1. LEGO Indiana Jones: Original Adventures Walkthrough overview

The order I got the achievements is not necessarily the order you have to get them in. I will also post an extra section for the cheat codes and collectibles, but I dont think that the collectibles will prove difficult because this is by far the easiest Lego game I have played until now. I will also add a special section for the miscellaneous achievements which will need grinding.

  1. Start by quitting out and entering the cheat codes. Create a custom character and rename it. Unlock the secret room.
  2. Start by working through the levels, simply beating them, earning an achievement after the completion of every level. You can work on some of the collectibles now if you want, but some will not be obtainable until you beat the level and unlock free play.
  3. Miscellaneous achievements / finishing off collectibles / secret levels
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