3. Kung Fu Panda Story walkthroughUpdate notes

I will seperate this part in two since you need to play through the game twice to complete the game.


First off use all three cheats and start the game on the master difficulty. These don't stack so you will have to do a second one on dragon warrior. In this playthorugh you will get the majority of your achievements if you do everything right. Don't die on this playthorugh ever and that means to never fall down or miss any button sequences. If you do, simply restart from the last checkpoint and try again. You also will have to get 100% on every level. Spend all your money on panda quake first since it's the best attack you can have.

We start the game in Po's dream of being a great kung fu master. This level is supposed to be the tutorial and consequently shouldn't be difficult. If you use cheats its impossible to die in this level! Don't block any attacks in this level because you will unlock one achievement on the way for that. The only advice I can give here is to never smash any boxes unless you are 100% sure that you don't need them any longer for backtracking/coins. Once you encounter the big pig with the dragon sword you are done as soon as you beat him. Now at the endscreen if you did everything correctly you will get your first achievement. At the last area you can also quite easy grind out the fast attack combo achievement, the strong attack one and also the 15 hits in a row achievement. There are plenty of enemies and they are clustered together. I did it on this level, if you can't find a better one just get them here.

Now we are at the first real level, the dragon tournament. The only tip I can give here is to keep an eye open since you have to save villagers and collect fireworks. These can be well hidden so don't be shy to backtrack if you are not quite sure if you missed something. You can't die in this level either if you use the cheat and as soon as you reach the chair where you use the fireworks, you will get control of master Tigress (make sure to collect everything before you use the chair!). Beat the giant and after the mission summary the next achievement will unlock.

The next level is called level zero and this is the first level where you can grind for another achievement. You can't die here so no worries. Keep in mind that you have to beat the timelimits of each room. If you use the fully upgraded panda quake you can easily destroy each puppet with it. I found a very useful video and if done correctly you can get the invincible achievement here.

At the end you'll unlock another achievement. This was also the level where the 250 defeated enemies unlocked for me.

This level will start with master Crane saving a duck from some scavenging birds. If you use the cheat, dont worry about being hit but you have to hit each bird for a 100% rating so make sure you get them all! After this sequence you will have to defend the reliquaries from the scavenger pigs and this might prove difficult. If you upgraded your panda quake to max and everything related to it too this is quite easy since you can pick off pigs from a distance. Make sure you kill as many as you can while they are gliding down the columns (meaning to hit the columns so that the dragon heads spit fire) to keep you from handling too many enemies on the ground. You have to keep all reliquaries inside, as soon as one gets stolen reload your checkpoint. Once you beat the final big pig you get your next achievement.

In this level you have to find all eggs and save all villagers. This is actually the first level where you can die, so be careful! Luckily each time you enter an island with a lantern, as soon as it vanishes you'll get a save point. Ignore normal coins if there is a risk of drowning and only do what is absolutely necessary. If you restart checkpoint each time you fall down you should be fine. The rest of the level is really easy and at the part where you fly away from the crocodile simply wait for it to end and do nothing since you are invincible, thanks to the cheat. As soon as you finish the level, your next achievement will unlock.

The Wudang Temple is also quite straight forward so don't worry. You can also fall down here so be prepared and if you use the guide you should be just fine. However the part where you have to defend the temple might prove difficult since you have to use Shifu. Use his dash attack (hold down B) to reach assailants fast and destroy the hooks ASAP, then you are all clear. After the big fight you will unlock the following achievement.

When you take control again you will have to free villagers on platforms in the water from crocodiles. This time you are with Shifu and you can die in this level also so be careful where you step and what you do. Only approach Shifu on the boat if you are 100% sure that you got everything. The boat ride is one of the harder ones since you are not invincible on it, so be careful where you move it! As soon as you finished it you will get the following achievement.

You get control of master Shifu in this mission after a short button sequence since the heroic 5 are being beaten. You have to free them all and be aware that you can fall off if you don't hit the clouds exactly where you have to. This level is rather easy, just make sure to find every villager since they are quite well hidden in this level. After you've done it you get the following achievement.

You can pretty easily fall down in this level so be on your toes! Only jump once on the logs this way you can't miss them and make sure to not alert the sleeping ones. Free the prisoners and head on until you reach the bosses. They are really easy to beat, simply ground slam when they are dizzy after their whirlwind attacks and block them if they come close and you can't jump away from them. As soon as you beat them you finish the level and get the following achievement.

You might find this level confusing at first so here's a tip. You have to drop the big balls into mouths of the statues. Simply roll them up the middle ramp (you need some speed for that) and then climb up and activate it. As soon as you reach the last one Tai Lung will appear and drop you down to a circular arena. DON'T CLOSE ANY DOORS YET!!! Pandaroll without stopping and try to hit the enemies as you go. Continue until you have enough money to buy everything you can possibly buy, unlocking a lot of achievements. Also try for a big combo counter for another achievement. As soon as you are done, close the doors, finish the level and take another achievement.

This is possibly the hardest level to 100% since you only have Shifu. You have to protect all artifacts from destruction and they don't take that many hits before breaking. Keep using the dash ability and try to remember the order they spawn in. The fight with Tai Lung is quite easy in comparison so once you finish the level you get the following.

In the next level you can quite easily get everything, just don't die. Assuming you follow the collectible guide you should be fine. Once you beat the minotaur in the button sequence you finish the level and get the following.

The final fight with Tai Lung is really easy. Just use the pandaroll as often as possible and hit him straight on to deal a lot of damage. Once you finish the final button sequence you finished the game and get the following achievements if you did everything right.

Now, onto your second playthrough.


Since you already finished it once, this shouldn't prove difficult. Just do the same as you did in the previous one and you should be fine, so no further explanations here. If done correctly you get the missing achievements.

Congratulation, you've finished the game with a full 1000G!

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