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    On the face of it, this isn’t even a game as you (eventually) reach it via the Apps tab/blade/dashboard horror. But it has 400Gs attached and you can whore it for great justice, so it’s a game of sorts. It’s a freemium effort in the same vein as Happy Wars or that new Spartacus thing. Unlike those two, it doesn’t involve any online shenanigans but it does have a Smartglass achievement as well as several Kinect-related achievements. So far, so Microsoft in-house published.

    Coming as it does from iNis, the people that brought us the Lips series, it’s a good karaoke game at its core let down by only a few issues. The first being that to max this quickly, you’ll need to splash out some MSP to pay for songs, although a recent update has made this much better value than it once was. And secondly, you need the aforementioned Kinect and a Smartglass capable device (iOS or Android) to get those specific achievements too. Though you can happily play this without needing to use Kinect if you so desire. In fact, I disconnected mine and played to the max on this once I’d popped the few Kinect achievements there were.

    Down to the karaoke element itself, it’s a serviceable game with a fairly typical song library. The free version grants you access to five songs a day, so it’s entirely possible to max this without ever paying for a song, if you’re patient anyway. Though my last 15 levels out of 50 were spent singing A Bicycle Built For Two over and over and over again. I felt like HAL 9000 by the time I was done.

    Being aimed at the American market (isn’t everything on Xbox?), some of the songs are a bit obscure if you’re on the eastern side of the Atlantic and try as you might it’s hard to retain your dignity singing a Christina Aguilera song or in the case of Tina Turner not end up channeling Limmy as you do so.

    By singing a song well, you’ll unlock fans and in turn cash bonuses (termed moolah) that let you unlock extra items for your stage, several of them with an associated achievement. If you have your Kinect connected, you’ll have to strike a silly pose during songs, though this being Kinect, a rough approximation is enough. Make sure you’re speedy and you’ll pop the achievement for 5 poses in a row.
    KaraokeShutter Chance!The Shutter Chance! achievement in Karaoke worth 43 pointsShow us a series of poses!

    As I previously mentioned, once you’ve got the Kinect achievements nailed, you can disconnect it and crack on with going for the max. All of the non-Kinect/Smartglass achievements will come with game progression, you just have to work at it and be patient. Or if you want a speedy max and don’t want to be playing this game for weeks, pay for a Karaoke pass and crack through the achievements quickly. In my case, I played it by checking back every day for the next lot of free songs to count to my 100 unique songs…

    You’ll progress through fifty levels on your way to completion, unlocking different size stages as you go. You’ll likely get most of the other achievements by around level 35, so it’s a case of sticking it out until level 50.

    One slight problem I noticed is the fact that this game can’t do rap songs for whatever reason, pretty woeful really.

    All in all, it’s a free karaoke game, it comes with 400Gs and you’ll get more TA score from it than if you maxed a 1000Gs lemon like Truth or Lies or CSI: Hard Evidence. You’ll probably have more fun playing it and you can potentially rope in your unsuspecting wife or girlfriend to boost your Gamerscore at first.
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    HolyHalfDeadThe free version grants you access to five songs a day - every two days Solution for Memory Lane In Karaoke If you enjoyed Lips, get this, it is free and it is fun, and if you join Raptr by 20th August 2013 you can unlock 13 avatar outfits worth a total of 3120MSP as you get achievements.
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    CheneyHeadshotGuess they changed it after the big update!
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    MattiasAndersonGood review but i really dont agree with your oppinion. But good review!
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