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TA Top Five: In-Game Pastimes

It is tough being a gamer at times; saving the planet from a zombie outbreak or alien annihilation, pulling off the perfect heist against overwhelming odds, or simply trying to survive as a lone wand

Posted 9 years ago by Andrew Ogley

Easter Eggs: Killer Is Dead

Welcome to Easter Eggs, where the TA Team shines the spotlight on games that many gamers might have missed, perhaps hidden away behind the millionth copy of Call of Duty or FIFA. Much like a gamer w

Posted 10 years ago by Marc Hollinshead

Friday XBL Content Roundup: November 29th, 2013

Wednesday never got a roundup with the fact that this week has not seen a single new Xbox LIVE Arcade release. The drought will be due to the release of the Xbox One, but we're hoping that this doesn

Posted 11 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Killer is Dead Launch Trailer Released

Though it's been out in North America since Tuesday, it doesn't mean that we've run out of time for a launch trailer for Grasshopper Manufacture and Kadokawa Games' Killer is Dead. Sure, it's not tha

Posted 11 years ago by Michelle Balsan

Retail Releases: Week of August 27th, 2013

Things heat up further as we edge closer to holiday season. Two titles hark back to celebrate the past of the platformer and sports genres, whilst the other releases involve killing enemies in stark

Posted 11 years ago by Keith Gray

More Screens and New Artwork for Killer Is Dead

Okay, so maybe it's not Mondo and his sexy sword you're so anxious to see. Never fear, we have some of his ladies here, as well, and the ladies play quite a large part in Xseed and Grasshopper's late

Posted 11 years ago by Cindy Minguez

Achievement Preview Spotlight: Killer is Dead

After conducting a highly scientific poll* via Twitter yesterday, I left it to you, the twittering masses (you do follow us, don't you?) to decide which of three games should earn the coveted spot in

Posted 11 years ago by Jonathan Barnes

Killer Is Dead Screens Showcase DLC

From the media we've seen of Grasshopper Manufacture's Killer is Dead so far, we all already know that this game will feature blood, guts, a twisted story, even more twisted characters, and plenty of

Posted 11 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

Yet Another Killer Is Dead Trailer

In the latest trailer for Grasshopper's upcoming action game Killer is Dead, we have a montage of clips displaying everything from various ladies, multiple killers, and fighting scenes. As I don't sp

Posted 11 years ago by Cindy Minguez

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