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Posted on 01 August 09 at 04:48, Edited on 01 August 09 at 11:49
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As a life long King of Fighters fan, the announcement of a new game is always a very exciting moment for me. The announcement of King of Fighters XII was no different. Don't get me wrong, I look forward to most fighting games... but there is a special place in my heart for KOF. Eagerly awaiting the day of release, my friend decides to go reserve the game for PS3. We walk in to find out that GameStop got the shipment early and is selling the game now.

Flash forward a bit. We get home and pop in the PS3 version that my friend bought, ready for some hot KOF action. Long story short, it was not what I expected.

From the day it was released in the arcades in Japan, I learned that it would only have 20 characters. The console version was reported to contain more, but I was REALLY hoping for more than the two additions that we received. Considering that the majority of the characters in the game are from the first game, I was expecting the console exclusive characters to be from the same era as well. At least Mai should be in it, with Andy coming back and being one of the most popular KOF fighters... sadly no. They added Mature and Elizabeth. Not terrible characters, but certainly not fan favorites. At least Capcom polled the fans for their console exclusives in Street Fighter 4.

Now enough about characters. They have most of the best characters in the series anyways and I can't complain as my favorites (Kim, Kyo, and Iori) are here. But then SNK did something that almost ruined the game. They changed the move-sets drastically. Iori doesn't play like Iori anymore (he feels like Freeman from Mark of the Wolves now), Kyo seemed to gain the moves Iori lost, and pretty much every character only has one Super Move now. Not to mention that there is a certain lack of general moves across the board as well. Needless to say I expect more move spamming online due to lack of options instead of a general cheese-ball strategy.

The graphics also leave much to be desired. The new, larger, hand-drawn characters do look neat. I appreciate the step forward in trying to freshen up the series, but remain in it's 2D roots... but Street Fighter 4 did it so much better. After a while the lack of different stages and general lack of detail becomes more and more noticeable. Even with the smoothing at the highest setting it didn't hide the pixelation on the characters. In this console generation, we just expect so much better. I was slightly dissappointed.

Online was, and still is, mostly unplayable. The lag is horrendous for me. Maybe the majority of people that I get matched with live in another country, or my connection is garbage compared to most players (I have no problems on shooters though) but every match was too laggy to fight a proper match. Hopefully these problems are addressed soon, because more than half of the gamerscore can only be achieved through playing online.

All in all, this game isn't terrible... it just leaves you wanting more (or sends you back into BlazBlue's loving arms ^^)
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At long last... The UK gets KOF it what we have all been waiting for? Have other countries who got this game before the UK had a blast before us Brits?
In short...and my personal oppinion... yes.

Forget the gameplay, forget the game modes. What we all notice at first is the stunning art graphics. From my KOF '94 days (which happen to be about 2 years ago thanks to the Wii...cant believe I said that) most of the old school faves are back and redesigned. Back in its 2D form, the cahracters and the background are done in stunning manga detail, for me this is amazing. I have not seen a fighting game with more beautiful character design since the old arcade days. Many long term fans will be shocked with a few characters though. I know I was... Ralf Jones has taken his fair share of steroids by the looks of it. Unfortunatly there are only 5 stages so get used to seeing familliar objects in the background.

Anyway...enough of the art and graphics. We move on to game play.
Like most I was disappointed in the lack of moves for the characters. No where near as many in SF4 but they are simple and fairly easy to master which gives both long term and newcomer players a fair chance. Some moves keep the same throughout the years such as the Vulcan Punch used by Ralf and Clark but many have been slightly altered. Good news is the traditional 3Vs3 is still with us making fights last longer and have a good mix up of skills, moves and possibly laughability (thanks to Chin).

Game modes now...well...what can I say...
Arcade mode: No story on any characters at all! I was disappointed a lot here. Instead there are a few cutscenes just describing the tournament. And thats it in Arcade mode...The Tournament. 5 Fights and your done.
Versus: The only time in the game where you will have 1 on 1 fights. You can choose between 3v3 or 1v1. And thats about it for versus.
Other modes include Practice, Online, Replay, and Gallery. those are self explanitory.

Online: Think Street Fighter 4 mixed with Dead Or Alive 4, thats what you get. 2 modes: singe (you vs another in a 3v3 fight) and Team (Still you vs another but like a team event where your friends can be on your team and fight an opponent to give your team a fair chance of winning. THIS IS NOT WHERE A FRIEND OR SOMEONE JOINS YOUR FIGHTING TEAM. if you have played DOA4 think that.) and the lag...oh my... my first few games were horrible but do be persistant. You will find a lot of lag free games.

