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General gameplay info

Mondo Zappa, the main character of the game, fights with the katana "Gekkou" ("Moonlight") and with his arm "Musselback". The arm can transform into several sub-weapons: the Bullet Shot (default weapon, with a gun/machinegun effect), the Drill (a weapon capable of breaking the armors of the enemies, as well as piercing through special walls), the Freezer Shooter (a gimmick weapon that can "freeze" - i.e. slow down - enemies for a short period), and the Charged Cannon.

Of this arsenal of weapons, the Gekkou is normally the most powerful one. In particular, the higher your combo meter, the faster and stronger the attacks of the Gekkou will be (you can buy skills to unlock up to five different levels of strength of the Gekkou). Moreover, a higher combo meter (a higher "level" of the Gekkou) also means a much larger amount of "Blood" regenerated when you hit an enemy. For these reasons it's in your interest to avoid getting hit: the longer you can stay with a high combo meter (higher level of the Gekkou), the better it is for you.

The sub-weapons play a minor role on your first playthrough, but they become incredibly more useful when you have plenty of "Blood" to use. As a matter of fact, the sub-weapons can't be used freely, but you must have a sort of "ammo" to shoot them. In this case, the ammo is represented by the "Blood" that Mondo has. Blood can be refilled by picking up purple orbs (obtained from enemy drops, but also from random smashable objects) or, as we said a moment ago, from hitting the enemies.

Of all the sub-weapons, the Bullet Shot and the Charged Cannon are the most powerful of all, especially when upgraded. Bullet Shot is useful against all flying enemies, and it's also a good weapon to use against enemies equipped with machineguns. The Charged Cannon is a devastating weapon, and its rough power has no equals; for this reason it's also the best weapon to use against every major enemy (even bosses). The Charged Cannon is acquired after completing the second Gigolo Mission with Natalia (more info in the corresponding page of this walkthrough).

The other two sub-weapons are much less important than the previous two. Although from some strategical aspects they might be interesting, when it comes to achievement-hunting they are not all that important. The Drill can pierce through enemy's armor, it's true; however, the Charged Cannon can simply kill enemies instead of shattering their armor. This comes at a higher cost of "ammo" (Charged Cannon consumes more Blood than Drill), but you'll be using the Dark Booster Costume (which gives you infinite Blood; it's unlocked after completing the game once) pretty much all the time after your first playthrough, meaning that there is no actual reason to prefer the Drill over the Charged Cannon.

The Drill is the only weapon that can break through walls though, and this is necessary to find Scarlett (the "collectible" of the game) a few times. Other than this reason (breaking walls), you won't be using the Drill in a normal playthrough. The Drill is acquired after completing the first Gigolo Mission with Natalia.

As for the Freezer Shooter, it's simply a useless weapon. There isn't a situation where its effect can help you out, so just forget about it. The Freezer Shooter is acquired after the first Gigolo Mission with Koharu.

Miscellaneous gameplay info and tips

Mondo can't jump.

You can replay any mission you want at any difficulty you want after completing the game once.

The fastest way to break crates is by using the Bullet Shot/Charged Cannon.

The Dark Booster costumes gives you infinite Blood. The Ulti-Mondo costume doubles the damage dealt with the Gekkou. These two items become available for purchase after completing the game once (they cost respectively 15 and 10 millions $). Equipping these items will dramatically reduce the cash you earn from missions, but the Ranking will not be affected (meaning you can use both of these costumes to get the AAA Ranks needed for some achievements).

The fastest way to move in the levels is by using the "dodge" ability. When upgraded with the "High Mobility" skills you can perform three consecutive "sprints forward", which will then be followed by a roll forward. Rolling forward actually slows Mondo, but you can interrupt the roll-forward animation by pressing LT to "aim" with the Musselback. If you do so you can therefore make three sprints forward, start a roll forward, interrupt the roll-forward animation with LT, and repeat the process to sprint faster than in any other way.

