2. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes General hints and tips

The Basics

- Use LS to move.
- Use A to jump.
- Fly by pressing A when in the air (with Superman, and others)
- Use X to smash/attack.
- Collect as many studs as you can (less important later in the game).
- Hold B to build bouncing LEGO pieces into something useful.
- Hold X to aim. Move to a target, and the release to throw a batarang. This can also target grapple spots.
- Press Y to change player.
- Hold Y to pick a character (Gotham City and Free Play only).

Important Notes and Character Abilities

Gold LEGO Objects - Must be destroyed with Heat Vision (Superman) or Laser Eye (Cyborg)
Silver LEGO Objects - Must be destroyed with Explosives - e.g. Batman's Power Suit, or The Penguin
Blue LEGO Objects - Must be interacted with by a player with Magnet Ability - e.g. Robin's Magnet Suit, or Cyborg
Glass LEGO Objects - Must be shattered with a high pitch sound - e.g. Batman's Bat Suit, or Man Bat
Black LEGO Objects - Must be deconstructed by a deconstructor - Lex Luthor
Green LEGO Objects - Must be constructed by Green Lantern
Red/Yellow LEGO Objects - Must be contrusted by The Flash
Blue Objects - Can be interacted with, or walked on, with Magnet Ability - e.g. Robin's Magnet Suit, or Cyborg
LEGO Water - Can be frozen to become a wall/platform - e.g. Robin's Ice Suit, or Superman
Orange Handles - Must use a player with Super Strength - e.g. Batman's Power Suit, or Superman
Green Walls - Must use a character with X-Ray Vision - e.g. Batman's Sensor Suit, or Superman
Electricity Switches - Can be charged or discharged - e.g. Batman's Electricity Suit, or The Joker
Security Cameras - Must use stealth to sneak past - Batman's Sensor Suit
Ball Sockets - Must use Acrobat Ball to use device - Robin's Acrobat Suit
Blue/White Poles and Walls - Must jump and climb them - Robin's Acrobat Suit
Sludge - Can be cleaned with water - e.g. Robin's Hazard Suit, or Aquaman
Water - Can swim/submerge under water - e.g. Robin's Hazard Suit, or Killer Croc
Riddler Boxes - Must be opened by The Riddler
Joker Boxes - Must be opened by The Joker
Igloos - Can send Penguin Goons through to reach another area - The Penguin
Flower Beds - Can move through flower beds to reach another area - Poison Ivy

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