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Posted on 28 August 19 at 11:14
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There are not many games like KCD. Its a huge RPG based on real events in medieval Bohemia. The game has skill based progression, directional combat based on real medieval martial arts with experts heavily involved in development.

The game has great storytelling witth the main hero being a commoner, not "the chosen one". There are several ways to solve most quests and the game can be finished with killing just one person, nmo other killings are necessary - there is an achievement for that.

This results in kind of inverted diffculty curve. Everything is quite hard to do at the beginning because you as player and you as Henry, the main character, dont know what you are doing. There is beauty in this.

The game has great environments closely adhering to architecture and fashion in the time period of early 1400s with layering of clothes and armor unlike any other game. Animations and framerate may not be the best out there but the music and sound design makes up for it nicely. Plays definitely best on Xbox One X.

After 18 months since release the game is free of bugs that complicated players life after release (not for everyone, depended greatly on how you played) and there are several pieces of DLC with the last one, A Woman's Lot being absolutely great. It shows early events from the game from another character's perspective and then adds a questline about another woman and struggles in christian church at that time (the game takes place just before hussite wars and crusades against them - taking place in central Europe)
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