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Posted on 07 March 18 at 04:33
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((Like most people) I'm still working on the game, so the review is from what I've played so far. I rate it a solid 4.0 stars. That being said, I expect the game to get even better in time, so take the review lightly.


Essentially, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an RPG set in the Holy Roman Empire with a plot revolving around a civil war within Bohemia. You play as Henry, a blacksmith's son, who is virtually TOTALLY INCOMPETENT (Super weak with so low an intelligence that he doesn't know how to read at the start) and needs to learn the ropes to literally everything as you go through the story. Most of the time, you'll be trying to keep yourself alive and help others through quests scattered throughout the game. While the story isn't stellar, it's very historically friendly and keeps you on your toes with certain spins and twists. Next to the storyline are some smaller quests and a wide range of NPCs that are very immersive and well done. The quests vary from almost fetch-like to full-blown investigations, but nothing insane happens (everything stays within the lines of reality.) It's very easy to get lost in the world, as even with less perfected graphics, the environments are fairly alluring to the eye.

The game is practically completely open-world, although you are confined to certain areas during quests or story arcs. Deliverance includes some MAJOR survival mechanisms, such as eating, sleeping, bathing, and numerous other little things. For example, eat too little, and you starve. But eat too much and you become bloated and lose some finesse in the process. Even having bloodstains on your clothes can affect how you are perceived. You essentially have complete control of how to level up your character, with different options to choose from during dialogue to create a personality for him. Your survival skills help influence your stats as well. For example, bathing can sorely affect your charisma with others.

Besides the plot and survival aspect, the game is fairly simple. Because of the combat and realism offered in the game, Deliverance can be pretty hard to master, ESPECIALLY if you're not actually interested in the game. It's purely medieval, no magic involved. And there's a decent amount of focus on religion, war, and the everyday life faced by peasants and others. Expect mature themes, and don't be shocked if you die from the start.


Incredibly realistic environments and situations
Very detailed survival elements and a nice challenge for RPG fans
Accurate historical background (This can be debated on what you take as fact)
Plot-driven and consistent
Promises of future updates and patches
Amazing details


Buggy and glitched at numerous times
Occasionally has a broken quest
A semi-dull story at times (if you're not a history geek like me)
Clunky when learning
Narrow ways to play (in other words, the world isn't completely jam-packed with things to do)


If you're still interested in the game, then be aware of a few important features before sealing the deal. It'll keep you from wasting money.

COMBAT: This ain't Skyrim folks, learn to use the sword correctly. In all, the combat to Deliverance is different from many other games. So be ready to learn a new system if you choose to play. It's not necessarily challenging to learn, but it may not be what you expect. It tends to stand out as more realistic.

SAVES: Important information. You CAN NOT SAVE WHENEVER. Autosaves are given regularly, but any other time, you need to have an item available for use which counts towards a save. So keep it in mind if you don't have the time to reach a checkpoint each time you play.

CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION: In case you skipped the paragraphs above, no, you do not make your own protagonist. Henry is the default character and his facial features can't be changed either. This shouldn't deter you from the game, but just as a heads up if you're not a fan of pre-written slates for RPGs.

SLOW START: Yes, it's going to be slow at first. But bear with me when I say don't skip tutorials. There's numerous information about persuasion attempts, combat, horse riding, haggling, stealing, trespassing, etc. You might not like getting through the first and second quests, but I can assure you the game gets better as you go. You won't always be confined.

DIALOGUE: If you don't like dialogue and cutscenes, you might wanna skip this one. There's a great deal of them at first. These also thin out as you go, however, it's important to pay attention to characters and events as well. So just be careful if you choose to skip some dialogue.


Deliverance is unique, innovative, and specially crafted to offer a medieval experience without the magic. If you truly enjoy a challenge and are willing to wade through the few hiccups in the game, then I couldn't recommend it more.

However, if you're easily bored by the realism and constant struggles you might face, then don't waste the money. Deliverance is in no way perfect. The fact is, some people will love it to death, and some people are going to hate everything about it. So if you aren't dead set that it's something you'll enjoy then wait for a sale on the game.

Either way, it's important to walk into it with an open mind. The developers have promised some patches (there's even an article about this here on TA) so don't be too disappointed. Watch some videos and get a feel for the world first before bashing a game for not being what you wanted. Despite the issues, I feel pretty strongly that Deliverance deserves the stars. Just be aware that it may not be for you.
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Xin Noriega
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Xin Noriega
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Posted on 02 March 18 at 14:57
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This is a fairly early review (probably only 10 hours in-game) so take it with a grain of salt.

To start off, you need to go into Kingdom Come with the proper expectations.It is not going to be as polished or accessible as other sixty dollar RPGs, i.e. Bethesda titles, Witcher 3, and so on. This is not an AAA title, it had a relatively small budget and was partially crowdfunded. The developers also tried to keep it as historically accurate as possible. Your character is required to eat, sleep, and maintain body health, while only basing able to save at quest checkpoints, a rare and expensive in-game item, or sleeping in an owned bed. In short, this is a real game for real gamers.

With that being said, I think Kingdom Come: Dueling Bangos is a very interesting, aesthetically pleasing, and charming game. The main plot so far seems rather straight forward, has some interesting characters, but it keeps it pretty vanilla. Your character is well voiced and the facial animations are passable, but not incredable, think Mass Effect 1 and 2.

What really sells this game for me are the little things. Walking through the dense, old, woods and seeing what seems like over a hundred different types of trees and foliage. Hearing ten or for ten types of bird calls, and good Lord the sound track. Walking through the world is a treat.

The NPCs are generally well voiced and have very creative AI. Each character has a 24 hour cycle in which they will follow every day, and the player can interact and interfere with this to either the NPC's praise or shame depending on the action. It's rather difficult to explain, but is very engaging to me and absolulty makes me feel much more invested.

For example; I did a quest for a villager early on which required me to go find a rare type of bird based upon it's call. The quest it's self was fun and interesting, but after I completed it I got the standard "here's some gold and a piece of bread" but after that, this villager became my buddy. He would call me by my name in the street, if I saw him at the ale house, he would buy me a beer. It was really cool.

I've rambled for long enough. Buy this game.
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