1. Kung Fu Panda Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Kung Fu Panda is an easy 1000 gamerscore. The order I got the achievements is the order I found most effective. Since its supposed to be a children's game, its not too hard. There are also cheats which don't disable the achievements so I strongly recommend using them. However, if you enjoy the game then you don't need to use the cheats. I've given a walkthrough for the story achievements first followed by all the collectables and cheats in the game.

Playthrough 1

First off use all three cheats and start the game on the master difficulty. These don't stack so you will have to do a second one on dragon warrior. In this playthorugh you will get the majority of your achievements if you do everything right. Don't die on this playthorugh ever and that means to never fall down or miss any button sequences. If you do, simply restart from the last checkpoint and try again. You also will have to get 100%

Playthrough 2

Playthrough on the harder difficulty getting 100% on each level.

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