2. Knight Squad General hints and tipsUpdate notes

There's not so much to advise you on before we get into the challenges. However, two things to consider:

  • Be prepared to die. A lot. Knight Squad has no shields, health or checkpoints in challenge mode. One hit, and you need to start right from the start of that challenge (and boy do those loading screens take their time). This means slow and steady really does win the race in this game (or pop the achievement). Most of what I recommend in this walkthrough is to do with survivability, rather than speed - so bear in mind, we're trying to keep you alive here, not get it done fast! All challenges take about 5 minutes at the very most, many will be much quicker.
  • Use the D-pad when you're using ranged weapons (such as the mini-gun and laser) for better accuracy. It can be difficult to aim with the left stick (without putting yourself into trouble), so use the D-pad for targeting when appropriate.
  • The pause button is your friend! Using this, you can still see the battle as it stands under the pause menu - this can be used to avoid attacks, or plan where you're going next. You can also mash it for a "slow-mo"-style thing, which can be helpful for the second and third challenge.

We'll start with the challenges, as kills you earn here will also count towards:

So onwards, to the challenges! Charge!

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