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Posted on 28 December 17 at 20:38
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When the xbox one started frequently making remastered and definitive editions of games, my ideas radar kicked in and said L.A Noire would make a brilliant remake. The original was easily one of my favourite xbox 360 games, and was still playing it occasionally as little as six months before writing this. So preorder this remaster i did and couldn't wait to dive in once more.

L.A Noire puts in the shoes of Cole Phelps, war veteran and now street cop turned hot shot detective. His rise from the beat to the major desks serves as an adequate and meaningful tutorial, before you make your mark on the LAPD.

The four desks our play through, being Traffic, Homicide, Vice and Arson, are separated on 26 cases thanks to the inclusion of all DLC cases, including a previously unreleased case. The DLC for the most part squeezes in nicely with the exception of the sole Arson case, but isn't enough of a hindrance to slow down the pace too much. If you have played this game before the cases will offer no new surprises, but it is fun reliving them once more.

Also added into this collection are two new collectibles, some graphical improvements and a change to the interrogation system. The choices have now changed from Lie, Truth, Doubt to Good Cop, Bad Cop, Accuse. Its a cosmetic change and doesn't affect any of the answers.

As far as the improved graphics are concerned the change isn't major. Some textures are smoother but the faces of each suspect or any character you can speak with look a touch worse. All the imperfections which weren't as noticeable on lower resolution look plainly obvious here. There are also texture popping issues that can arise quite frequently.

But, just like the original, you stay for the cases and storyline. All cases are still amazing and drag you into the scenarios you face. I still get a little kick from getting 5 stars in a case even though it was quite often the third or fourth time playing it. And that is the main reason anybody would come back for more of this game.

If you played the original you know exactly what to expect. It doesn't add alot of new content but the existing content was already good in its own right. This game proves that Rockstar games are still the kings of open world, even if this cult classic is already six years old.

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