1. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Walkthrough overview

Welcome to TrueAchievement's walkthrough for LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Achievements. Here, you will find information on every level, every collectible, and most importantly, every achievement. The game does become a bit of a grind for the completion, but all the information you will need is displayed in a user-friendly fashion.

Story Levels

We will start off with the story. Complete all 15 levels before doing anything else. This is advised, as you will unlock some important characters during the story. Superman, Cyborg, The Flash and Green Lantern are all very useful characters, who will help speed up the process of defeating bosses, obtaining collectibles, and unlocking achievements later. Whilst going through the story, you needn't really worry about anything else. There is only one level that will allow you to unlock all 10 Minikits. It is much easier to worry about the Minikits and Citizens in Peril on your next playthrough (Free Play).

Gotham City

Once you have completed all 15 story levels, get started on roaming Gotham City. First activate all terminals found under the red beams of light. This will uncover the map, and show you the locations of the Bosses. Find and defeat all Bosses to unlock them. Now you have the Bosses, you can find and purchase all of the Red Bricks. The Red Bricks will give you Extras, which can be turned on via the Start Menu. It is recommended that you do this to increase your stud earnings, and help you find other collectibles more easily. Your next step should be to collect the 154 Gold Bricks dotted around Gotham City, followed by the Citizens in Peril. Before continuing to Free Play, find the Gold Arches dotted around Gotham City. You should be able to purchase all characters from these Gold Arches, aside from Supergirl, whom requires 250 Gold Bricks. You should also find and purchase the five Goons that roam the City.

Free Play

All of the collectibles for the Free Play are displayed on one page. Each level has suggested characters that you will need to obtain everything. Also make sure you turn on those Extras to make things easier. By going through the Free Play levels, you will be able to complete the Citizens in Peril achievement, obtain Super Hero on every level, and find all Minikits.

Finishing off

The final page in the walkthrough contains all of the Miscellaneous achievements, as well as the Bonus Level. Completing the Bonus Level will award you with the last Gold Brick. You should now be able to purchase all characters. As you now have all Minikits from Free Play, you should use each of them in Gotham City.

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