Replayability: the achievements will keep you busy for a fair amount of time. If you feel a bit bored with it. Leave it for a week or so, come back to it. You may get into it again, like with many other games. Don't knock it 'til you tried it.

Well my fellow gamers...this is my review...
Of course not the best but I gave it my best...
Not bad for my first review I think...

Anyways Have fun playing ^_^
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Posted on 09 April 10 at 13:41
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Now when I received this game I wasn’t sure what to expect, with being a knew come to KOTF brand. With this being a highly anticipated game, I was hoping it to be like a certain other classic fighter which received an update recently. I won’t go in too much detail right at the start as I will leave that for later in the review but I was in for a shock!
Now where to start.....
Well once I put this game in my disc drive I was full of anticipation as I am a big beat em up fan. But as I said earlier I was in for a shock, as soon as I started the game I noticed the graphics. They looked liked they would be more comfortable to and Xbox live arcade game. But as I have come to understand, this is the charm of KOTF as it’s that personal touch that comes with these games. So as I continued to play through the game the graphics grew on me and I started to see why they appealed to everyone on of the fans of the series. Although not next gen graphic I would give them a 7 for originality and the feeling they give you, it was just like being stuck at home playing my good old super Nintendo!
Now we go on to gameplay, well as with most beat em ups you have a good choice of combatants to choose from. And I must admit I have two favourites Terry Boggard and Benimaru, I found myself having these two in my teams most of the time. A good feature of this series is the team battles, which some beat em ups only introduced after seeing this series. But only little problem with this is you can’t switch between these when you want. Each fighter has to be Ko’d before you can use another. The controls are like that of normal beat em up’s A movement of the analogue and a button will bring for all mighty wrath or some pink sparkly stuff if you are playing Athena!
The arenas you compete in are nothing special, each one has certain things going on in the back ground, but they are mainly just for effect as you don’t really pay much attention to them. But the overall feel of the game is retro and I won’t lie to start with I wasn’t a fan. But as I played on it grew on me and I found myself starting to like the game.
The main arcade mode of the game is straight forward but short, you have 5 rounds of a time trial tournament. The arcade mode is far too easy for seasoned fighters but for new comers it will be a welcome introduction to the series. The absence of a final boss is a let down as it’s always nice to know your working towards something or someone. But there is no story to the arcade mode or the game itself really which as a fan of the story parts of beat em ups was a down side!
The online play was also a bit of a let down as it took me ten minutes to find a game and then I had to wait for the two competitors before me to finish before I got to throw a punch. But then the game seems to have a lag problem as every person I fought against seems to have poor connection. You can build up your fighting rank online, but this will take you a while as most people who play this are extremely good and it will be hard to even beat one of their fighters.
There are not any other modes to play apart from practice, there is unlockable artwork and that’s it too the game really. I think they could have done a little bit more with the game as the series has such an accomplished background. I would have liked to see a story mode or even a background for each fighter but there isn’t that. As a new comer to the series I didn’t know anything about any of the Fighters.
Now to finalise this I would recommend this game to hardcore beat em up fans as it has that little bit of retroness to make it an attractive game. But for a person not a fan of the series, it might not float your beat em up boat. I started hating the game, but ended up loving it, so you never know if you might end up loving it too!
Thanks for reading
Chris Henderson
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Posted on 27 February 10 at 18:51
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well what can i say about kof12 honestly im alittle dissapointed in this game why not add more characters more modes hell do like tekken did and have one of the older kof on the disk with the new game im not saying i hate this game im just saying more could have been done for this game im a fighting game fan so when i hear a street fighter or a soul calibur is coming out i cant wait kof12 comes to us like it was unfinished or just not cared about and thats a shame because i like the kof games next to street fighter tekken and soul calibur the virtua fighters and blaz blue games were ok to me not a big fan of blaz blue i know ill get some boos for that but thats ok anyway king of fighters is decent at best i would say get this game if find it for around 30 i got it at full price oh and if your a fan of online play good luck with that because its not the best a complaint that i have is that i did some secret achieves that was suppose to unlock another one well i do it and nothing jipped on a 50 point achieve so if your a fan of kof get this if your just a fight fan wait for it to go down in price i heard theres talk of a kof13 if so if it gets release on consoles hopefully snk learns from this and does. the next one some justice.
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