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    PLEASE NOTE: This information is for the free prologue, not the add-ons. All achievements were earned during the prologue level as well, so you can complete the game yourself without purchasing anything.

    Korgan is an episodic dungeon-crawler based on a fantasy world during an apocalypse. Overall, there isn't much that's remarkable about the title. However, as a free game with DLC episodes, it's not bad for achievement hunters. It does plenty of things wrong, but the concepts that were attempted are at least interesting to see.

    Starting with the story, the game is almost entirely devoid of it. Long ago, war was waged between races, and here we are. Though you're presented with three characters, none of them are fleshed out besides for the codex entry pertaining to their class. This wouldn't be so disappointing if there were NPCs, journals, or something to read along the way. But the most you receive is chapter updates. The quests aren't very varied either, and you'll usually be killing one thing to pick up another thing. Rinse and repeat. This is likely remedied through the purchasable episodes, but as far as the prologue goes, it's incredibly barren and lifeless.

    But that's not really the selling point of the title anyway. Usually, players who are seeking a dungeon-crawler look towards the combat and loot. Unfortunately, Korgan doesn't do that justice either. The combat is unique in that you can switch to the three different characters (warrior, sorcerer, demon hunter) all at once. However, the warrior is severely under-powered, and level-up points are shared between the characters. This makes it difficult to build all three. And honestly, most players end up using the hunter anyway because she's ranged. The combat requires a bit of strategy (using magic and physical attacks when needed) but not nearly enough to justify switching characters often, which is also a downside.

    As for the loot, they can generally be separated into three categories: items, currency, and junk. Though the equipment has some added benefit, it changes nothing in appearance. The rest of the items are worthless unless they're needed for a quest. At the most, you can spend the gem currency on health items in your inventory shop. Combine that with the clunky user interface and the odd allocation of skill points, and it's difficult to enjoy the game.

    Conclusion: Though there's quite a lot wrong with Korgan, I still give it a star and a half. There's a concept here that's pretty interesting. Being able to change characters at will throughout an episodic-dungeon crawler. And it's shockingly void of bugs or glitches, which is always a good sign. However, everything else outside of the concept fails to deliver. There are no real "episodes" at play, just mindless combat within the three available dungeons. Combat isn't very detailed, and character progression does little. That being said. It's a free game with relatively easy achievements. For those looking to raise their gamerscore, there's really no reason to pass it up.

    Positive Points:
    +Short and simple with a unique take on the genre
    +Diversity in characters and enemies, with a bit of strategy
    +Easy list of achievements and at the awesome price of free

    Negative Points:
    -Story and history is only presented via codex entries
    -Dungeons are varied in appearance, but dull to explore
    -Difficult controls and user interface for the Xbox One
    -Loot is often junk or unneeded equipment with little value
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    NicoleRenee00Thanks smile I'd say the same. If I had paid money for the game, I might have been less generous. It's not so bad for achievement hunters, but not good at all for an actual game.
    Posted by NicoleRenee00 on 07 Mar 19 at 01:12
    Darklord18991000 gs in 3 hours with a woeful game. Just lacking in any polish. Download the prologue, beat it, delete it. Your review is right on the money.
    Posted by Darklord1899 on 23 Mar 22 at 02:41
    RobBroGood review!
    Posted by RobBro on 09 May at 19:21
  • RobBroRobBro44,981
    09 May 2024
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    Korgan Review:

    This game is one of the first games I played when I started this account and got me gamerscore quick (1000G). Was it fun to get this gamerscore? Well yes. This fantasy game reminded me of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) due to it's mythical creatures among the game. This game surprisingly isn't a popular game, yet it does give you some entertainment and isn't too complex to play.

    • 1000G in 2-3 hours
    • Free (excluding DLC)
    • Fun gameplay

    • Bosses are quite difficult
    • The second chapter has to be paid for

    My rating for this is:
    70% out of 100%

    Will you play this?

    I hope you do try this game because it's a nice change to many other games and is something for when you are bored or perhaps when you feel like an adventure!
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