LEGO Batman Reviews

  • DavieMarshallDavieMarshall211,407
    05 Jan 2010
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    LEGO Batman

    The name implies this will be a game aimed at the young gamer. This is true, but don't be completely put off. This is a fairly simple game but when played in co-op with a friend, it can be quite a lot of fun.

    Much of the environment is destructible, and can be reduced to Lego bricks and 'gems' (the currency of the game). Finding large stashes of objects to be destroyed and then ploughing through them with you fists, or indeed a vehicle is necessary to obtain enough gems to purchase unlockable content and 'cheats'/'extras'. Luckily, this doesn't get tiring despite the fact by all means, it should.

    The opposition in the game from the enemy is somewhat non-existent as all combat is conducted on the X button, (with the B button used for special attacks, such as Dr. Freeze's ice gun).

    However, the opposition is little more than a side attraction from the generally larger portion of play which comes from solving puzzles, or trying to work out how to reach a certain collectible item in a level.

    This is worked out cleverly so that it is impossible to complete a level 100% in one, or indeed even two, playthroughs. Once the level is completed in Story Mode, the Freeplay option becomes available.

    This allows you to re-enter a level using a selection of unlocked characters to attempt to collect items you could not reach the first time through because you didn't have access to that characters particular special ability.

    The game plays OK in the single player mode, but your partners AI will have you shouting at the TV. Furthermore, curiously, the developers felt the need to make your AI partner inept and pointless in combat situations. That's not to say they don't pull their weight in a fight. They do. Or rather, they try.

    Enemies seem unable to die at the hands of your AI partner although they react to the hits. It will remain up to you to finish them off.

    This leads us to the final gripe with the game. Co-op play is local co-op only. No Xbox Live co-op which seems exceptionally strange.

    However, all in all, some classic platforming action, nicely presented, with some good ol' fashioned co-op play side-by-side with a friend means this game is certainly worth picking up at a reduced price (such as in the recent Wireless Controller/Pure/Lego Batman bundle) or for a rent if you feel you won't bother to squeeze the high level of re playability out of the title.
  • XantiriadXantiriad154,608
    31 Jan 2011
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    Pros: It's Batman; Lego characters are cute; the villains
    Cons: Platforming hampered by camera; vehicle levels are poor; hub world has instant death; no online co-op; dodgy AI again!

    Lego Batman continues with the same formula used in Lego Starwars and Lego Indy. It is the usual mixture of 3D platforming and item collecting -studs, mini-kits & red power bricks- that have been hallmarks of the series. Where Lego Batman does differ is that we now have an original story and context that is not based on existing movies alone. Lego Batman is an welcome addition to the family but ultimately highlights the usual complaints about the Lego titles.

    The Lego games are really the last bastion of traditional 3D platforming left in the current generation of video game consoles. For that we should be truly thankful. However, the cracks are starting to show, and the issues in the previous Lego games have still not been addressed: poor camera, instant death jumps, screen tearing, and unpredictable AI are still here and just as annoying as in the last 3 games.

    The switch to an original story, based around the various movie, comic book and TV interpretations of Batman, works well. It has allowed the developers to include some interesting new gameplay mechanics, specifically with the villain characters (always the best characters in the Batman canon). It does, however, make this Lego game even more fragmented when playing through on Free Play (where you can use any characters). You often have to toggle through 20 different characters to find the one skill you need to unlock a particular door or object.

    The sound effects are lifted from previous Lego titles, and the music has been licensed from the Batman movies. The music blends well with the "Burton-sequel" level design aesthetics. This is also probably the best looking Lego game to date, with lots of cool next-gen water and smoke effects thrown into the environments.

