathmatch scenario the robbers have to rob everything from the heist and the cops need to gun them down, its probably the most dull mode but its a nice basic match thrown in for people who don't want to suspect their allies of planning to murder them every 2seconds. Consider it a less stressful and more basic mode.

Also there is arcade mode which is literally fragile alliance but with bots, its good practise and there are some achievements for it which are good to go for. The main point though is to get the best score on the leaderboards which is harder than it sounds so its a good challenge to go for.........if you care enough.

In conclusion Kane and Lynch 2 dog days isn't a bad game its just uninspired with the odd good idea mixed into the multiplayer, the first game at least made an effort and had a good story that actually drew emotion from the player if they weren't insane. This games only emotion is triggered when you are carrying $2million in multiplayer and your scared that your team mates want a bigger slice of the swag pie you just stole. My advice when you have that much loot is to RUN!
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Sonic Sleuth
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Sonic Sleuth
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Posted on 18 April 11 at 05:19
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Having never played the first Kane & Lynch game, I really had no idea what to expect in the second game. But after seeing Sonic Sleuth get gut-blasted repeatedly at E3's massive Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days display, I was ready to check it out. It’s a third person behind-the-back shooter and I have developed into quite the third person shooter guy, so I was on board for some co-op action. After about the first ten minutes of the "being-chased-by-a-guy-that-was-recently-bitten-by-a-large-pitbull" action camera I wasn’t quite sure if I was playing a premier next-gen title... or watching a film school project shot entirely on an iPhone 3GS. We almost threw in the towel with the nausea-inducing shaky cam, but after turning off the camera jiggle, Sonic Sleuth and I thought we were in for a good gaming experience.

Being in the business, I knew the reputation the first game had... plagued with problems, dodgy controls, and a storyline that falls apart midway through the game. Thankfully, I didn’t experience any of these things with the sequel. It controlled quite well, had a very interesting storyline throughout, and I didn’t see really anything that made it terrible… at least not for the first few levels. That was the point I started to notice that we were in a third person "Call of Duty" type game. In order to clear a level we had to keep pushing forward and there was a never ending supply of evil Chinese hired guns out to kill our anti-heroes. (You mean a spawn shop? -Ed.) There's at least a possibility of realism when you're fighting an army, whether it be the Vietcong or the Taliban, but the amount of people to kill in this game is absurd. Let me put it this way: China used to be the most populous nation in the world, until Kane & Lynch 2.

Kane & Lynch 2 is essentially a Gears of War clone set in the scumbag-infested Chinese underground, and like Gears of War, it's best played as a co-op game. Like Gears of War, this game is wholesale slaughter, start to finish. In the four hours or so it takes to complete the campaign you will slaughter so many people you might have trouble sleeping at night. The You want blood? achievement/trophy is unlocked after slaying a Total Recall-esque 1000 people in campaign mode. There are also some interesting skill based achievements. When you get shot up, your character (Kane or Lynch depending on who you choose) falls to the ground like a bag of dirt. While incapacitated, killing five guys before you die or are patched up by your other half will pop the Mexican Showoff achievement/trophy.

The levels feature a wide range of environments, from a busy highway (complete with driving cars that will kill you) to Chinese offices and back alleys, and all over an airport. There's a lot to do and see in a relatively fast-moving game, but nothing will prepare you for one particular level. (Spoiler ahead!) In what could only be explained as disturbing, you and your compatriot run through an entire level completely naked… in the rain… after being sliced up like a Christmas ham. I can honestly say in all my years as a gamer (and that goes back a lot of years) I have never played through a level in third person as a naked forty-something year old man... thankfully. The inventiveness of the levels is one of the game's strong points - shooting up a skyscraper from a helicopter and leveling a perfectly good Chinese restaurant were highlights.

The multiplayer game had some potential to shine, with lots of "cops and robbers" variants. The robbers’ job is to grab as much cash as possible and then head for getaway vehicles while the cops try to gun them all down in the process. In a nice twist, robbers can loot cash and make a run for it or shoot down all their buddies, steal their cash, and hop in a getaway car. If you decide to take the path of least resistance an betray your friends, you're marked a traitor and became cannon fodder for the other cons trying to get out with the cash. This made for some interesting strategy when it came to trying to get out of the map with the most cash... take out your buddies too soon, and the cops will get you. Wait too long, your take is smaller or you get popped by another con man.

In what I consider one of the most original features of any online game, Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days tracks your tendency to ice your buddies and steal the loot game to game. So when you enter the multiplayer lobby, you can identify those likely to betray you based on how many times they've done so in the past. Multiplayer was a fun, but a nightmare when it came to playing with friends. Not since Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit has there been a less useful player matching system. There is no way to form a team and enter the match together, so in order to play with your friends it becomes more of a crap shoot than a fun online experience. For literally thirty minutes I heard Sonic in my headset saying, “Okay, 3…2…1… hit join! Crap, you aren’t in here. Okay, exit out and let’s try again.” Good times.

