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  • DavieMarshallDavieMarshall228,577
    31 Jan 2011
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    Kinect Sports is, for me, the current stand out title for Xbox Kinect. Kinect Adventures, most people have seen in action and it holds fewer surprises when you fire it up for the first time. Kinect Sports on the other hand isn't as over exposed and is a truly solid title.

    When it comes down to it you have the main disciplines of, Football, Bowling, Track and Field, Beach Volleyball and Table Tennis. Drill down further though and you have games within these categories from Discus, Javelin and Hurdles, through to Pin Rush on the Bowling Alley, Fruit Splat under Beach Volleyball and Target Shot within Football.

    There is, in short, a lot of game modes and a wide variety of activities to keep you entertained whereas it's closest rival in a similar category and style vein is Kinect Adventures and that is very much, you get what you see.

    The main events see you take the 'serious' approach to the games in question and will pit you against AI opposition, human players in the same room, or players across Xbox Live to play the sport as it was more or less intended. Here you'll be competing for experience and to level up. This isn't an easy task and reaching the higher levels will require you to invest some occasional time into the game and to perform well when you do.

    The graphics are 'avatarish' which seems to be in favour at the moment and they look good and do the job well. The music is fairly low key during the menu selections and no more or less annoying than you would have hoped for. Throughout the game you'll hear snatches of memorable songs as you bowl a strike, hit a personal best or break a world record. A nice touch.

    The use of Kinect is superb here as the device videos you as you play and then compacts the footage down in a forty plus second montage of your 'best bits' complete with music. This you can then upload to and push out to Facebook and Twitter or download a copy for your hard drive. Kinect Adventures takes snaps but the video recording here was a really impressive touch.

    The control system works very well, though menu navigation could be better if it were stricter and limited to one hand. Don't try scratching your nose as you make a selection as the hand will jump across screen to line up with your now dominant hand. A small niggle but one nonetheless.

    Walking through each of the main events, we start with Football. This, unlike Motion Sports penalty kick mode, is a full fledged football game and requires you to pass the ball to team mates (movement around the pitch is taken care of by the Xbox) and then to hammer the shot home when you're within range of a shot. When defending you have to try to charge down passes or take control of the keeper to throw a part of your body in the way of the ball to block the shot.

    It works very well, and although there's the odd discrepancy when passing (you usually get two to three passing options shown by lines emanating from your controlled player) you ultimately feel in control and the format works well. Playable by two people at a time, you'll need a lot space unless you like bruised shins.

    Next up is bowling. A nice breather game, the controls here are perfect. You really feel in control of everything that's happening and will quickly master the controls, spin and aiming technique that best suits you (no one glove fits all solution here!) and your style within a few games. Wii bowling has little on this in my opinion. Games are played across ten frames and can be played by four people in turn.

    Track and Field is one of the most tiring elements of this game, as it pits you against sprinting, javelin, long jump, discus and hurdles. The mechanics of running on the spot work better than I though they ever would. The key here is to getting your knees high and employing the correct posture to gain a 'racers start'. Dipping your head at the line affords you an extra spurt of speed at the end too. Javelin is equally well controlled and is all about the technique of going from running to pitching a nicely arched throw before hitting the line. Discus is a single throwing action (harder than it sounds to get a nicely weighted throw) and hurdles is your sprinting technique with a two footed jump thrown in several times.

    The key to all of the events in this category is technique. The game will be accessible to people of all ages and ability, but if you're aiming for the higher level AI competitors (Professional and Champion) you're going to need to have your technique down to pat in order to remain competitive.

    Boxing was almost a dead cert in a sports title, but this is the most responsive and fluid I've seen yet. Motion Sports offering was a stuttered, shoddy and restrictive affair. Punches were limited in that you could only throw them at the speed the game could process and animate them. I.e.: Very slowly. In Kinect Sports however it's possible to throw a vast array of punches all the body in a different delivery style each time. If you want to roll the punches like you were in the gym practising on that weird elastic type thing that takes about forty punches a second, you can do that too. Immense fun and incredibly tiring, this is a game which is incredibly competitive and well put together, masked somewhat by the avatar graphics.

