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  • kingrich06kingrich061,604,313
    25 Nov 2008
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    Most movie tie in games is usually are bad and rushed out on the shelves to meet the movie released date. I did not have high expectations for this game when I started playing it. I just thought since it was known for having easy achievement points I would get this game done quickly and painlessly.

    Story and Content:
    The plot is follows the story of the movie to a certain extent focusing on the humans battling insects and wildlife of Kong’s Island. While there is little intro on why they are headed to the island like the movie, it focus from the island part of the movie and on. All the characters are included

    Game play:
    This is an adventure game that lets you play Jack (Jane’s human love interest) and King Kong. While you walk around in first person view in Jack, you walk around with Kong in third person The moves on Jack are basic but you occasionally find different guns to use but the bullets are limited. You can always find spears lying around to use incase you run out of bullets. With Kong it more like a fighting game where you have different attacks and a fury mode. There are no hit points but if you get hit in either character, the screen usually turns red and if you get hit again you usually die and start over from the last save point. Sometimes this will happen at the worst moment when it is already dark and you will not be able to see the successive attacks. Some of the stages will require you to figure out a puzzle to pass the level. Some of them are very easy while some will take some maneuvering skill. One of the interesting aspects is the computer controlled characters that help you along the way. They also get hurt like you and call out to you for help. They even attack the enemies behind you and sometimes warning you to look behind you. If you get stuck they usually give a tip on what should be done.

    Decent graphics for a game made in 2005. The characters and wildlife do look lifelike but they are a bit pixilated. The certain items like grass do look 2-D while other items look decent 3-D

    Sound and Music:
    Music score is changes from stage to stage. The music also changes when you get hit and the screen is red, it is more of a religious hymn that can get annoying if you get hit a lot. The sound of the jungle are there with wildlife and the crackle of flames from burning urns. If you turn the music a bit lower than the sounds you will get the sense your in the jungle.

    There is no real difficultly setting. The one thing that makes the game different levels is your success rate on finishing the level. The game counts your kills, time spent on the level, bullets used and times died. Depending on the level and your success rate, it will unlock extras that have no bearing on the game. These are usually clips and stills from the movie.

    Final Thoughts:
    This is not a long game and certainly not a hard one either. This is one of the better movie tie ins but certain not a refined product. The puzzles are fun to do but there is no replay value, once you finished the game there is not much incentive to replay because it doesn’t change at all. Chances are you will find this on sale or in bargain bins for a very low price. It would certain get your money worth if you buy it now.
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    UlteriorDesertStory changing maybe, one level can't change it.
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    M 9maidiWill it come back again?
    Posted by M 9maidi on 27 Mar at 09:30
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    12 Jul 2011 12 Jul 2011
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    +A solid FPS experience.
    +It's fun to wreck things as Kong.
    +Easy 1,000 achievements
    -Incredibly linear, even for a shooter.
    -The game feels more rushed the longer you play the game.
    -The difficulty is slanted oddly. Extremely hard levels will be followed by stages of little happening.


    Back in 2005, the Xbox 360 was released and promptly sold out everywhere. The initial launch library had a handful of games - including 6 first-person shooters. However, among all of the generic shooting games, one did actually have something unique to offer: Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie.
    However, what made the game unique also works against the game as well.

    As you might guess, the game is based off the 2005 remake of the 1933 movie King Kong featuring Adrian Brody, Naomi Watts and Jack Black. From what I can hear, all three return to voice their characters in this game, which does help the experience feel a lot like the movie.
    The two playable characters are Adrian Brody's Jack and Kong himself, leaving the rest of the cast to basically get escorted through the game - although they can come in handy at some points. Luckily, there's a fair amount of variety in terms of the gameplay, thanks to how differently Jack and Kong play.

    The first thing that the player will notice when playing as Jack is the fact that there's no heads-up-display at all. Not even a simple aiming reticule or ammo count. This actually leaves the game feeling a lot like Jurassic Park: Tresspasser, a horrible game I have a weakness for. But remembrances aside, The Game keeps things very uncluttered by only using a handful of buttons. Aiming, shooting, melee and reloading are all done with 3 of the shoulder bumpers and triggers, which is rather easy to remember when you're trying to escape the dozens of dinosaurs trying to make you into their next meal.
    Because of the lack of a HUD, the game also lets you check the ammo count of your gun at any point by hitting B, which makes Jack shout out how many bullets are left... although he calls them "magazines," which is somewhat odd.
    The weapons selection for Jack's section of the game is rather limited, though, to pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns and tommy guns. Spears are plentiful, though, and are going to be your de-facto weapon once the incredibly-limited ammo runs dry for whatever gun you've scrounged up... but good luck aiming them without that HUD.
    Puzzles in Jack's stages, and there are puzzles, are pretty simple and can be summed up in a few words. They're either "set fire to something" or "find peg A for slot B." The game will try to get complex over how far apart the fire and thing-to-be-set-ablaze are (eventually resulting in a wonderful stage where you evade Brontosauruses while running down a valley to fetch fire and back again, dodging Velociraptors each way), or hiding the pegs in things you need to burn, but the puzzles are pretty much never going to stray beyond that. But since the levels are pretty much jungle corridors, it's not like the puzzles are going to stump you, either.