If you sneak on the sides or behind enemies with a shield you can hit them, and even kill them with the move Adrenaline Burst. Therefore it's not essential to break their shield; just go around it.

Although it lacks offensive power, the series of "punches" you do if you press the Y button is a very effective way of quickly getting a high combo meter in a fight. Sometimes it's strategically interesting to spam a few Y attacks on an enemy to start a fight, so your combo meter goes up quickly (and therefore your Gekkou reaches its full potential quickly), and then use the Gekkou to actually fight the enemy.

This type of attack (spamming Y punches) is also what is counted for the "Guard Break" Secret Condition of many missions. Note that punching the enemies is enough, even if they weren't actually in a "guard position", and even if you don't actually break their guard!

You can parry most of the enemies' attacks with the B button, but some attacks can't be parried. Attacks that can't be parried can still be dodged (LS+B), and they are typically preceeded by a purple aura around the enemy that is about to use them.

The attack "Adrenaline Burst" can be used to freeze time and study the situation when things are happening a little too quickly. If you are in a messy situation, pressing RT (to "start" Adrenaline Burst) can be a good way to look around and see where the enemies are and who is attacking you. Although this won't be of much help during your first playthrough, with infinite Blood on a second playthrough this can be a very good way of avoiding attacks, especially during boss fights where the enemy moves around quickly. Moreover, pressing RT will cancel (interrupt) pretty much all of your attacks.

If you get killed during a main Episode mission you will be revived by Mika by using a "Mika Ticket". You're given 3x Mika Tickets by default every time you play a mission. Although you can buy more from the Gift Shop, it would only be a big waste of money (you are not going to die at all once you get the Dark Booster costume). There is one achievement for being revived by Mika 20+ times. If you need to grind it, replay Episodes on Very Hard and die on purpose; then repeat the process. Again, do not waste money on the Mika Tickets from the Gift Shop because you're always given 3x free ones when you start an Episode! The achievement is this one:

Abilities and Upgrades

Some of the achievements of the game require you to upgrade Mondo to his full potential: max Health, max Blood, and all abilities learned.

To increase (and then max-out) Mondo's Health you need to collect some "crystals" dropped by enemies, or found in smashable objects in the environment. To increase Mondo's Blood you need to collect some "roses", obtained in the same ways as the "health" crystals. Lastly, to unlock skills you need to collect some yellow crystals, which once again are dropped by enemies or found in the environment.

You can increase a specific type of drop from the enemies if you trigger the "Final Judgment" finishing hit on them. Final Judgment (it appears as something like this) occurs when the finishing hit to kill a regular enemy is done with the GEKKOU, but only if your combo meter is "high enough" (usually 25-30 hits). As you can see from the previous picture, a screen will let you choose a particular finishing move to kill the enemy, and depending on the button you press you will get a lot of drops of a certain type of crystals (crystals that recover Health, crystals that increase maximum Health, crystals that increase maximum Blood, or crystals that let you buy new Skills).

You can also increase Mondo's maximum Health/Blood/Skills by buying expensive "Crystal Ores" in the Gift Shop, but they are not worth the cost -- by the time you're done with everything else Mondo will already have maxed-out status anyway.

By increasing Mondo's Health to the max you will unlock:

By increasing Mondo's Blood to the max you will unlock:

Below is a list of the abilities that you can upgrade with Mondo (the number on the right is the cost to buy the ability). The top-priority abilities are those that recover his Health (Healing Lv 1/2/3) at the cost of Blood, those that unlock the full potential of the Gekkou (GEKKOU Neo), and those that power-up the Sub-Weapons you use the most (Bullet Shot and Charged Cannon).