    Beach Volleyball is your penultimate event and sees you laying up shots for your AI team mate and spiking when the chance presents itself. With the full body tracking you can head, knee or kick the ball too all with great accuracy. The style of course depends on your agility! An event which offers little variety in play but active and fun either way.

    Finally we have table tennis. And this isn't just hit it back and forth until someone misses. Here Kinect's ability to recognise and intepret subtle movements is highlighted. Add top spin, left/right spin and back spin to balls with ease with a sweep of your hand as you attack the ball. Pulling off slams is incredibly satisfying too. Another great even in the bag for Kinect Sports.

    All of the above events offer Beginner, Medium, Professional and Champion AI opponents (the latter two appearing in many achievements) and they don't hold back. A Champion bowler can bowl a perfect or near perfect game easily and won't hold back the punches in boxing. This is one with difficulty levels for children, and then higher levels for the 'grown ups' and more experienced gamers.

    On top of this you have party play which divides your group up into two teams and gives you a mascot to represent your guys. Here the game randomly picks events and mini games for you to play and often throws in stipulations such as, you can only throw with your left hand, or you must known as many opponents out as possible. Each time the party games are different and the rules varied which is a great touch. This will go down a storm in large groups.

    We haven't even touched on the mini games (which are expandable with the Free DLC pack which offers 250GS more) and the various events like Pin Rush which sees you bowling with both hands at the same time to knock down as many pins as possible. There's boxing games to knock out as many people as quickly as possible, football target shooting and many, many more that we couldn't cover here in sufficient detail.

    And that I feel says a lot about this game. it packs in the content and doesn't compromise on any. Every game works perfectly and there is no issue with regards to it's integration with Kinect as with some titles (I'm looking at you Motion Sports). Fun for all the family, or alone if that's your gaming bag (as it often is mine). Get a group together and this title really comes to life however.
  • FyndlerFyndler128,364
    13 Nov 2010 14 Nov 2010
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    Pickup the racket tie your shoes put on the helmet its time for Kinect Sport

    Kinect sport is indeed a fun game with alot off options when it comes to gaming. The game fits most players since there is so many game modes to play, there is main games, mini games and even party games, to make everyone happy here are the games

    The main games are:
    *Track & Field
    *Beach Volleyball
    *Table Tennis

    The mini games are:
    *One Bowl Roll (try to hit so many pins you can before your tries are over)
    *Pin Rush (throw so many bowl balls you want and try get so many pins you can before the time is up, you can even throw two balls at same time)
    *Super Saver (be the goal keeper and try take so many balls you can)
    *Target Kick (shoot the target before time is up)
    *Discus (throw so far you can)
    *Hurdles (run the fast you can, dont forget to jump)
    *Javelin (try throw so far you can)
    *Long Jump (try jump so far you can)
    *Sprint (run the fastest you can)
    *Paddle Panic ( can you hit the balls ? even if you have two tackets ?)
    *Rally Tally (try hit the ball as many times you can)
    *Body Ball (can you hit the ball with the right parts ?)
    *Bump Bash (watch out they throwing stuff at you even bowling balls)

    As you can see the mini games are alot fun, much to choose from and gives a great workout, you will for sure sleep well if you can manage to stop playing

    The party game is just perfect if you having a nice weekend home with the familly or even if you having a party, split up people in teams and try beat the other team, your team will even get their own mascot to play as (can be changed if your not happy with the one you get)

    I can recommend this game to everyone, its great workout its fun and its a game that everyone can play

    I think the grapichs are okey, you can see your avatar and it changes the clothes for each game you play.

