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Posted on 01 July 10 at 13:36
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The Concept:
Lego gameplay comes to Hogwarts.

The Result: A beautiful and fun trip through the world of Harry Potter. Changes and upgrades to the Lego formula make this feel like the most evolved game yet in the series. The developers have tweaked the world so the exploration of Hogwarts and Diagon Alley feels like levels unto themselves while serving as hub areas to take you from level to level. There is a ton of stuff to explore, collect, and interact with to keep you busy.

If you are a fan of Harry Potter just seeing an environment based on the books with some freedom to explore is a bonus. You’ll recognize places, people and scenes instantly. I found myself anticipating things very early on from class with Flitwick learning Wingardium Leviosa to saving Hermione from a troll in the bathroom – all of these are done with that Lego style and sense of humor from previous games.

The basic Lego platforming and collecting elements are all here. So are some great improvements.

My favorite addition is the ability to target. No more jumping, hoping your shots hit what you want up high or in the corner. Hold the X button and you can now aim your spells with one of the sticks. Even better the game seems to know the targets and will cast the appropriate magic to get a reaction. The B button is the more interactive magic and changes based on your spell selections allowing an almost overwhelming number of interaction options with the environment. This allows you to do everything from levitate, to lighting the room, to brewing potions.

Another new addition is teaching your characters spells before you can use them in the game. This adds in classroom levels that are shorter than story levels but reward you with new skills. The more spells and potions you learn, the more areas of Hogwarts castle become accessible.

And it wouldn’t be Harry Potter without flying on a broom. Harry is of course the best at this. Control took some getting used to. I kept wanting the stick to control all movement, however the A button gains height, and there isn’t a button to go down so as you fly and aren’t pressing A you drift toward the ground.

My only other real gripe is the number of times you need to interact with an object for full effect is a little much. Sometimes you have to cast as much as five spells on a suit of armor for it to finally break into pieces. Not major, but a distraction from the fun that is the exploration of Hogwarts.

Hogwarts is an alive and interactive environment. The best looking Lego game so far. They graphics are stylized but they are colorful and bring the world of Harry Potter to life. There are plenty of students milling about, classrooms, and secret passages to discover. All of this makes it feel like a living place and not just a static set piece. The graphics fit the setting and they are Lego art based but I don’t think photo realistic system pushing graphics are expected.

Fairly easy, although most are story or collection based. If 100%-ing the game is important to you, be ready to sink in a little time to find everything.

(note made my best guess on spelling the Harry Potter terms – my apologies for any mistakes)
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Posted on 07 July 10 at 16:06
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Lego Harry Potter Review – By Joseph Waddell

Lego, a brand which has had years of success worldwide with both toys and video games, and Harry Potter, a name everyone knows and most love. Combining together to create the latest game in the Lego franchise, do they provide a magical adventure? This reviewer thinks so.

The game includes years 1 to 4 of the harry potter series, which is playable in either single player, or split screen co-op (sadly no online multiplayer) but however you decide to play, the game is fun and entertaining throughout.

The story of the game see you going through the main plot lines of the books and films focusing on the main key events in them, while adding an humorous twist to them all which sets a fun tone during the game. You will find yourself travelling around Hogwarts doing various activities such as learning new spells, running from dragons and solving many Lego based puzzles. How they designed Hogwarts works really well, as during the four years you use the same school, but due to learning new spells as the game progresses you can access different areas.

The game has a high replayability value to it as all of the levels can be played in free play once completed with any of the 146 characters that are available in the game and with each level having various collectables in them (gold bricks, red bricks, house crests and students) you’ll be searching around for hours after you have completed the game. As well as this there are also bonus levels which can be unlocked that provide entertaining puzzles.

The gameplay works well, you always have more than on character to switch between in single player, each character has different abilities meaning you’ll find yourself switching a lot to solve one of the many puzzles, which are rather easy all way through the game. The spell handling is designed well also, with you easily being able to switch between them but sometimes the targeting system can be annoying. The games money system is studs, anything that can be hit or destroyed drops them, and they are used to purchase new characters and spells.

The game uses the main music from the films, these may get repetitive for some but I feel like they are used well when they can be heard (plus I like them). Apart from that none of the characters talk which helps the games funny side as they use signals, signs, grunts and noises to communicate.

Graphically it isn’t the best but they work well for the game, with it being Lego it’s meant to be cartoony and colourful. All of the characters look good in their Lego form and can all be recognised (unless its Christmas, as no one in hats has hair for some reason). All of the spells look great and effective as do the Lego filled environments, of which some are reused, but most are unique throughout the game.

The achievements offer a great mix, and is relatively easy to complete, if not a little time consuming. A large portion of the gamerscore is based around completing the game, then there are the collectable ones, of which the students in peril one could provide tricky if not using a guide (the other collectables have locators located in the extra’s menu) and fun random achievements which it is always nice to see in games, such as scare so many students as a ghost and hide in a barrel as snape (Solid Snape)

Graphics: 8/10
a great Lego environment that is full and looks exciting

Audio: 7/10
very little but what is there is done well and enhances the game

Single player: 9/10
fun and exciting single player campaign which covers all of the storyline

Multiplayer: 6/10
split screen co-op only, but really fun to play with family and friends, could have done with online

Replayability value:9/10
lots to do and lots to collect, even after you’ve got 100% it’s fun to do levels as other characters

Achievements: 8/10
a good mix, rewarding completion while some nice unique achievements for the game

Overall: 78/100
A great fun and enjoyable family game for people of all ages, if you love harry potter or Lego your sure to love this game, only giving it 78% on my scale however awarding it with 5 stars
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(taken direct from my own site,
Harry Potter returns yet again but this time it’s in game form, with added Lego, comedy and general confusion along with Ron bieng repeatedly smacked in the face by pretty much every object to ever grace the planet.

