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TA Playlist for March 2019 is Live with L.A. Noire

This March, TA Playlist becomes LA Playlist. Join our official game club as we head to the City of Angels to play, discuss, and chase achievements in Team Bondi's period piece crime drama, L.A. Noire.

Posted 1 year ago by Mark Delaney

TA Playlist Game for March 2019 Announced

March is nearly here, which means it's time to share the results of our latest TA Playlist poll. Grab your gun, badge, notebook, and pencil sharpener. We're heading to the golden age of Los Angeles with L.A. Noire.

Posted 1 year ago by Mark Delaney

Vote Now for March 2019's TA Playlist Game

Spring has nearly sprung and from the darkness of Oxenfree in February, we get ready to move onto a new Ta Playlist game for March 2019. Vote now for what you want to play with the community next month!

Posted 1 year ago by Mark Delaney

L.A. Noire (JP) Achievement List Revealed

We have just picked up the achievement list for L.A. Noire (JP). There are 62 achievements worth a total of 1,500 Gamerscore, 25 of which are secret

Posted 2 years ago by Rich Stone