Attack Skills

Piercing Katana - 30
+Power Stab - 80
Upper Slash - 120
Spin Slash - 120
+Spiral Finish - 420
Counter Shot - 150
Counter Smash - 300

Sub Weapons

Bullet Shot Plus - 100
+Bullet Shot Neo - 200
++Bullet Shot Ultimate - 400
Gunner's Eye (Slow-motion when you use Bullet Shot on an enemy) - 220
+Sniper's Eye (Zoom-in when you use Bullet Shot on an enemy) - 380
Freezer Shooter Plus - 240
+Freezer Shooter Neo - 350
++Freezer Shooter Ultimate - 460
Drill Plus - 320
+Neo Drill - 440
++Ultimate Drill - 560
Charge Cannon Plus - 400
+Charge Cannon Neo - 800
++Charge Cannon Ultimate - 1,200

Special Skills

High Mobility Lvl 1/2 - 50/320
Guard Crush - 100
Healing Lvl 1/2/3 - 70/270/470
Auto Cure - 360
GEKKOU Neo - 200/400

Total: 9,530 "Skill Points".

By unlocking all of the Attack Skills and Special Skills (3,460 Skill Points) you will unlock:

By unlocking all of the Sub-Weapons Skills (6,070 Skill Points) you will unlock:

Note that the "Upper Slash" ability allows you to slash smaller enemies (like the weakest ones) up in the air; you can then juggle them in the air/finish them off while they are still suspended. If you do so (kill an enemy suspended in the air) you will unlock:


Five Money ($)-related Achievements and "Money Management"

On of the achievements of the game requires you to have 100,000,000 $ available at any given time. The cash you spend/t is not factored, meaning that if "now" you have 85,000,000 $ and you own items that cost a total of 30,000,000 $ (therefore if you didn't buy them now you would have 85+30 = 115,000,000 $) the achievement will not unlock until you earn another +15,000,000 $ without buying anything.

For this reason it's important to avoid spending money unless it's really necessary, and it also means that you should try to work on this achievement (Cash Enough for Love) as early as possible (so you can then spend the money you farmed for whatever thing you want to buy).

This is, more or less, the order in which you should do things about money:

1. Farm all the 100,000,000 $ you need right after the first playthrough. Before that point, as I explain in the Story walkthrough page, you should only buy a couple of cheap presents for Natalia in order to complete her first Gigolo Mission to get the Drill weapon. Other than that, do not buy anything else until you have the achievement Cash Enough for Love!

2. After getting the achievement, complete these Sub-Missions with an AAA Rank: A Damsel in Distress, Time Cursed, Weight Limit, Gift of the Moon. This will make four costumes available at the Gift Shop: Glamorous Fantasy, Night Walker, Scarlett the Witch, Mika From Outer Space. Buy all of these costumes for a total of 87,500,000 $ to unlock an achievement, and then turn off your console. Buying these costumes is only necessary to unlock the following achievement:

Therefore it's a good idea to turn off your console (or just press the Guide button and return to the Dashboard, or anything else that makes you quit the game without saving) right after getting this achievement and reload your save before spending all those millions to buy the costumes: achievement obtained, money recovered instead of wasted on costumes that you won't need.

3. After getting the "Mondo's Girls Collection" achievement and reloading the game with your money (100,000,000 $ or so), the first things you really want to purchase are the Dark Booster and the Ulti-Mondo costumes (more info about them in the "AAA Rank - The cheap and easy way" section of this page), which will help in clearing every other task left in the game (from completing every mission to getting AAA Ranks on every mission, and even clearing the game on the hardest difficulties). You need to buy and equip the Ulti-Mondo costume in order to unlock this achievement:

The Dark Booster and Ulti-Mondo costumes cost a total of 25M $, meaning that you will have 75,000,000 $ left to buy whatever you want...

4. ...sort of, because you still need to save a few millions to buy Gifts for the Gigolo Missions. You need to buy and give at least 50x Gifts for the Gift Collector achievement, and a similar achievement (Happiest Man on Earth) requires you to receive 20x Gifts from the beauties (in order to receive Gifts you need to "make the girls happy", and to do so you need to give them at least a couple of Gifts yourself).

