4. Kung Fu Panda Cheats and CollectiblesUpdate notes

It took me quite some time to write each item down and the order I've written them is basically the order you will find them in the game. I will point out the item and the number of the item to as clear as possible. I'll also point out the level but first off, I will add the cheats you will most likely need to finish the game in no time. You have to enter them in the extras menu of the main menu (its to the right) and under the option "cheats". You have to enter them with the D-Pad.


Infinite Chi: Down,Right,Left,Up,Down

Invulnerability : Down,Down,Right,Up,Left

4x Damage Multiplier : Up,Down,Up,right,Left


Level 1: Po´s Dream

Coin (1/2): Ahead of you under the bridge, can't miss it.

Vase (1/10): On the same bridge as the coin.

Vase (2/10): In the area with the small pigs (first real enemy encounter) its in the right corner.

Vase (3/10): After the last vase head straight on until you reach a dead end with a barrier. Right in front of it.

Vase (4/10): Same corridor as the last one, before you cross the beam its on top of some crates.

Vase (5/10): After the forced stumble, head the same way back across the crates. Its on top of the crates so don't smash them.

Vase (6/10): If you look up the path you came from, in the same area as the last vase, its to the right of the alcove.

Coin (2/2): After the forced stumble, on top of some boxes.

Vase (7/10): When you first get a tutorial on strong attacks its on some boxes to your right.

Vase (8/10): After crashing thorugh the door, its in the same room so don't waste any enemies until you have it.

Vase (9/10),(10/10): In the area of the final fight, look careful before you beat any enemies.

Po Figurine (1/1): In the same area as above.

Level 2: Tournament of the Dragon

Tigress Figurine (1/1): Right at the beginning, behind the fist wagon.

Bunny (1/5): Next to the first ballista.

Firework (1/16): Its right after you pop the first balloons, on your way to the second ballista.

Coin (1/2): After the first firework, up in a wall.

Bunny (2/5): Next to the second ballista.

Firework (2/16),(3/16): On your way to the broken wall, after you popped the ballons with ballista 2.

Bunny (3/5): After you jump over the broken wall.

Firework (4/16): After bunny 3, on the small bridge.

Bunny (4/5): Next to ballista number 3.

Firework (5/16): On a ledge after using ballista 3.

Bunny (5/5): In the pit after ballista 3. you have to drop down into it.

Firework (6/16): In same area as above.

Coin (2/2): On the very top of a trampoline near the pit mentioned above.

Firework (7/16): After shimying across a log above the pit.

Firework (8/16): After the triple blades on the roof.

Firework (9/16),(10/16): By the triple blades, before you destroy the smasher in button sequence, can't miss them if you look closely.

Firework (11-16): In the last area where you have to bind all the rockets to the chair. Smash every box until you have them all and do not use the chair until you got them all.

Level 3 : Level Zero

Coin (1/1): Right after you finish your first time trial, can't really miss it since you have to do each time trial.

Level 4 : Protect the Palace

Coin (1/2): You get this during the flying sequence so you can't miss it.

Crane Figurine (1/1): When you have to defend the artifacts simply head straight forward and its to the right of the water pool on some boxes.

Coin (2/2): In the red room where you have to close the door simply jump up to the coin.

Level 5 : lake of tears

Egg (1/10): Cross the bridge at the beginning and jump to the right.

Egg (2/10): Follow the path of lily pads until you reach the beginning again.

Egg (3/10): When you're first attacked by crocs its on the same island.

Egg (4/10): Head to the left of the very same island, after some lily pads.

Turtle (1/4),(2/4): Both are found at the houses, can't miss them.

Egg (5/10): Its after the path of lily pads to the right of the houses.

Egg (6/10): After the previous one on the same path of lily pads.

Egg (7/10): Turn right and bounce off the turtle you just saved.

Egg (8/10): Take the path the second turtle opened up for you.

Coin (1/2): Climb up the rock where you found the initial egg.

Turtle (3/4),(4/4): At the second set of houses, you really can't miss them.

Egg (9/10),(10/10): Use the turtles to reach the remaining eggs.

Oogway Figurine (1/1): Its in the same area as the turtles you saved, behind one of the big rocks near the water.

Coin (2/2): After you rode the mama turtle head to the left across the lily pads.

Level 6 : Wudang temple

Climbing Ring (1-3/24): In the very first area where you start and learn about the rings.

Relic (1/7): On the plateau after the gorilla blows up the bridge.

