Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Reviews

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    27 Sep 2018
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    Cut the blue wire but only if there are no white wires; if there is a white wire, check the side of the bomb for CHK button, if the button is lit cut the green wire, if it is not lit cut the first wire. Welcome to the bomb defusing party game developed and published by Steel Crate Games; the game that will have you shouting instructions and frantically shuffling through the digital pages of the bomb defusing manual in order to find the correct wire to cut or code to enter.

    This party game does things a little different than most console party games. Only one player will have the controller, the rest of the players will pull up the bomb defuse manual by following the URL on the screen. The player with the controller has the easy job, to follow the instructions of the people reading the manual. The players reading will have the task of locating the correct puzzle and deciphering the correct path to take. This is much harder than it sounds, and while it may seem better to have multiple readers, it can quickly become confusing and hectic as people talk over each other while racing against the clock.

    The URL works with mobile devices but I found using it on a PC in conjunction with the Find (CTRL+F) function the best way to find information quickly. The website will have you enter the version number listed in-game to pull the correct manual for use. The manual itself opens in PDF or similar format. The manual itself has a table of contents like a real manual making it possible to do on mobile with good navigation. This can also be player by yourself, but where would the fun be in that, and you may not have enough time reading then interacting with all of the modules on a single bomb.

    There are seven sections to the game, each with an increasing level of difficulty. Each section has several subsections where you will disarm bombs with multiple modules. A module is a ‘minigame’ such as cutting wires, pressing buttons, entering codes, etc. Some modules are easier than others and require far less time devoted to them to solve. Starting out, the bombs only have one or two modules, but as you progress, you will find multiple modules and even multiple bombs per subsection.

    The frantic nature of this game makes it a great for a party of close friends who don’t mind yelling at each other. It also helps if you have a solid level of comprehension and are a quick reader. With a team of three, 1 person on controller and two of us reading the manual and dividing the work, we constantly found ourselves pushed for time. While it did not feel impossible, we felt the sense of urgency enough to get the adrenaline going.

    Overall, this is a very entertaining party game that will put your problem solving and communication skills to the test and also confuse any housemates that are not playing the game as you scream frantic instructions to the already stressed out person handling the bomb.