All of this is to tell you not to waste money on unnecessary purchases like Costumes and Underwears: with the exception of Dark Booster and Ulti-Mondo (Costumes), none of them has any practical effect, and therefore it's best if you don't buy any of them until you're done with the money-requiring achievements: Cash Enough for Love, Mondo's Girls Collection, Passport to Infinity, Gift Collector, Happiest Man on Earth.

How to farm money ($)

There are two main ways of farming money in the game. You can see a video about them here.

Weight Limit Method (Normal) (5,000 to 8,500 $/s)
The most efficient method is by playing the Sub-Mission "Weight Limit", unlocked after Episode 9 of the main story, on Normal difficulty. The reason for Normal difficulty is that on Normal the mission is easy enough to complete, and it gives more money than it gives on Easy (which is fundamentally just as easy as Normal). Harder difficulties give more cash, but the extra difficulty (and therefore the more frequent failures that would occur) causes Hard/Very Hard to make this method less efficient than on Normal.

The Sub-Mission consists simply of killing enemies over and over until it's completed. The less enemies there are on the screen, the faster the mission is completed. You want to avoid getting any damage to receive a huge bonus (the Gentleman's Payment), and to make things faster you also want to keep up your combo meter and to use a lot of Adrenaline Burst attacks. In short, be as efficient as you can be in completing this mission, and you'll receive a reward which ranges from about 600,000 $ to 1,000,000 $ (the latter if you can get the Gentleman's Payment bonus by avoiding all damage) per mission.

Including the loading time necessary to play and replay this mission, the rate at which you make money is 5,000-8,500 $/s with this method (going from 0 to 100,000,000 $ takes about 4 hours).

Episode 1 Method (Very Hard) (5,200 $/s)
The alternative, less effective but easier-to-do method, is by playing Episode 1 of the main story on Very Hard difficulty. Make sure to avoid deflecting all bullets from the enemy to get a perfect score on this easy mission.

The pros of this method is that it's easier, and can be done passively without even thinking all that much. On the other hand, it's less effective than the Weight Limit method because it takes a lot of time to just load the mission and the reward is inferior.

Regardless of the method you prefer, make sure that you don't equip Costumes like Dark Booster or Ulti-Mondo, or else your rewards will be dramatically lower than those reported here. Once you have 100,000,000 $ at once you will unlock:

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop (accessed from the "Office" menu) offers a series of different articles you can buy. As explained in the previous sections of this page, you should refrain from unnecessary/early purchases and save money for the achievement Cash Enough for Love. In general, the types of articles you can buy are:

- Gifts: buy them and give them to the beauties to complete Gigolo Missions
- Underwears: they can be used "for fun" in Gigolo Missions. When gifted, they will actually reduce the "happiness" of the beauties, going against the interest of the success of the mission
- Gameplay items: various effects on Mondo
- Costumes: either purely for fashion, or with some particular effects (Dark Boost and Ulti-Mondo)

Please keep in mind that the cost of these items will be higher (sometimes much higher) the second/third/... time you buy them. You may only have one copy of an item at the same time (some items can be bought multiple times, but you must buy them, use them, and only then you can buy them again). Gifts will be less effective the second/third/... time they are used.

In the tables below the values for Natalia/Koharu refer to the hearts received by giving that Gifts. These values are just indicative, to give you an idea, and they refer to the first uses of the Gifts in a Gigolo Mission that has already been AAA-Ranked. The indicated cost of the items refers to the original cost (the price to buy it the first time).