Travellers Tales have certaily been getting around with these Lego games based on famous series, Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones and now JK Rowlings famous work is getting the treatment to and it seems that TT have gone with the simple concept of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Anyone who has played on of the previous Lego games is going to feel right at home with the basics of the game.
It takes place across the first four Harry Potter books, The Philosophers Stone, The Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban and the Goblet of Fire allowing Travellers Tales to create a game based on the major moments from the books

Of course being made of Lego means Harry can’t speak leading to the entire 4 books being played out in miming, grunts and Ron being smacked in the face.
Sadly this has lead to a major problem, if you have never read the Harry Potter books nor watched the films then your going to be lost.Not just lost in fact, completely and utterly bemused.
The plot of all 4 books have been compressed massively, mixed with the lack of voice acting and it’s impossible to know who is who and why that just happened. No, not that.that!

Luckily most people have either read the books or watched the films, but even those who have not will appreciate the humour within Lego Harry Potter, from characters miming troll attacks to Rons rather hopeless attempts at magic the magic and charm of the Harry Potter world as been captured in Lego form extremely well, giving the whole thing a certain charming appeal.

The familiar Lego gameplay returns, you can free-roam around hogwarts to a degree though much of it cannot be accessed until the correct spells are learned.
You’ll be lead to each new level by a ghost which keeps needless trekking around to a low allowing people who just want to get on with it a sense of direction while others can still explore at will.
In fact it’s exploration and replay that makes Lego Harry Potter shine, with around 100 unlockable characters to get, golden bricks to find and more completionists will have something to keep them going for a while.
You can expect around 12-15 hours of gameplay if you go through the story mode (which can be played in Co-op with a friend) and only grab the occasional collectible.
But you can also come back in free-play with any character to get into otherwise unaccessible area’s and find the last collectibles.

As you venture around the world you collect Studs ( Currency of a sorts) and solve puzzles to advance mixed with the occasional bit of combat or even broomstick flying.
The puzzles are all based on some wacky logic, and yet somehow make sense as you happily use the games main staple spell (Wingardium Leviosa) to flip things upside down, build objects and more.
At any time you’ll have at least two characters whom you can swap between at will by tapping the Y button, of course certain characters have certain strengths which allow them to access area’s others can’t.
It’s never too difficulty, in fact the game is pretty much a walkthrough and you can’t die as such allowing you to simply enjoy the game.

It all feels familair but remains a fun experience to play, a few minor niggles such as trying to line up the Lego sections do annoy at times but these are minor complaints and the Lego gameplay has capture the magic of Hogwarts very well.

But there are a few times when you’ll find yourself stuck simply due to not noticing some small object you needed to destroy to get an ingredient for a potion, it can be a little frustrating at times but is far from game ruining.
It’s all compelling stuff though often hampered by some frustrating fixed camera views which can lead to some moments of confusion and annoyance as you cannot see your goal or miss a platform.
other things include awkward vehicle handling, thankfully these are not often used.

Special mention must also be made to the Lego Builder which allows you to create your own worlds, and entire levels to playthrough.
It provides a good range of tools to play with and it’s possible to create levels almost as well done as the games original levels giving the game added length as the creative out there will be able to spend many a happy hour creating vast levels.
It’s sad then that these levels cannot be shared, it feels like a wasted opportunity.

While Lego Harry Potter may not deviate far from the traditional Lego gameplay the combination of License’s have created something with an addictive charm that is hard to describe, while the gameplay is simple and the game is easy to complete you’ll find it easy to sit, relax and play the game for a few hours at a time and come out of it with a smile from the antics of the characters.

The Good:
+ Lego Ron!
+ Simple yet addictive.
+Lego antics!

The Bad:
- Overly compressed storyline makes it hard for newcomers to understand.
- Often irritating camera angles.


Graphics: 7.5
It all looks sharp and clean and the environments are well done, but it’s far from fantasic.

Sound: 7
No voice acting to speak of, but the music from the films adds a nice tone to it all though some sound glitches exist.

Story: 5
It may be the story of the books but it’s so compressed that anybody who does not already know the story will be lost.

Gameplay: 8
Fun and addictive, it may be simple but it’s easy to lost a few hours in this game at a time.

Lifespan: 8.5
The story can be done in around 12 hours but completionists will be at it for a while.

overall: 7.5
The formula may not have changed but Harry Potter suits the Lego universe and it’s created a good game all round, though older gamers may find it too easy and simplistic.
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Kr4zy Karl 5
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LEGO Harry Potter is a thrilling game that explores further into the magical side of the world of Harry Potter. If you have played the other Harry Potter games you will of noticed how basic they are in the capabilities you have, but when you add LEGO to the equation, you can turn the world upside down.

Players of the old LEGO games will know what I am talking about, how every object can be interacted with and manipulated to do several different task.

The crisp graphics and top notch sounds make the world seem so much more dynamic and realistic, it's like shrinking down to the blocky shapes and viewing the whole world yourself!

This game is a MUST of 2010.
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