Coin (1/3): After relic one, fall off the far end of the plateau, to the left.

Ring (4-7/24): In the area of relic 1 and a little bit afterwards on the borders near the bridges.

Coin (2/3): After the first rope bridge you have to blow up a stone formation to the right.

Relic (2/7): After the first rope bridge, again on a plateau.

Relic (3/7): After the second rope bridge, again on a plateau.

Climbing Ring (8-10/24): After the second rope bridge, in the same area as the relic on the edges.

Relic (4/7): After another rope bridge, again on a plateau.

Climbing Ring (11-12/24): Same section as the uper relic.

Relic (5/7): Another bridge, another plateau.

Climbing Ring (13-14/24): Again near the upper relic.

Relic (6/7): Another elevated section.

Coin (3/3): Near the edge of the relic area. Blow up some stones to the right.

Climbing Ring (15-18/24): On the edges of the relic area.

Relic (7/7): Across another rope bridge, the big ape will jump away.

Climbing Ring (19-21/24): During the section to defend the pillars of the temple.

Climbing Ring (22-24/24): At the boss fight area, cant miss them.

Shifu Figurine (1/1): At the boss fight after one of the bridges in the area.

Level 7 : Treacherous waters

Villager (1-3/4): Across the lily pads in the first section before you reunite with Shifu at the middle.

Coin (1/2): To the right of Shifu's boat in a circular lily pad section, can't miss it.

Villager (4/4): In the section in the middle.

Coin (2/2): Same section as above, on the top of the tower.

Level 8 : Wudang Rescue

Villager (1-2/16): In the starting area, to the right.

Villager (3-4/16): After crossing the bridge and beating the big ape. The cages are on a plateau.

Viper Figurine (1/1): On the snake's cage.

Villager (5-6/16): After you saved 3 of the heroes and after a stone bridge, jump across a gap to the left.

Coin (1/2): Near the previous prisoners.

Villager (7-8/16): After saving hero 4 and crossing the gap with the clouds there is a elevated section to the left.

Villager (9-10/16): After protecting Tigress with the balista on a plateau.

Villager (11-12/16): On another plateau next to the previous ones.

Villager (13-14/16): During the final fight to the left after the stone bridge

Coin (2/2): Same section as the above villagers on top of a building.

Villager (15-16/16): During the final fight to the right after the stone bridge.

Level 9 - Howling Moon

Prisoner (1-4/10): After the first climbing, swinging and jumping, as soon as you reach the bottom.

Prisoner (5-6/10): Near the area where you knock down the tree to cross the river.

Prisoner (7-10/10): After you cross the river.

Coin (1/2): Drop down on the next jumping sequence in some long grass.

Mantis Figurine (1/1): In the same area as the coin, just to the left.

Coin (2/2): After the jumping sequence, drop down on a little platform to the right.

Level 10 - Secret of the Sands

Statues (1-4/4): You can't miss them since they are story related.

Coin (1/2): Behind the neck of the statue without head and ball to drop down.

Coin (2/2): To the right, on a snowy patch between 2 dragon heads.

Level 11 : The Palace

Coin (1/2): In one if the side rooms after you defended the artifacts.

Coin (2/2): After beating the tiger on the second floor its right where he was standing.

Level 12 : The Warrior's Destiny

Fire (1/8): Directly in front of you after you start.

Fire (2/8): After the first one in the left corner.

Villager (1/8): Behnd fire number 2.

Fire (3/8): After the first two fires around a corner.

Villager (2/8): Near fire number 3.

Fire (4/8): Between the bushes to the right after number 3.

Villager (3/8),(4/8): Both near fire number 4.

Fire (5/8): Left of the door where the bull boss is, before you reach him.

Villager (5/8): Behind the previous fire.

Fire (6/8): Right next to the previous one.

Villager (6-8/8): In the area where you fight the bull boss.

Fire (7-8/8): Both are located in the area of the bull fight.

Monkey Figurine (1/1): You'll force stumble down the rock after the stone smashed the door. Can't miss it.

Coin (1/2): When shooting the ballista try not to destroy any boats because its only reachable across them. You have to jump across them to get it.

Coin (2/2): Go off to the left as monkey when you reach the red pagoda with the bell.

Level 13 : The Final Battle

Coin (1/1): When rolling down the hill, jump to get it.

Tai Lung Figurine (1/1): After getting the scroll stolen, in an alcove behind you.

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