Plain Chewing Gum10 $Episode 322
Sakura Mochi5,000 $Reckless Riding-0.53-
Macaroon30,000 $Episode 8 - Rank A4+4+
Cachaca3,000 $A Damsel in Distress2+1.3
Schnapps50,000 $Gift of the Moon3.52+
Diginjoshu (Sake)200,000 $Time Cursed5.5+3
Baby Doll2,000 $Pain on the Train2-1.7
Sound Disc80,000 $Episode 63.53-
Gold Coin400,000 $Weight Limit4.54+
Lunar Stone Bracelet170,000 $Bug Hunt1.53-
Tiger Fan250,000 $Episode 734.5
Watch600,000 $Episode 10 - Rank A4.56-
Single Flower1,500 $Episode 343.5
Bouquet7,000 $Episode 52.5-4.5
Ikebanana500,000 $Bonsai5+5-
Bloodstone Earrings10,000 $Episode 9 - Rank A2-4+
Lunar Stone Necklace300,000 $Episode 43.56+
Perfume250,000 $Episode 34+2+
Incense Burner1,000,000 $Episode 11 - Beam Payment obtained5.5+6+


Lucky Lingerie15,100 $A Damsel in Distress

Cute Lingerie

51,000 $ High Fidelity - Rank AAA
Foundation 151,000 $ Time Cursed - Rank A
Amazing Lingerie 510,000 $ Episode 8 - Rank AAA
G-String 1,510,000 $ Episode 10 - Rank AAA
Kirei Lingerie 15,100 $ Episode 12 - Rank AAA
Kawaii Lingerie 51,000 $ Bonsai - Rank AAA
Sugoi Foundation 151,000 $ Episode 9 - Rank AAA
Ecchi Lingerie 510,000 $ Man's Little Passion - Rank AAA
Mae-Bari Lingerie 1,510,000 $ Episode 11 - Rank AAA


Consumable itemCost
Mika Ticket x 3100,000 $
Moon Crystal Ore1,000,000 $
Health Gem1,000,000 $
Bloody Rose1,000,000 $


Mika From Outer Space12,500,000 $Mondo's Girls Collection AchievementGift of the Moon - Rank AAA
Glamorous Fantasy25,000,000 $Mondo's Girls Collection AchievementA Damsel in Distress - Rank AAA
Night Walker25,000,000 $Mondo's Girls Collection AchievementTime Cursed - Rank AAA
Scarlett the Witch25,000,000 $Mondo's Girls Collection AchievementWeight Limit - Rank AAA
Ulti-Mondo10,000,000 $Doubles damage inflicted with katana, but missions reward is reducedEpisode 12
Casual Mondo500,000 $None Episode 12
Legendary Executioner100,000,000 $None
Dark Booster15,000,000 $Infinite Blood, but missions reward is reducedEpisode 12



AAA Ranks Achievements

One of the last achievements you will get in the game is the one for completing 44 missions with an AAA Rank. First of all, know that this achievement actually requires you to complete all the possible missions of the game with an AAA Rank on any difficulty setting. In total there are 12x main story Episodes, 10x Sub-Missions, 20x Challenges (from Scarlett), and 2x Gigolo Missions (12+10+20+2 = 44).

What you need to do is playing all of these missions (on any difficulty), and achieve an AAA Rank for all the 44 of them. Achieving AAA Rank on a certain mission multiple times on different difficulties will not count twice, but only once. Therefore if you do something like this... :

- AAA Rank on all 12 story Episodes on Easy
- AAA Rank on all 12 story Episodes on Normal
- AAA Rank on all 12 story Episodes on Hard
- AAA Rank on all 10 Sub-Missions on Very Hard

...in total you will only have 22 AAA Ranks (12 from Story Episodes, 10 from Sub-Missions), and not 12+12+12+10 = 46. What you can (and should) do, however, is this:

- AAA Rank on all 10 Sub-Missions on Easy
- AAA Rank on all the 20 Challenges/2 Gigolo Missions on Easy (there isn't actually any difficulty setting for Gigolo Missions, but anyway)
- AAA Rank on all the 12 main story Episodes on Hard

^This counts as 44 AAA Ranks, i.e. 44 different missions have been completed with an AAA Rank (on any difficulty).

