Kholat Walkthrough

A walkthrough is currently in development for Kholat.

You will find the walkthrough discussion below....
Information Posted on 14 February 18 at 21:24
Please use this thread to discuss the Kholat walkthrough
Posted on 15 February 18 at 16:03
Hey folks, ItsRoflz! I'm a completionist at heart, so I thought I would give this Kholat walkthrough a go. I am currently wrapping up the final cheevo (for not dying) and will delve into this walkthrough upon completion. This will be my first official walkthrough for TA, so please bare with me. In the meantime, my biggest tip to start off is to do one playthrough for collectibles the "real ending" etc., and then a second playthrough for the final achievement for not dying. If anybody has achievement questions for this game or others I own, feel free to PM me
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