1. Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Deluxier Edition Walkthrough overview

Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Deluxier Edition

This game is a turn based RPG that will require multiple runs through the game to complete. Fortunately, one of the achievements is glitchy in a good way which will prevent a third full run through the game. Being that it is an RPG there can be random events that occur that aren't listed in the guide, such as monster battles or random encounters, so push on as best you can. The first run through the game will be aimed at earning gold and unlocking equipment to help make the second run even easier/smoother. Also, part way through the game when the devs are unlocked you will create a file with them but never play them. This SHOULD unlock the achievement without a 3rd run.

The game plays out like an old school DnD game. I thoroughly enjoyed this RPG and look forward to the next (which I intend to write a WT for as well). I must say this game got my nostalgic nerd brain going full force and I strongly suggest you play this game. Buy the bundle when it's on sale and you can get both games for under 10 bucks. Also as a side note, if you are a game creator, I want more games like this.

Lets get started.

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