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The gameplay is pretty simple and straighforward. You don't really need to worry about much strategy other than 'kiting' enemies. Both the mage and the rogue are ranged characters so you can move away from an enemy, shoot them, move away, shoot again, etc., until the enemy dies. Additionally, the mage's heavy attack has a chance to freeze enemies which makes your job even easier. This strategy works for almost all enemies in the game save for a boss or two and the dark knights which seem to be immune to ranged damage altogether.


cn_LS - Move - Pretty self-explanatory.

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cn_RSc - Interact - Pretty much everything that you need to interact with is done by clicking and holding the stick. This includes opening chests, reading obelisks, and disarming traps.

cn_A - Heavy Attack - generally does more damage but is slower.

cn_X - Light Attack - quick but does lighter damage.

cn_B - Special - each character has a special meter that fills up as they do damage. Once full you can use it.

cn_Y - Switch Character - switches to next character. Order is always the same.

cn_LB - Left Potion - uses potion equipped in left slot. By default it is the healing potion. If you're moderately good at kiting enemies you will have no need for this. There's also an achievement for dying 10 times, and no real penalties for dying so feel free to not heal...

cn_RB - Right Potion - uses potion equipped in right slot. By default it is the mana/energy/etc., potion (varies per character). Since you can regenerate energy/mana by just standing there there's really no reason to use these outside out of a boss fight, but since you'll be kiting anyway your mana should regenerate quick enough to not need these.

cn_start - Inventory - brings up the inventory screen, level-up screen, settings, etc.



Probably the most overpowered character of the bunch and the default character I played through most of the game with. The reason is simple: the heavy attack has a chance to freeze enemies making them immobile. This means you can finish them off with the light attack or switch to a different character to finish the job. Since for most of the game you'll be fighting one enemy (maybe two) at a time, this makes most fights ridiculously easy.

The mage uses mana which slowly regenerates when it's not being used. You can simply stand in one spot after killing an enemy in order to make sure you go into your next fight with full damage potential.

The mage's special is a high-damage, wide-area lightning storm around the character that strikes several times. This is really your only area-of-effect spell and only effective way of doing damage to a group of enemies. It is also great against bosses as it does a large chunk of damage to their large health pools.


The other ranged character is also pretty powerful since she can easily hit-and-run. The heavy attack launches several bolts in an arc which don't really do enough damage to handle crowds, but is great against bosses since all bolts will generally hit the same large creature.

The rogue uses energy which is pretty much identical in function to mana.

The rogue's special is a 360 nova of bolts. It's really not that many bolts nor do they do any significant damage so it's rather underwhelming as a special. It's almost always better to just use the heavy attack which will do more damage because it's focused in one direction.


The warrior is the only character that has to be up close to the enemies to hurt them. This is a rather big disadvantage because it means you're likely to get hit. That being said most enemies' attacks are easily dodge-able by circling around them. You can dodge the attack, hit the enemy, dodge the next attack, and repeat the cycle without taking damage. The heavy attack is a "jump attack" of sorts, but it is rather slow to land so you will likely get hit while trying to execute it and it doesn't really do enough damage to compensate for the risk. You're pretty much always better off doing several light attacks instead.

The warrior doesn't have a resource he uses for his attacks so you can spam them all you like. He does get a bar of armor in its place. While you have armor it will deplete first when getting hit. You will only take health damage once your armor is gone.

The warrior's special is rage. This is a buff/debuff. For a short period the warrior will deal twice as much damage but will also take as much damage. So long as you can effectively dodge attacks this is a nice trade-off but there's really no reason to play the warrior when the other two classes are much easier to kite with.

Skill Trees

Each time you level-up your heroes will get their health and mana/energy/armor fully refreshed and you will get a skill point. The skill point is shared so only one of your heroes can level up their skill. In the prologue you will probably get close to 10 of these if you clean up everything. Honestly, the description of the skill trees here will probably be more complicated than when you just look at it in game and realize how basic it is.

Each hero has their own skill tree of 6 different skills (3 tier-1 skills, 2 tier-2 skills, and only one tier-3 skill). Each skill can have up to 2 points put into it. You cannot get higher level tiers before maxing out all the lower level tiers for that hero.

The skills also don't really change anything. They're just small bonuses to damage, a stat, or health for the most part. Simply dump all skill points into your favorite character or damage, since you'll care mostly about killing things quickly. I managed to max out the mage damage skills and then started working on the rogue, but feel free to do whatever you want. It shouldn't really make a difference for the prologue.


There really isn't much of a penalty for dying. This is good because there's an achievement for doing it 10 times. You don't lose your gear and you don't lose money. Money is worthless anyway since the Prologue has no town. Any progress you've made towards a quest is kept. The only downside is that the enemies gain full health back and some traps might respawn.

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