2. Kung Fu Panda General hints and tipsUpdate notes

This game is easy enough to get a full 1000 gamerscore on but nonetheless there are some basic tips I can give everyone.

The best attacks in this game are the "panda quake" and "stumble" so use them often. Assuming that you use the cheats (which you have to enter each time when you start the game up) you can use these attacks infinitely. Spam them whenever you can but be aware that you have to upgrade these attacks as well for maximum carnage. Bigger enemies take damage of course, but some of them wont die from these so use strong attacks on them as well (Y).

Collect every single coin you can get on your first playthorugh since you will need to unlock everything. However, there is a nice little trick you can use to earn way more money. If you defeat an enemy with your panda stumble (roll attack) and you have a lot of speed you get aprox 4-6 coins by just defeating them. You dont have to do this, but its a nice tip I found during my playthrough. There is of course a specific region where you can grind the coins but I will go into detail on these later.

Always go for 100% in each level and if you fail on something or miss something reload your last checkpoint since you surely don't want to redo the whole level.

On your first playthrough avoid getting killed. Use the invincibility cheat but make sure you don't fall off the map or fail any of the quick time events (button pressing sequences) because doing so will be counted as a death. If that happens just restart from the last checkpoint before you died. You will have to do another playthrough if you fail that one so make sure to get it right first time.

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