In all honesty, I “officially” didn’t finish this game. I played through the entire game, in co-op mode. But unfortunately the game froze at one point. I didn’t think much of it, just rebooted and joined back up in co-op mode. While the credits were rolling I noticed I was not getting the achievements that my co-op buddy was getting. Going back through the levels I discerned I had received no credit for any of the levels after the lock up... and that was the end of Dog Days for me. I was so annoyed that I couldn’t fathom playing the last four levels again and Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days was shelved, never to be played again.

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Kane and Lynch 2:Dog Days is a third person shooter developed by IO Interactive and published by Eidos Interactive. Kane and Lynch 2 is the sequel to the critically hated Kane and Lynch:Dead Men. Kane and Lynch 2 is a game that I wanted to play even knowing how bad the first one was. It was promised that many improvements have been made over the first game. This maybe true since I have not played Dead Men at the time of writing this, but if things have been improved I am not sure that I want to go back and play Dead Men. Dog Days’ development had actually started before Dead Men was not actually released, which is not something out of place for games these days.

Now one of the main problems I have with Dog Days is the story. There is basically no story. The story starts off with Lynch living a “normal” life with his girlfriend, Xiu, in Shanghai. Lynch contacts Kane for an arms deal with unimaginable pay. Kane had past military experience and he loves him some money. Things go haywire and a Chinese mob boss’s daughter is killed in a gunfight with Kane and Lynch and an informant against Glazer, the person who got Lynch the arms job. Then Glazer turns on Kane and Lynch, who now only have each other. Now this sounds like a pretty involved story, but to get most of this information I had to look online. The cut-scenes are short and only happen between the games eleven chapters. Outside of the very short cut-scenes there is no story. Also out side of those cut scenes you are hard pressed to find a section where you are not shooting people.

Okay you are thinking “hey story is cool but the big selling point is the game-play”. Now I agree with you, but this is another place that Dog Days is lacking in. Now you would think that third person shooter is one of the most prevalent genres of video games now so how can they mess that up. The answer has to do with controls. Just the movement of the in game characters does not feel good. Moving is sluggish and when you start running it is just unwieldy. Guns are one of the, if not THE, most important part of third person shooters. Dog Days is seriously lacking in the gun department. There are at the most seven gun types through out the single-player. Most of the time you are running out of ammo for the guns you are holding and are left to pick up different guns. This would not be a problem if any of the guns were particularly fun to use. The sniper is the only gun that is kind of fun to use and that is because it is pretty much a one-hit-kill. Get used to the guns you have in the very start of the game as you will be getting those guns constantly. The enemies in Dog Days take more bullets than superman himself before they drop dead. That, the fact you constantly run out of ammo, and getting grossly out numbered around every turn is what breaks Dog Days’ game-play Now this is a short game. On normal difficulty it took me a measly three hours to complete. About two-and-a-half of those hours were spent non-stop shooting. There is cover in Dog Days, but I guarantee after dying multiple times of trying to get in and out of cover you will not want to use the game’s cover system and just duck like in the good ole days.

The online is where people would be spending their time after beating the paltry single-player. The mode to play in the multi-player is called Fragile Alliance. In this game mode a group of players work together in a heist to gather as much money as possible and get to the escape vehicle. Now the twist come in when it is possible for a player to go traitor and kill their teammate and keep all the money to themselves. This is an interesting twist to other game modes in shooters but it is still plagued by having the same control issues as the single-player. When a player dies and has not gone traitor they will re-spawn as SWAT. As SWAT their only goal is to kill the criminals before they escape. Before any humans die the SWAT side is occupied by only AI. If a player does happen to die after they had become a traitor they would skip the SWAT part and go strait to spectator mode, where human players go after dying as SWAT.

Now the interesting part of Dog Days is the direction IO Interactive decided to go with the presentation. The game is presented as if a follower is recording the whole ordeal with a handy cam. When things explode the video frame rate purposely drops, when people are killed with a head-shot their head is pix elated out. An option is to turn on or off shaky cam. Which I opted to turn off as I felt that it did not add anything to the game and only made the time I spent playing with it on worse. Voice acting is decent at best. Both voice actors for Kane and Lynch return in the sequel.

