5. LEGO Indiana Jones: Original Adventures Cheats and Collectibles


Artifact Detector VIKED7

Beep Beep VNF59Q

Character Treasure VIES2R

Disarm Enemies VKRNS9

Disguises 4ID1N6

Fast Build V83SLO

Fast Dig 378RS6

Fast Fix FJ59WS

Fertilizer B1GW1F

Ice Rink 33GM7J

Invincibility B83EA1

Parcel Detector VUT673

Poo Treasure WWQ1SA

Regenerate Hearts MDLP69

Secret Characters 3X44AA

Silhouettes 3HE85H

Super Scream VN3R7S

Super Slap 0P1TA5

Treasure 2x VM4TS9

Treasure 4x VLWEN3

Treasure 6x V84RYS

Treasure 8x A72E1M

Treasure 10x VI3PS8

Treasure Magnet H86LA2


You don't actually have to use the codes, but if you want to you can of course use them to unlock the characters.

Barranca 04EM94

Belloq (Desert) CHN3YU

Belloq (Jungle) TDR197

Belloq (Priest) VEO29L

Boxer 8246RB

British Officer VJ5TI9

British Troop DJ5I2W

British Troop Commander B73EUA

Captain Katanga VJ3TT3

Chatterlal ENW936

Chucin 3NK48T

Colonel Dietrich 2K9RKS

Colonel Vogel 8EAL4H

Dancing Girl C7EJ21

Desert Digger 12N68W

Desert Enemy Officer 2MK45O

Desert Masked Bandit N48SF0

Desert Monkey Man 3RF6YJ

Desert Soldier 4NSU7Q

Desert Swordsman 1MK4RT

Donovan 3NFTU8

Dr. Schneider (Desert) JSNRT9

Dr. Schneider (Officer) VMJ5US

Enemy Bazookaman S93Y5R

Enemy Bazookaman (Desert) MK83R7

Enemy Butler VJ48W3

Enemy Communications Officer 1MF94R

Enemy Guard VJ7R51

Enemy Guard (Nepal) YR47WM

Enemy Officer 572E61

Enemy Pilot B84ELP

Fedora V75YSP

First Mate 0GIN24

Grail Knight NE6THI

Hovitos Tribesman H0V1SS

Indiana Jones (Officer) VJ85OS

Indiana Jones Disguised 4J8S4M

Jungle Guide 24PF34

Kaokan WMO46L

Kazim (Desert) 3M29TJ

Kazim (Venice) NRH23J

Laoche 2NK479

Maharaja NFK5N2

Major Toht 13NS01

Mola Ram FJUR31

Pankot Assassin 2NKT72

Pankot Guard VN28RH

Punjabi Dignitary KD48TN

Punjabi Village Elder 4682E1

Sherpa Brawler VJ37WJ

Sherpa Gunner ND762W

Slave Child 0E3ENW

Thuggee VM683E

Thuggee Chatterlal CNH4RY

Thuggee Priest T2R3F9

Thuggee Slavedriver VBS7GW

Willie DJ VK93R7

Willie Pyjamas MEN4IP

Wuhan 3NSLT8

3. Secret Character

You have to find all of the Star Wars characters hidden throughout the game to unlock Han Solo. Here is a short description on where and when to find them:

C3PO --- Found in "The Lost Temple," right next to artifact #6. Break the barrel to release him and watch a short video sequence.

Luke Skywalker --- Found in "Into the Mountains" and can be found near artifact #7, use a bazooka or Willie's scream to break the ice wall.

Chewbacca --- Found in "City of Danger." In the Cantina mentioned in the level's parcel description, you can see Chewbacca behind some fencing. Use a small character to climb through the nearby hole.

Princess Leia --- Found in "Free the Slaves" in the same room as artifacts #6, 7, & 8. Head towards the camera from it and you'll see a ledge under the cliff. Follow it and you'll find some silver rubble to blow up and a door. Behind that needs an enemy to open, she's behind the door.

R2-D2 --- Found in "Desert Ambush," you need to hop on a horse on the far right, then walk it over to the left-most part of the screen. Use the dismount jump to get up on the ledge (there should be an artifact up here). Continue left and use your whip to pull him down.

4. Collectables (if you used the cheats you dont need the red parcels)

Raiders of the lost ark

The Lost Temple

1) Right at the beginning, to the left.