    Controlls are pretty simple if you can see it you can kick it,smash it, hit it

    The sound in the game is overall nice, its no annoying noises if you ask me

    Pros: Easy to play, everyone can play it, if you see it you can hit it, many mini games and party game modes for family and friends, its easy to find someone to play with

    Cons: Some achivments can be hard to achiv

    I cant say more then that, i love the game myself and have a great time playing it with friends :)
  • CassiopeiaGamesCassiopeiaGames182,225
    25 Mar 2012
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    This review was originally posted on my website,

    External image

    Lure your non-gaming friends into the wonders of the entertaining onscreen enjoyment. The controller-free gaming has made its entry, and with Kinect Sports it’s doing quite good. Everyone will find at least one game mode fun.

    The disc is full of fun sports, and gives a relatively good feel about the actual thing, though this game shouldn’t be used for training to the Olympics. You go from bowling, to table tennis, volleyball (yes, with cheerleaders) all the way to track & field with a series of sports including 100 meter sprint, javelin and discus throw, long jump and a quite engaging and fun hurdle race.

    Make a team mate out of your friend
    While football (soccer for the Americans) is the biggest sport in the real world, it is not the biggest one on the disc – to be fair, a little tournament mode could have been nice, as one match only lasts a couple minutes, and just restarting the match over and over will make it a bit repetitive. The AI lacks of intelligence and can get quite frustrating at times. Your teammates tackles your opponent randomly, more often than not to your favor, giving the opponent free- and penalty kicks that you have to deal with as goalie. That being said, it’s still fun and enjoyable to kick the ball to your friend, yelling: “shoot” and hope that your friend scores that important goal. Goalie works really really good, though the lag that the sensor suffers from refrain you from saving the most rapid balls, usually taken by the AI in corner kicks.

    External image

    Bowling is by far the game I will be playing the most. Most of my friends won’t be down with running and jumping in one place (my boyfriend won’t! I, myself, feel a bit retarded when doing this, so I don’t blame him) and bowling doesn’t ask you to do this. Everyone knows bowling, and what to do, so I don’t have to explain this game, even to some of my very few really non-gaming friends, that I plan on put in front of my Kinect. It feels like bowling, but without the weight, so you can play for a pretty long time without the risks of a sore arm that lasts for a few days. This is one of the most precise games on the disc, but I have experienced that my avatar didn’t want to let go of the ball so the game isn’t flawless. Once you find the style and feel of the game, you will start to slam down those pins.

    Now i am contradicting myself a bit here – I said I couldn’t make my boyfriend play any jumping games with me – but I actually got him to play a bit of beach volleyball with me, and we both find it really fun. This felt even more co-operative than the football, not to mention I’m loosing my breath more because of the jumping – and slamming the ball down on the sand feels satisfying.

    The minigames is made by the different sports the main events list is made of – but with different twists and rules. A good example is “Pin Rush” which basically is bowling on steroids. Bowling balls spawn in your avatars hands(yes, both of them) rapidly, and you have to knock over the pins as fast as possible within a time limit.

    Get your Groove on
    Well, the graphics are what you expect from the games that uses the avatar from your Xbox Live profile, they aren’t fancy at all. But it does work, and there’s no clipping or other really ugly fails here – though, if you scratch your neck, your avatars hand will go through either the hair or neck of your avatar, but that was expected, and in my opinion this isn’t a big deal, it doesn’t ruin the experience. While the sound effects just fit in, there’s a really great soundtrack for when you hit the nail in the game you’re playing (strike in bowling, making a world record in long jump, score a goal in football/soccer and beach volleyball…). Nothing better than hearing “We are the Champions” composed by Queen after making a goal in football/soccer, or “Celebration”, “You can’t touch this”, “Another one bites the dust” or “I got you (I feel good)” after making a strike in bowling or a world record in javelin throw.

