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    Kick-Ass 2 - I liked the movies, so I thought that I should give this game a try. This game is digital only and the developer "Freedom Factory Studios" is not well know for their AAA titles. In fact, BloodBath and Young Justice: Legacy are some of the lowest rated games on TA. Will Kick-Ass 2 be a part of the group or does Freedom Factory Studios deliver a great game for a change?


    You'll only find the Story to play from the main menu.
    The story is divided into 5 chapters, each with 4 stages. You have no option to change to a easier or harder difficulty. The controls are easy to get into, as there is not much to learn. X is for punches, Y is for kicks, B for blocking and A to roll. You also have LT and RT, which are both for the special ability, which will fill up over time.
    Gameplay-wise it's really poorly made. You will walk, fight bad guys, walk, fight bad guys. Occasionally, you also have to electrify a fuse box to open doors or to clear paths from electricity. On the last stage of each chapter there's a boss fight and these fights aren't spectacular either. Just a bad guy, who has more powerful strikes and looks (refreshingly!) different from the usual thugs.
    The only thing I found somewhat enjoyable were the collectibles. It tells you straight away, that the game is garbage, if you enjoy searching for the collectibles. You will either have to find Wi-Fi hotspots or retag graffitis on walls. Not very amusing, but at least you can explore and drag out the time until you have to fight another wave of enemies.

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    The graphics are sort of cell-shaded, but this really suits the comic art style in which the story is being told. Other than that there is not much good to say about the game. The developer didn't have the rights to use the original voices for Kick-Ass & Co. Instead of a normal teenage American guy, the hero has a clear Mexican accent (after seeing the credits, it all made sense ;)). In addition they all like to curse a lot, which was just embarrassing at times.
    The camera is also very disturbing when fighting, as the invisible walls push the angle from the camera to a position where you can't see the other enemies and therefore can't block their incoming attacks. Oh, talking about invisible walls..if you want to get all achievements (incl. Collectibles), you'll definately bump your head on a invisible wall on numerous occasions!
    I just had to restart the game once during my playthrough, because I glitched into an enemy and couldn't move anymore.

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    For achievement hunters

    As the TA-ratio indicates, this game is a pretty fast & easy completition. You will have all the achievements in 5-6 hours. There is not much to point out here. All the collectibles can be found pretty easy and you don't necessarily need a guide.
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    DwaggieniteHow the hell did you get this game and where was it released?
    Posted by Dwaggienite on 24 Sep 15 at 11:25
    Rusty Nail zhIt should be under Games on Demand on the XBOX360.
    Posted by Rusty Nail zh on 24 Sep 15 at 11:39