2) Dig up the 3 golden heads. The last one is at the part where you have to rebuild the head and place it on a statue, to the right, down a ledge. Tt will spawn there.

3) Where 2 spiders appear, hidden behind the long grass on the left.

4) When you reach the waterfall, cross the river and jump on the ledge to the left. Head on to the lever up there and go through the waterfall.

5) Where you disable the spike traps with your partner. The chest is in an alcove, right where you have to build something.

6) After the idol is removed, to the right behind some steel bars.

7) Activate the thug statue and wait for the spikes to lower. Use a scholar character down there and head over the bridge.

8) At the end of the rolling stone pit.

9) Head to the right to the giant skull and destroy the eyes with some spears.

10) From the spawn point to the far right, behind some trees.

Red Parcel (Fast Fix): After artifact #7, behind some breakable glass. You will come across the mailbox on the way.

Into The Mountains

1) In the bar to the right there is a fire place. Use both ropes to make it appear.

2) In the bar, jump up to the left, pull the lever and enter the room which is now open.

3) You have to dig up the snowmobile to the right and drive through all the gates that appear.

4) To the right of the bar is a metal gate.

5) You have to build up all 3 snowmen. The first is next to the mailbox, the second is by the metal gate and the third is behind the three boxes of TNT.

6) After the cave, behind one of the 2 ice pieces through a crawl space.

7) After falling down the bridge, behind some ice (Luke Skywalker location)

8) After the first gap in the cave behind a puzzle.

9) Activate the orange platform with the animal, repair both machines to enter the room, pick up the machine part.

10) Throw a torch in the golden cup on a pedestal.

Red Parcel (Super Slap): To the left, after the burning bar, is a guard post. Talk to the Nazi, open it and build the fireplace. After Santa runs out, the parcel will be to the right and a little bit further from the mailbox.

City of Danger

1) Where the monkey throws you the wrench behind some breakable glass.

2) Right behind the key to the left. Destroy the pieces on the ground to build the ladder.

3) To the right of the wooden doorway is an enemy guardpost, enter it and use the lever until it appears.

4) In the market area, to the left, enter the enemy area and assemble the satellites.

5) Same area, next to some small stairs, is a hole for a small character. Whip the studs and it's in there.

6) Same area, to the right, behind some metal bars. You have to build an item and push it over the edge.

7) At the monkey with dynamite, up the ladder and to a ledge to the right. It's behind the wall.

8) Beginning of the roof area, drop down from the roof and onto a platform (there are some brown bars to climb).

9) When you find the ventilator, you have to destroy it and glide upwards.

10) The area with the truck, there is a hole for a small character to the left.

Red Parcel (Treasure 2x): Behind the truck at artifact #10 is a riddle. Solve it and enter the cantina, it's in there.

Well of Souls

1) As soon as you start the level you'll be able to see it, so you cant miss it.

2) In the next room, use a small character to the left, lower the bridge with a thrown sword and place the metal box in front of a large door on the right, on the orange pad and open the door

3) In that room solve the easy puzzle.

4) The room with the 2 dog statues, grab the key and enter the door to the left.

5) Same room, destroy the silver dog.

6) After the cutscene, in the first room, climb on a vine and slide down to the end. It's in an alcove to the right.

7) At the spinning cylinders, to the far right.

8) After the spinning cylinders, the room with the snake shafts. Simply shut all 3 of them down.

9) In the room with the spears on the floor, grab the part of the riddle and solve it.

10) After the snake boss to the far left, up in a hole.

Red Parcel (Fast Dig): At artifact #10, just smash the debris and enter the hole. Fill the pool with the 3 vents.

Pursuing the Ark

1) In the starting area, destroy the upper right corner, the silver bars, and solve the riddle

2) Same area, push the mine cart into the bricks and build the shaft for the small character.

3) Same area, along the wooden path. Drop down through a hole that you have to dig.

4) Next section, to the top right, blow up the silver bars.

5) Next section, at the top left guard tower, destroy the silver tent in front to build the ladder.

6) Same area, destroy the gate to the right and drive over the lillies in the pond.

7) During the boss fight, shoot all the targets at the shooting range.

8) Same area, destroy the metal container in the bottom left.

9) Same area, next to the hut in the upper left, place all boxes for the gramophone to be built.

