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    26 Sep 2020 05 Oct 2020
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    I'm not usually one to replay a game let alone look forward to a "remaster." But eight and a half years ago I thought that Kingdoms of Amalur was a gem that was buried behind Skyrim even though it came out three months later. I fondly remembered playing the game although I never beat it and actually went back to playing Skyrim.
    In comes Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. I finally had my moment to replay the befouled action RPG once again without thinking of Skyrim. Well, maybe I didn't need that moment...
    To make things plain and upfront this is actually the same game with nothing more than some very minor shader and polygon upgrades. With that said many of the NPC's still have a janky and cookie cutter (generic) look that are all made from randomizing the lackluster character creator, per the original. If you have played the game before It is the same visually for the most part and gameplay-wise it is identical. I think the only character that was updated may be the female dark elf who wears a leather bikini and straps. No exaggeration, look up Alyn Shir. She is actually the main part via a statuette of the collector's edition for this rehash. It's possible that 2012 was the last year of the fetish female character. I know, not really, but you'd be hard-pressed to see a character design like that today in a game that wanted to even be AA.

    I think it would be a waste of time to try and write a new version of all the older reviews for the game since it is the same, but I will make some boiled down hardpoints:

    -The story is too heady for the scope of the gameplay. There are Fae, immortal humanoid beings, and everyone else... and the Fae are having a civil war of sorts because Big Bad Guy Fae doesn't like any mortals existing and wants to wipe them out. The problem is that R.A. Salvatore must have poured a ton of himself into this but the delivery is so bad that you just want to get back to fighting stuff, but...
    -The game itself is stupid easy and basic as anything I've ever played. Maybe I became a little burned out with Skyrim combat pacing and enjoyed it more for that fact the first time I played it but the gameplay is so repetitive that I can say it occurs pretty much only one way. Shoot arrows, roll into the attack while roll dodging every enemy attack while slashing, and then repeat. It is so easy that it makes you wonder why your playing. But what about the exploration?
    -If boring and railroading made a conceptual baby it would be this game world. There is a minimap on screen and beyond that, the overworld is big yet small. This game if anything else is an exceptional running simulator. There is fast travel for certain locations you have been to but the game progresses at the edges and you find yourself running more than fighting or talking. For me, there was a point where it feels like the player isn't being respected because you run for so long so often.

    Clunky UI and glitches don't even register compared to how mediocre this game is 8 and a half years later.

    You can't really play this game and say it is even adequate by modern standards.
    Audience: But Reviewer it isn't a modern game and it isn't fair to hold it to that degree.
    It's fair if they want to rerelease it now with almost no changes. We judge it now compared to the market at the moment, not the gaming landscape when it first came out. I can, and still have, played the Remastered Skyrim because there is no comparison to that gameplay and the improvements were meaningful. Not with this game.

    If you enjoyed the original Kingdoms of Amalur save the memories and skip the game. It's identical and doesn't hold up.
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    liner bronsonNailed it. Was really looking forward to this because I remember enjoying it the first time round (although, tellingly, I didn't remember any of the story so it can't have made much of an impression). But this time around, I found myself bored quite quickly. The repetitive combat quickly got old and the game is definitely showing its age now. To me, it feels like they slightly polished the back compat version and slapped a £35 price tag on it. Disappointing.
    Posted by liner bronson on 29 Sep 20 at 14:05
    Decaying Deadi also played the original, and while not remembering anything bad, couldn't remember anything at all really. This review, and the first comment, told me exactly what i wanted to know, thank you
    Posted by Decaying Dead on 24 Nov 20 at 10:30
    WicelowGood to know.
    I enjoyed the original but like the other comments here, I don't have any very precise memories of it. Not very good ^^
    I was tempted when they announced it'll come with a new DLC but the price similar to a brand new game and the short completion time they advertise for it (5h) isn't convincing.
    I'll pass then.
    Posted by Wicelow on 22 Jan at 18:57
    Bashemgud 03Funny and well written review, thanks!
    Posted by Bashemgud 03 on 14 Feb at 20:26
    Goggs25The game still crashes even after the patch. Enemies have auto aim which makes the dodge on this game useless. Enemies charge you when dodge they follow. Just like 360 version game is ruined yet again with a pathetic difficulty achievement. 2.5 is too generous it’s more like 0.5 since it’s nothing more then a port.
    Posted by Goggs25 on 14 Oct at 02:14