    Kong's stages, however, are few and far between. But when they show up, expect a combination of frustration and fun.
    Many of Kong's stages are going from point A to point B, either pursuing someone who's taken Naomi Watts' Anne character, or moving to take Anne somewhere else. Kong plays in a third-person mode, feeling much more like a brawler, with grappling moves, as well as generic punching. However, these stages don't play nearly as well as Jack's levels. For some reason, Kong feels incredibly loose and keeps careening all over the place, and the enemies in his stages take serious advantage of this.
    Kong has a few "boss stages" as well, where it's Kong vs at least one enemy. Later stages add more, until Kong is almost overwhelmed from the start. Kong's Rage Mode (activated by hammering away on the Y button) comes in seriously handy here, as it's really easy for Kong to be slaughtered. In Rage Mode, the game also becomes satisfyingly brutal, adding "fatality" moves for Kong to perform on his enemies.
    Kong's final stages are a real disappointment, though. Running through 1930s New York, taking out everything in Kong's way certainly sounds fun... but the actual execution is stilted and broken. The levels, once linear and somewhat explanatory, are replaced with a wandering stage and awkward camera that doesn't let you see where you're trying to move.
    As the final level, it's very disappointing.

    The visuals have not fared nearly as well as other games have in the past, honestly. What was once relatively high-tech in 2005 has since fallen by the wayside and looks remarkably cheap in 2011. Faces are plastic and unemotional. Character hair looks plastered on while Kong's fur looks like it's made of layered pine trees. Indeed, it doesn't even look like characters are even talking half of the time, leading to awkward times when the models mime along with the lines. Graphical glitches, either due to developer lazyness (the second-to-last cutscene somehow features a magically-flying Kong thanks to how his shadow works) or simple bugs are more than common, which is distressing.
    On the plus side, the enemies actually look quite well-detailed, although enemy variety is incredibly small for a shooter game. Expect to see the same 3 different insect species, flying monkey things and 3 different sizes of dinosaurs that you actively fight rather than evade or treat as set dressing.

    Audio is... serviceable. Kong and the other creatures of Skull Island sound perfect, and the bits of music used are also appropriate and well used. Voice acting does sound wooden at times, although only from the more minor characters who aren't the big three of the movie.

    In all, while the game was a solid release back in 2005, Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie has fallen down the slopes into mediocrity. The FPS segments still hold up really well, creating tension and drama in many places while telling a fun story, but Kong's stages really hold this game back.

    But hey, it's an easy 1,000 achievement points.
  • BrasshandeBrasshande1,049,764
    08 Jan 2011
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    Like most achievement hounds on here, the only reason i picked this game up is for the extremely easy 1000 Gamerscore available, basically complete the game with or without using cheat codes and you get the lot. The game shows its age now, the graphics aren't particularly good and the whole thing is too dark, and just looks rushed, though that's hardly a first with a film tie-in. In truth, the game isn't much fun, it's repetitive and samey, but ultimately if you can pick up 1000 Gamerscore points for four hours of play then i guess the end justifies the means. The sections where you play as Kong are reasonably fun, but most of the game is unfortunately a drab, uninspired FPS. Still an easy 1000 is an easy 1000, just don't expect it to massively entertain at any point.
  • SpellersSpellers49,493
    04 May 2012 04 May 2012
    11 2 2
    I recently borrowed this game from a friend mainly for the relatively easy achievements.
    I have always found that games that are a direct offshoot of a film or series are pretty much always (that I can think of) poor at best, King Kong is not an exception to this.

    For anyone aware of King Kong already knows the plot to this game, group of people travel to exotic mysterious island, get trapped in a storm, bad things happen, they find a various equally implausible creatures.
    This I have no problem with, anyone that has gone out to buy this game should at that point be fairly well aware of what they are buying into, so let’s move on...

    The designers decided to go for a rather bold approach to this game, not only do you play as Jack, the one man army accompanied by jack black and friends. But you also get to spend some time in the proverbial shoes of Kong himself. This being with it two completely different game aspects, the first of which is a poorly implemented FPS.
    Playing as Jack you will have to struggle through the landscape doing 1 of 3 things genrally, 1 rescuing Ann in a very mario/bowser arrangement, 2 finding fire to burn impenetrable weeds or 3 fighting off hordes of mutant dinosaurs and various other nasties.
    The actual mechanics of playing with jack feel a little clunky, there is no reticule which makes aiming frustrating unless you have the sniper rifle. and you'll find that the NPC characters often feel the need to get stuck in rocks or stop because you've gone too far ahead. Keep in mind for a lot of the story to progress they need to be at your side.