Kane and Lynch 2:Dog Days is a game I thought was never going to be made and honestly I believe it should have stayed on the drawing table. With the critical failure of the first game it is a complete surprise as to why this game was made. With problems with story, weapon play and even basic movement is makes me feel as IO Interactive needs to take a break and go back to video game developer school. A company as big as IO Interactive making as bad a game as Kane and Lynch 2:Dog Days is unacceptable when smaller studios are making much better games. My final verdict is pass on Dog Days unless you get it for free, and even then it still might not be worth it.

for more reviews go to www.gleasongaming.com
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x DJ JEZ x
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x DJ JEZ x
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Posted on 22 August 11 at 20:54, Edited on 25 August 11 at 21:59
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I have never written a review and have never really had any intention to, that is until i played kane and lynch 2. Having bought and completed the first game, in which i enjoyed thoroughly, i was really looking forward to the 2nd game.

After playing through the campain and the multiplayer for a couple of weeks now, i have come to the conclusion that this game is complete and utter crap!! the single player is horrible. the camera is horrible. the story is horrible. The AI is horrible. the cover system is horrible. the graphics are horrible and just about anything else you can think of is horrible. Every mission feels the same. run,take cover, shoot. im a huge huge FPS and 3PS fan and thats what you do in most games but this just feels so repetitive after the first couple of missions. the missions are badly throughtout. nothing exciting happens, such a huge letdown compared to the first kane and lynch game.

The only thing that i actually enjoyed is the multiplayer which is half decent and resembles the first kane and lynch in many ways. Shooting your teamates in the back while your watiting for the escape vehicle to come and then escaping is reallly amusing (it pisses off other people alot though!)

If i wasnt such an achievement whore i wouldnt of played this game for more than 2 mins, even though i paid £5 for it laugh Whats even more worrying though is that there are people posting reviews on here giving the game praise and saying its a 9/10 game. Makes me wonder if they have got there head screwed on ok.

End of rant. stay clear of this pile of crap angrylaugh
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SG Steelhead
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SG Steelhead
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Posted on 23 August 10 at 11:38, Edited on 25 August 10 at 13:21
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This is less of a review and more of a comment on single player length.

Ok, I now have about 8+ hours of SP experience in this game and I can tell you that a lot of folks are jumping the gun in calling it short. Once they crank up the difficulty they'll most likely have a much different opinion.

As the site reviews have stated, the game is a third-person shooter that follows a pair of hardcore criminals. If there was ever a game that screamed for coop, this is it. The first version (Kane & Lynch: Dead Men), only offered local coop, which was a major let-down. They went the extra mile this time around and included online coop, which makes the campaign MUCH more enjoyable and more to the point, tolerable on extreme difficulty.

A buddy and I have been plugging our way through on extreme and in our opinion, the dev chose the perfect description for the difficulty because extreme it is. The AI are about as cheap as it gets, they are deadly accurate from any distance and some of the levels are just plain brutal. There are a couple that we cruised through fairly well but the majority has been tough as nails. Last night we finally hit the final level and I can safely say that it's the most brutal, frustrating thing I've ever played. It's no secret that I'm no pro when it comes to the shooter genre but my friend (Blues) is one of those guys who has completed every COD game on veteran and usually does so within just a few days of release. He's pretty good at this stuff and he's getting frustrated just as much as me....and has also stated that it's the most frustrating game he's ever played.

We spent at least 3 hours last night just trying to get through the final level! It forces you to split from your partner, so there is no longer any reviving....you go down and you're a duster...restarting from your last checkpoint, which is something the devs aren't overly-generous with. We finally reached a frustration level last night where we said screw it and called it a night....fully aware that we'll have to restart from the beginning of the level when we boot it up again. Yeah...it won't allow you to restart from your last checkpoint. When you load up a coop game, you load up a chapter..period...no other options. +10 frustration points.

We're going to take a couple nights off then go back after it again to see if we can finish it. I don't think either one of us are looking forward to that but we're too darn close to the end and have already invested too much time and frustration to give up on it. Blues and I are old asses (40ish) with slow reflexes and I'm sure there are tandems of young, highly skilled FPS players who will get through it much faster than us, but I truly believe that they will agree on the toughness.

As far as the rest of the game, arcade mode is a TON of fun. I've only played Fragile Alliance in arcade so I'm not sure what all is available but I've really enjoyed what I've seen/played so far.

I haven't yet ventured into MP but I loved the MP in the first game and I'm assuming that this one will be the same. The only problem with MP in the first one was a lack of players. Judging from internet cross-talk, that shouldn't be a problem with this one. It seems like quite a few people bought it and are loving the MP. We'll have to see how long it lasts though. Like every other game, I'd recommend knocking out the MP achievements before Reach and Black Ops because MM will probably be a ghost town after those drop cry

Even though this isn't a 'real review' of any sort, I'll go ahead and rate the game. I'd give it 4 out of 5 starts based on what I've seen thus far. As I said, the coop campaign is the most challenging thing I've ever played and arcade mode has been pure, unadulterated fun. It's a solid 3rd person shooter, imo that shouldn't be overlooked.
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