2. Knightin'+ General hints and tips


cn_LS: Move

cn_start: Pause

cn_A: Interact (Open chest, door, etc)

cn_X: Swing sword

cn_B: Shoot magic bolt

cn_RT: Dash

cn_LT: Block with shield


Cheats can be entered in the pause menu. They do NOT disable achievements. These are taken from the Steam Cheats guide page at https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=18527....


Effect: restore all health.


Effect: restore all magic.


Effect: get 999 coins.


Effect: reduce HP of every monster on the floor to 1.


Effect: god mode (can be toggled on/off).

In this walkthrough, we will utilize the 999 coins and reduce HP of every monster to 1 cheat, but feel free to use any other cheat as you wish.

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