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Kerbal Space Program: A Journey Through Space and Time

Despite its goofy exterior Kerbal Space Program is the detailed space simulator we all need, in order to fully respect the mind-boggling mental gymnastics that a space program must endure.

Posted 3 years ago by Sam Quirke

Take-Two Interactive Acquires Kerbal Space Program

Take-Two Interactive, best known as the publisher of the Grand Theft Auto series, have purchased something quite unlike anything else in their portfolio with the acquisition of space sim Kerbal Space Program.

Posted 5 years ago by Andy Mills

This Week's Summer Spotlight Titles

Last week marked the beginning of 2016's Summer Spotlight. Akin to the Xbox 360's popular long-running event Summer of Arcade, the program draws attention to lesser-known titles and offers a reward for splurging.

Posted 6 years ago by Kelly Packard

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