Since you'll be breezing through the missions with an ultra-powerful setup, the difficulty you choose will hardly matter at all (when you use an ultimate equipment only very few missions become harder on harder difficulty settings), which is why in the Walkthrough overview I suggested doing the AAA Ranks for the main story Episodes on Hard, killing two birds (completing the story Episodes on Hard and achieving AAA Ranks on the 12 story Episodes) with one stone (in one playthrough).

These are the achievements that you will unlock after completing a total of respectively 12, 24, and 44 different missions with an AAA Rank:

AAA Ranks - General info

Several factors influence the score you receive at the end of a mission. The rating of most of the missions is determined by these common factors:

- Completion Score: not influenced by anything in particular
- Execution Time: how long it took you to kill the main target of the Episode
- Total Damage: how much damage you took. The least damage you take, the greater the bonus
- Total Cool Kills: how many kills you got by using Burst Rush, Adrenaline Burst, Headshots
- Toughness Payment: it's given to you if you don't die while playing a mission/Episode

In addition to these general conditions, special Secret Conditions apply to each individual mission. Details on these special conditions, as well as suggestions on how-to achieve AAA Ranks on the missions, can be found in the next pages of this walkthrough, mission by mission.

It's important that you know that although the game offers a Restart Checkpoint feature, the game will remember if you failed a certain condition and penalize you in the score. In other words, if it happens that you take damage in a certain section of an Episode, and then you Restart Checkpoint to replay from the point before you were damaged, the game will still penalize your Total Damage score because it will "remember" that you got hit, even though you restarted and replayed the section where that happened.

Likewise, special conditions such as "avoid a certain type of attack from a certain enemy" will also "remember" if you attempt to use the Restart Checkpoint feature to try and trick the game. For this reason, don't rely on Restart Checkpoint because it won't "reset the game's memory"! Restarting the mission from scratch will reset everything though.

AAA Ranks - The cheap and easy way

Thankfully, two special pieces of equipment can be used to make things infinitely easier in this game. The two game-breaking items are the Dark Booster and the Ulti-Mondo costumes. The former gives Mondo infinite Blood, which is an invaluable help in pretty much every single mission. The latter boosts Mondo's attack (doubles the damage inflicted with the katana Gekkou), and although it's not quite as game-breaking as the Dark Booster it still helps to have this costume to make things even easier.

Both of these two items can be obtained after completing the game a first time (they are unlocked after completing Episode 12 of the main story), and you'll need 15,000,000 $ for the Dark Booster and 10,000,000 $ for Ulti-Mondo. Since you need to grind 100,000,000 $ for Cash Enough for Love anyway, you *will* have enough money (25,000,000 $) to get both.

After purchasing these two items from the Gift Shop you need to access the Costume menu (from the Office) and equip them from there. Note that equipping these items will drastically reduce the amount of cash you receive after a mission! They don't have any impact on the Ranking system though, so they are perfect to get much easier AAA Ranks.

As I said a couple of paragraphs ago, the Dark Booster is the item that breaks the game the most. The reason for this is that you can kill most of the enemies of the game instantly with Adrenaline Burst (an attack that consumes Blood, but if you have infinite Blood you can abuse it), which also happens to be one of the main factors of your Ranking (Adrenaline Burst is one of the ways of getting the Total Cool Kills bonus).

Moreover, the few enemies that can't be killed with Adrenaline Burst right away can still be killed pretty much on the spot thanks to the infinite supply of Blood: flying enemies can be shot with the Bullet Shot weapon (the default sub-weapon) without having to worry about being accurate; "immortal" enemies can be shot with the Charged Cannon (one of the sub-weapons acquired by doing Gigolo Missions). Lastly, even the bosses of the game can often be killed with just a few hits of your Charged Cannon, or a barrage of Bullet Shot, depending on the situation.

This means that Mondo is virtually invincible, and therefore will take very little damage and kill enemies very quickly. This translates positively on the score even more, since all of the general conditions (see the previous section of this page) will receive the highest rating from the abuse of infinite Blood.

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