3. Knight Squad Challenge WalkthroughUpdate notes

Lightning Rampage:

First one's an easy one. From the start, grab the lightning rod and use the D-pad to aim your projectiles at the skeleton nests (the green circles). Keep your distance, get in line with a row of them and keep firing until you manage to destroy the row of nests, then move on to another. Repeat until all rows are destroyed. Move to the right when the skeletons get closer, before turning and shooting at them - the spell bounces along multiple enemies, so you shouldn't have to do this too often. As you get to the last few nests, you may want to go a little closer to the nests, to avoid the skeletons constantly getting in the way of your shots.

Finishing off all 18 nests will unlock the Nest Exterminator achievement:

Worms Attack:

After the first easy one, this one is a bit of a jump up in difficulty. You're presented with four worms, whose tails you have to hit 8 times to get each kill.

You want to grab the sword upgrade first, and then try and stay out of the worms paths as much as possible - they change direction from time to time, and so getting too close to their heads, and trying to dodge right just as they turn right... Equals dead, and that loading screen. There's no particular pattern to them, so you have to keep on your toes. Corners provide some respite, but the worms will still be able to hit you there (it's just much less likely). Use the pause trick to your advantage here. Check on where they're all pointing, and make sure you don't suddenly get boxed in.

The worms can kill you from a touch with any part of their body. Be aware of this when you go to take shots, as you can kill yourself just by running into their tail as you attack. The worms can also move over each other's bodies, but not their heads - so when they knock heads, they stop following their trajectory, so be careful of this too, as it can cause you to overshoot and run into them.

I recommend staying in the half of the level where there are the least worms. Don't chase a worm down for the kill, unless it's isolated and isn't going to drag you towards the others when you do so. They're faster than you, so if you miss your attack, fall back to a safe position rather than following them.

The best way to manage them, is to stick towards the centre of your half - so that you're not falling victim to them bouncing off the wall in a funny way, and killing you. I found that chasing them towards the walls usually got me killed, as their body would "rebound" when their head hit the wall. Staying central avoids this.

Each time you hit a worm, their body bunches up under their head while they recover, making their tail unhittable. Whichever way their mouth is pointing when they've "recovered", is the direction they'll set off in. So once you've landed one hit (and if there's no other worms too close by), stay behind their head until they move off again to get an extra hit on their tail when it's exposed again. If you get lucky, and the other worms stay away, you can get 3-4 hits pretty safely this way. Just keep away if they're facing a wall, as when they head off it can be a bit unpredictable and result in... Well, another death.

After six hits on a worm, it will start to speed up, and changes direction more often. At this point, if you can, kill them off. They become a lot more dangerous and unpredictable in this state.

Occasionally a worm will get stuck in a corner, and you won't be able to hit it's tail. If this happens, just give it time, and it'll escape eventually. It may take up to 60 seconds, but be patient, as it makes it one less worm you have to deal with for a while. It's also better to let it sort itself out and come back in play, than restarting the whole challenge!

Killing the four worms unlocks:

Attack of the Trolls:

Now you're presented with 8 shielded trolls to slice and dice! Yay!

The trolls attack by charging across the room at you. They'll do this individually or as a pair. Look out for spikes emerging from shields before they charge (there's also an audio cue for when they're about to charge; a snort of sorts), and then move out of the way from where they're pointing. They'll charge until they hit something - a wall or another troll - and they'll then be stunned for a few seconds.

Touching the trolls when they're not charging doesn't hurt you (so don't worry if they box you in behind the barrier), but you really only want to get that close when striking them anyway. You can only hit them in the back (due to the big spiky shield in front), and they will always try to turn to face you - so running up to them with your sword ordinarily isn't going to cut it. (Cut? Sword? I'll get my coat...) After they charge and are stunned, they'll turn slower which is when you can attack. Three shots with the sword kills a troll.

You'll want to try and stick to the walls opposite as many trolls as possible. When you hear them ready a charge, you need to be moving to dodge. Use the pause tip if you need to, when checking which ones are charging. Keep moving around near the walls, as you'll want to be close to where the troll is stunned for an attack. You can occasionally get away with all three hits in one go, but as soon as you hear that snort, you need to be moving, not attacking. The trolls sometimes stop their charge when they hit each other (sometimes when they don't hit anything). Don't rely on this to block them getting to you, it's inconsistent at best, and will only serve to bail you out when you're lucky really.

So that is...

  • Stay near the walls, moving to evade when you hear a snort.
  • Keep reasonably close to where the troll impacts the wall for an attack.
  • Hit them in the back, but don't get greedy. Start moving again when you hear a snort.

After four trolls are dead, they start firing spikes from their shields in a spread, as well as their charge attack. Avoid the spikes as they fly, and wait for them to charge, as usual. Use the pause tip to check what sort of attack they're doing, and where it's going if needs be. After the last four drop, you'll unlock:


Crystalor is one of the most frustrating challenges in the game without a strategy. A LOT is going on all at once, and his attacks are impossible to dodge if you're in the wrong places. But he has a very set attack pattern which is easily avoidable, when in the right areas and actually this is much, much simpler than the last two challenges that had no pattern.

I actually produced a YouTube solution of this fight because to be honest, it is much easier to be shown what to do in this fight than read it. Whereas the last two challenges are more about some general tips on how to survive but rely on you having a good round, this is winnable about 95% of the time (allowing for dumb mistakes that we all make)

Following this guide will unlock:

Dragon Alert:

Dragon Alert is - like Crystalor - difficult when you have no plan (particularly when you move to the second phase of the fight), but has a very set pattern that you can exploit to win. Again, I've produced a YouTube clip that you can watch for this one, as it's easier shown than written. Using this strategy makes the entire challenge winnable pretty much every time, barring the odd mistake. Use the D-Pad here to aim if you're having trouble when shooting up/down, something I forgot to mention in the below clip:

Finishing off all four dragons will unlock:

Dark Knights Army


Ahem. The last challenge - or at least the achievement for it - is the simplest of the lot. You need to kill one solitary Dark Knight. Hit them once with your sword before they hit you, and the achievement (and 200G) pops. Can be done in about 20 seconds.

And that's our challenges done, 6 achievements and 400G for it!

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