1. Knight Squad Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Hello and welcome to the Knight Squad walkthrough!

This walkthrough will give you the best route through the achievements, to pop all 15 in as short a time as possible. All of these achievements can be achieved offline, although a second controller is recommended for some of the local play bits, which will be highlighted as we go through.

With this walkthrough, I hope that the game should take you about 4 hours. Most of this accounts for the unforgiving nature of the challenges, and it's definitely doable in a shorter amount of time. You may go slightly over this if you get really stuck on one of the initial challenges, however, I've provided videos for the toughest challenges that should get you through.

We'll start on the aforementioned challenges (of which there are six, with achievements for each), and then go to Local Play Mode to sweep up the other nine achievements.

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