    External image

    People called this game a Wii Sports clone, even before it’s launch, and yes, there’s similarities, but the two games are far apart – Kinect Sports is so much more. You can’t cheat the game into thinking you are doing the exercises just by flapping a controller, because the sensor will catch you cheating. I can feel my concentration getting bettered for every time I fire up this disc, and I can’t wait to try out my improved skills in a real bowling alley. I will go back to this game now, pushing my opponent on the start line before that 100 metres hurddle race begins.
  • Yort9Yort9417,884
    16 Dec 2010 11 Jan 2011
    11 12 1
    If you have young children in the 5-10 year old range I would say this is a perfect game for some family fun. If you don't have kids I say save your money there are probably other more interesting games out there. I have yet to consider playing it without them and I'm always going for achievements but even with many to be had I only have fun playing this with kids.

    This was the game we bought along with the Kinect because my 5 year old tried out boxing in the store. Suffice to say he was sold on it at that moment. Overall there is a variety of sports that will satisfy both young boys and young girls. If you are playing with your kids it will be a lot of fun for the family because it keeps everyone engaged and you can easily rotate people in and out.

    Some of the sporting events seem to work a little better than others like bowling and the running and long jumping events. The throwing games seem to be a bit more random and I am still having a hard time figuring out how well the tracking works it is also a bit lacking on the instructions on some of the games.

    The game is best played in short spurts meaning for an hour or two. It is a highly active game for the most part and you and the kids will work up a sweat. You will too, I would say if you are out of shape take it easy and be careful - you will put in more energy than you will initially realize.

    The recurring problems with the game I've seen is a two fold problem. Like with other Kinect games you need space. Then if you have the space because this game is a lot of running and jumping the kids have an issue staying in a proper zone. We've tried to establish a zone by putting things around my 5 year old so he understands better but it is easy for them to get out of the zone and become a bit frustrated. Then as I mentioned with the throwing games it is hard to say if this really works as they intend because with them it seems a bit random how far you throw and with bowling when you pick up the ball sometimes it can be an issue or it loses the detection.

    I believe the problems mainly are due to establishing the zone and because with 5-12 years olds they are obviously smaller and I think the camera can lose them much easier. I haven't noticed the issue occuring as much with me since I am 5'9' and much more in control of my movements.

    Last but not least I'll touch on why this really isn't a buy for adults without kids. I know the wii was always fun to show off some of those games when friends would come over. And this can be too but the last thing adults seem to want to do especially the wives is jump up and down and work up a sweat when we are hanging out having a drink and what not. And for the guys out there it might be fun for 2 minutes to show the tech but none of the sporting events will draw you in for a prolonged period.

    The biggest plus of the game in my mind is the large variety of sports so plenty to do from bowling, to hurdles, soccer and disc throwing. The kids seem to really like different games between them but both enjoy the game very much since they each have 3-4 game types they like. It is also extremely easy for the kids to hop in and out of the game.

    Overall a very fun game for the kids and that should be the intended audience and who you should buy the game for.
  • VollmernatorVollmernator109,808
    15 Nov 2010 15 Nov 2010
    4 6 3
    This is my first review on
    so i'll do my best.

    Kinect sports is a game with a mix of 6 sports. The sports are as follows
    Soccer,Track & Field, Bowling,Table Tennis ,Beach Volleyball and Boxing.

    Soccer- It's pretty fun you kick and head the ball by alternating the players you control.

    Track & Field-Kinda think of the old school Track & field game but with kinect where you have to run,Very tiring event.

    Bowling-This game doesn't work that well theres to much spin on the ball ,I find Wii sports did bowling better, But hey it's a start.

    Table Tennis-You hold a paddle and hit it back and forth it controls quite well, You just got to keep track if you have to hit a forhand or backhand shot.

    Beach Volleyball-Set,,Volley and Spike your way to a Victory,It's an exciting event. A Sweaty Session.

    Boxing-One of my Faves in this game good for cardio,a good workout plus it's really fun.

    along with these sports are mini game but i have yet to play them but it's 1-4 players for them. All the events you can play online either with a friend or against a random oppoent.
    ( I played online there is no lag at all-Which is good)

    overall this game lived up to what I expected it to be like. I love it if you have Kinect for sure make this one of your must own Kinect Games
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