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Kung Fu Superstar Concept Art Starts from Scratch

Kinesthetic Games' Kinect action title, Kung Fu Superstar needs all the community support it can get at the minute. In an attempt to hopefully earn some new fans and support for their Kickstarter cam

Posted 10 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

Begin Your Training With Kung Fu Superstar

Recently, we alerted you to the fact that Kinesthetic Games' Kung Fu Superstar was in jeopardy of not seeing release due to funding issues. In order to avoid that eventuality, they've started to rele

Posted 10 years ago by Michelle Balsan

Kung Fu Superstar Controls Some Gameplay

Back when the birds were chirpping and the rains were turning into early Summer's eve, we announced that Kinesthetic Games was putting you in the shoes of a hero named Danny Cheng with their kickstar

Posted 10 years ago by SgtDigglesworth

Kinesthetic Games Announces Kung Fu Superstar

Following recent news highlighting the fluctuating financial position that many businesses within the gaming industry find themselves in, today saw a promising chink of light appear. The better news

Posted 10 years ago by Keith Gray

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