LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Xbox 360) Reviews

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    LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

    Release Date: November 11th, 2014

    Platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox One; PS3, PS4, PS Vita; Wii U, 3DS; PC
    Travelers’ Tales (TT Games) has been making LEGO games for 10 years. Totaling over 10 games, the much beloved formula that made LEGO games great was starting to become repetitive and bore. Can LEGO Batman 3 rejuvenate the series?

    One area that LEGO games were beginning to tire in is gameplay. It was beginning to get too repetitive – go to a destination, solve a puzzle, fight bad guys, do some free roam, etc. Upon starting the first level, I immediately was struck by the many improvements and additions that were made with Beyond Gotham. Rather than the annoying pop-ups with gameplay tips, players are able to hit the 3D bat symbol and have Batman’s biggest fan assist them in attempting to beat the level. This change, I felt, was excellent; it infused some character into Beyond Gotham, which is always good. Similarly, the fighting and flying mechanics were improved on. In previous LEGO Batman iterations, fighting felt somewhat awkward and very clunky; as did the flying mechanics (which were fixed in LEGO Marvel Superheroes, but were terrible in LEGO Batman 2). Needless to say, these fixes added to the general playability of the game. The biggest change in the gameplay, however, I felt was the games suits and the addition of the exceptionally fun space gameplay. In previous games, a significant amount of time was taken to build the suit stations, and when the player was able to switch suits, a cheesy sequence would occur and the player would then change suits. Also, there were only a few options to choose from in terms of suits. In Beyond Gotham, there are quite a few suits added and suit gameplay becomes more fluid. That is, instead of building terminals to change suits, players can use the brand new and excellent suit-changing wheel to change suits. Really, every aspect of Beyond Gotham’s gameplay is brilliant.

    Furthermore, the stories of recent LEGO games have been lacking. They have been very predictable and the characters in them have subpar at best. With the unheard of number of over 150 characters in the game, along with a stellar voice cast that includes the likes of Troy Baker, Adam West, and the titular Conan O’Brien, TT games adds a level of uniqueness and variety, which immensely adds to the game. These aforementioned things have directly impacted the unique story, in where the wide array of characters, heroes and villains alike, attempt to stop the maniacal Braniac from destroying Earth. Unlike stories previous, Beyond Gotham’s story is as brilliant as it is chocked up to be. While playing through the games 15 missions and several side missions, time went by extremely fast. In fact, I spent what felt like an hour on several of the missions, when, in reality, I had spent eight. This really attests to the brilliant level design and excellent distractions that are enclosed inside of the game; for example, when Wonder Woman and Superman fly, their respective theme songs play. Things like this make the game fun to play, and in turn, make the players time with it feel much faster.

    In addition, the acclaimed visuals of LEGO games are back, but are better than ever. The Lego figures look as sleek and shiny as ever; as do the buildings and environments. While no changes were necessary in regards to the games visuals, the sleekness certainly adds to the excellence that is Beyond Gotham. Finally, to address the games score: it is spectacular, and puts the player “into the zone” so-to-speak when playing through Beyond Gotham.

    Overall Score: 4.5/5

    Conclusion: TT games successfully rejuvenate the long-running LEGO series. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is a masterpiece that should be played by anyone who is able to. BUY THIS GAME!!!!

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