    Lego Batman is a good game but it feels like it should be the last in the current Lego series. Whilst maintaining the fun and whimsy of the other games, the gameplay mechanics are starting to become tiresome. Adding more skills and characters doesn't completely make up for the poor AI and often unfair level design that continue to be a problem. Wherever the Lego series goes next, it must reinvent and resolve these issues or risk undermining the good will it has generated so far.
  • msrdanovmsrdanov112,173
    31 Jan 2011 31 Jan 2011
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    I had this game sitting on my shelf for quite some time and finally decided to give it a try. I loved building Lego sets when I was younger and was pleasantly surprised at how clever the game is. The characters in the game never actually speak but the developers really did a nice job of conveying emotions using simple gestures and sounds. At a number of points in the game I actually did get a genuine chuckle out of it.

    The gameplay mechanics and puzzles are fairly simple but the ability to play as different characters mix things up nicely. The game is clearly targeted towards two player co-op but works well with a single player. The AI second player is sometimes frustrating because the character will get in the way or just get stuck somewhere offscreen. Fortunately this doesn't happen too often.

    Getting 100% completion is not terribly difficult although as with most games that feature the "collect all the do-dads" achievements this does get a bit tiresome. Kudos to the folks who worked on this game for making a really well designed and fun game.
    30 Jul 2011
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    This instalment of the popular lego game francise puts you in the shoes of the caped crusader Batman, as well as many other characters from the franchise.The game puts you through scenarios as Batman and robbin as they face enemies you would expect in a Batman game lsuch as: The joker, Riddle, clayman, Mr. Freeze and so on. Then you get to play on the villains side and cause mischife arround gotham city. youfind suit upgrades, bonus characters, and the alwayable mini kits. This game however is tire some because it is identicle to every other lego game out their. You play the story and find yourself playing every level 3-4 times if yyou are trying to get everythinng possible. Although this game is tefious and not the funest game there ever was it is better in co op mode.whith another living being playing the game is slighlty funner seeings how you have help with puzzles the computer is too dumb to help withThe graphics are the same as usual evy thing is made of lego pieces. However I did like the combat, when fighting an opponent, you can knock them back and get a combo mulitplier going. Unfortunately combat is not the only thing that goers into a good game. If you have played any other leogo game and didn't like it a lot, do'nt worry your not missin out
  • AKU DorkinstineAKU Dorkinstine70,118
    06 Jun 2011 08 Jun 2011
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    1st of all I'd like to let you know how it is that i rank and review games. I judge a game on three things. first how much I payed for the game. Second how much time I spent playing the game. FInally how much fun I had VS how much frustration I had

    Lego Batman was one of the games that came with my Xbox along with Pure Racing. If you were like me and tossed this game underneath the giant pile of first person shooters and are completely unaware of how awesome this game then listen up.

    for those of you got some other game with your Xbox you can pick up this game bundle for around $9.99 at GameStop.

    If you reading this review to figure out how to play the game then stop reading. I could care less with how it is you play this game. I figure if you read you can figure out how to play video games I'm much more intersted in whether or not you should purschase or spend your time with this game.

    Lego games are incrediabley long and each level must be played at least two times in order to 100% it. having said that if you don't care about gamerscore then there is almsot no reason for you to own this game or any other Lego Titles for that matter.

    For the record I said "Almost" no reason in fact I suggest owning at least one Lego game. there are those rare chances that your Xbox Live isn't working in which this game is a great couple of hours of fun.

    The only people who will be frustrated with this game are people who hunt achievemetns without the help of a guide book or online achievement site, and since your reading this off SAID SITE, then I feel you will have many happy hours hunting down colelctable and punching lego people in the face

    My final point is this.....the best reason to own this game and any of the other Lego games is because of gamerscore there are atleast 7-9 Lego games each having 1000 gamerscore

    ALL the Lego games are the exact same dam game.headspin meaning if you can 100% one Lego game then you might as well 100% them all and gain like 10,000 gamerscore.

    anyways i give Lego Games a 4/5 rating for being a well built, cheap game, perfect for sitting in the game case untill a rainy day comes along, or a five year old what ever comes up first.