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    30 Jan 2010
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    KrissX (meant to be read as "Criss-Cross") is an anomaly these days. At a time where downloadable games average around 600MB and try to push through Unreal-Engine graphics, a little word puzzle game that could fit on the smallest of memory units seems strange. These days, this would be the kind of thing done by indie developers, not a major corporation like Konami. However, this little $10 download has two major things going for it: it's easy to get into, and it's hard to put down.

    The whole thrust of the gameplay involves flip-flopping letters in a crossword-style puzzle as quickly as possible. The basic Quest mode is fifty levels long with a perfect difficulty curve (though some puzzle words pop up too often). As you proceed, you are constantly rewarded with new badges, Achievements, and game modes, which turn the game into digital crack. I found myself saying, "I'll just try a couple of levels," only to be playing an hour later.

    The graphics could've been done on a Super Nintendo, but they weren't meant to melt an HDTV. They're bright, colorful, and they don't distract from the gameplay. The sounds and music are minimal, but they work, keeping up a chipper mood that would've fit Peggle.

    Achievements pop up extremely quickly, but not at the whorish levels of The Burning Earth. This is a good, fun, an educational game for kids who can't handle the Achievement demands of Tetris or BeJewelled 2.

    I could think of worse ways to spend 800 Microsoft Points. Kriss X is a great puzzle game, bright colorful, easy to play, and addictive. And it's some easy Achievements that you won't be embarrassed to have on your GamerCard. smile
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    Tasty PastryGood review mate, thumbs up.
    Posted by Tasty Pastry on 31 Jan 10 at 00:25
    Doctor ShawnPlayed the demo and was hooked. Think I shall certainly have to invest in this. Great Review.
    Posted by Doctor Shawn on 31 Jan 10 at 12:31
    The GlobalizerIt's a nice little game, but it's a shame it's so effing easy. They built in DLC functionality, so here's hoping for some tough DLC (with achievements!)
    Posted by The Globalizer on 04 Jun 10 at 00:48