    Playing as Kong is a somewhat different matter, being a giant ape you get to run around and trash everything in sight. However despite this again the game play falls this time into two categories; 1 chase after things taking Ann away from you, 2 fight baddies while keeping Ann safe (or waiting around for her to set something on fire).
    Despite this the mechanics for Kong feel far more finished and if nothing else is fun. To a certain extent it feels like the developers very nearly stumbled upon a gem but were held back by the need for the FPS and story elements. I was very much reminded of rampage and how much fun that was.

    All in all you can feel that this is a game that was made to fit in with the release times of the film, it feels poorly put together even when compared to games of a similar age. The 5 - 6 hours play time is short but feels like a chore with the Kong stages being the only real highlight.

    Unless you’re after the 1000GS gained for completing the story give this game a miss.

    Edit:corrected loads and loads of spelling mistakes :s
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    When I first picked up King Kong I had heard it was very easy achievements, and I needed some more gamerscore so I tried it out. About half way through I thought "hey this is actually isnt that bad of a game". I have gotten all 1000 gamerscore out of it now and am going to return it to family video. However I found it very fun and feel that im not that much of an achievement whore because the achievements were somewhat legit and enjoyable to do. If your looking for the easy 1000G then there some cheats for guns, ammo and such but i thought it was still a good and fun game to play even without the cheats. The puzzles are fun and playing as Kong is very interesting to see in a game. I felt very good after ripping about 20 V-Rexes jaws apartsmile. Overall a good game with adequte achievements.
  • FittedCabFittedCab245,631
    09 Jun 2010 11 Aug 2011
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    Peter Jackson's King Kong the game was one of the first releases to the 360 back in 2005 published by Ubisoft. The game received alot of praises from critics and gamers worldwide. It seemed that the curse of movie based games was over.

    I liked the movie so I decided to give the game a try. First impressions are everything and my first reaction when I started playing was dissappointment.
    The game starts off with a trailer of the movie which is the REAL trailer of the movie meaning it's not done by the game's own graphics. After the trailer you go straight to the title screen and select to start the game. Dissappointing indeed.

    After you start your game things start to look up since the game looks great and sound great. Voice acting is done by the same guys that actually played in the movie which creates a great sense of atmosphere.

    You play as Jack Driscoll who is a screenwriter for a the movie your going to be shooting in this island where you're heading in the beginning of the game with the director Carl Denham and actress Ann Darrow. There's also the compulsory black guy Hayes and the whiny annoing guy Jimmy in your crew. Needless to say, things don't work out exactly as they were planned and soon all hell breaks loose.

    The game follows the movie's plot pretty directly except for a couple of sections. There isn't a lot of dialogue in the game but you won't notice it because you're too busy shooting dinousauruses and lighting up fires to the bushes that are blocking your way. The jungle that you spend most of your time has been done quite nicely and it feels like it's alive due to the sounds everywhere.

    Playability is well crafted and you will get use to shooting things eventhough there isn't a grosshair on the screen. Actually there isn't anything on screen like your ammo or health showing!(You can put the crosshair and ammo showing on from Options in the Title screen) Instead the screen goes reddish when your hurt and it gets darker the more injury has been taken. The choir music gives an exciting feel like something really dramatic is going on when your character is slowing down and people around you are shouting out your name in panic.

    The game is divided into 42 scenes which sounds alot but it isn't. You can complete King Kong in one afternoon easily since it takes about 5 hours minimun to get to the end. There isn't any multiplayer which is a pity
    since it would of given this game some longetivity. Now it's just a game that you complete once and after that it stays on your shelf. After you complete the game there's a point system unlocked that gives you points for playing the game so that you can use those points to unlock pictures and an interview with Peter Jackson in the Extra option but nobody cares since there are no achievements for them.

    Achievements in this game are really easy. All you have to do is to complete the game. It doesn't even matter if you use cheats codes it still unlocks the achievements as you play. With cheats you can run through the game in a couple of hours if even that.

    Now we are at that part of the review where I tell you what's wrong with this game. While I was playing the game froze up several times and there was multiple glithes. Some of the glithes were so bad that I had to restart the game which is really frustrating and by restarting I mean start from chapter 1. The game is heavilly scripted so if you do something that you weren't supposed to do the game just glithes and the AI characters don't know what to do with themselves so they walk in circles for awhile and then mysteriously die. Alot of times the reason you "die" is because an AI character gets killed.

    Still with the glithes the game is easy to complete and it is an easy 1000 GS but be aware this game's a bitch sometimes.