10) Pursuing sequence, at the back of a truck.

Red Parcel (Fast Build): At the beginning, hoist the second player with the crane on the upper ledge. Destroy the stuff underneath the box to gain access to the mailbox.

Opening the Ark

1) At the beginning, head to the right to enter the restricted area.

2) Same room, to the right of the Submarine in the water (you have to dive).

3) Same room, after lowering the ladders, after a crawl space.

4) Same room, left on the submarine, destroy the silver hatches and push the buttons.

5) Next area, on the roof where you need to make a number. Make 4 and 7.

6) Same area, in the horse holding pen, dig the right portion.

7) Same area, enter the restricted area to the far right.

8) Next area, to the left, dig up the parts for the cart.

9) Same area, in the back of a cave, you have to destroy the boxes to reveal a new area.

10) In the new area, to the right behind some riddle.

Red Parcel (Artifact Detector): Same area as the last artifact, when you move the gold monuments. The mailbox is in the same room.

Temple of Doom

Shanghai Showdown

1) Starting area, smash the cymbals and move the drums to the upper left to jump up.

2) Same area, destroy the 3 shiny tables.

3) In the next area, head to the left and pray at the statue to reveal a balloon.

4) Same area, underneath the previous one. Behind the red door, destroy the silver bars underneath.

5) Same area, right corner, destroy the silver bins. Use the hatch with a small character and solve the riddle.

6) Same area, where you get the engine part. Simply ignore the part, build the door and its behind it.

7) Same area, after building the car, jump up to the left and head along until you reach the back wall.

8) In the next area, in front of the hangar. You have to use the forklift.

9) Same area, where you entered the hangar, use a jump character after you've built the hatch.

10) Same area, after the previous one, same area.

Red Parcel (Treasure 4x): In the hangar area, head to the far left and destroy the gate. Use the sword in this room to get it.

Pankot Secrets

1) Starting area, to the lower right.

2) At the river, take the raft to the beach on the left and dig it up.

3) After the second gate, swing to the left and dig it up.

4) Room with thugee statue, to the left, behind a fern.

5) Room where you break the glass to get the book, in the far right wardrobe.

6) After previous one, in the room with the movable bed. Simply move it to the far right and jump up.

7) After entering the cave, to the right, in a hole.

8) Through the door, jump over to your left.

9) Swing across the spider pit, destroy the skeleton.

10) Beyond the door with the 3 foot pedals, simply smash the 3 items there.

Red Parcel (Poo Treasure): In the dining room, use a second controller and jump in a barrel. Right near the steps of the barrel, simply jump up with the main player.

Kalis Temple

1) Starting area, to the right.

2) Same area, just jump down and head left across the platforms in the lava.

3) Same area, in the uper left use the thugee statue.

4) Same area, dig up the 3 statues. The first one is at the spawn point, the second one is down at artifact 2 and the third is after the rotating platforms.

5) Same area, after building the statue you climb over, it's hidden behind some silver bars.

6) After number 5, on top of the pillar.

7) Where Indy almost saves the girl, jump to the walkway to the left.

8) After number 7, jump up and destroy the silver bars which reveal a lever to pull.

9) When you reach the cradle with the skull, at the top of the same skull.

10) Same area, to the far left after the mailbox and after you've repaired the machine.

Red Parcel (Super Scream): Complete the puzzle after artifact 10 to reveal the parcel.

Free the Slaves

1) After the spawn there is a crawl spot near the lava portion, after your first whip swing.

2) After the lava, there is a thugee statue.

3) In the gap of the wooden fence, to the left, after you've pulled off the parts with your whip.

4) After freeing the first slave, drop down to the lava on the wooden planks.

5) After freeing the second slave, pick up the button in the back right and after placing the button.

6) At the slave cage, thugee statue in the front.

7) In front of the cage, repair the machine.

8) Walk along and behind some objects is a crawl space.

9) During the boss battle, dig up the three skulls.

10) Same room, to the far upper right after climbing some bars.

Red Parcel (Character Treasure): In the room with the 3 platforms, simply destroy the wall at the back after whip swinging.

Escape the Mines

1) Starting area, at the front area on the right, down some ladders.

2) Top of the screen, in an alcove.

3) Same area, to the right, above the dynamite dispenser.

4) Same area, to the left, after the crawl space and the use of a thugee statue.

5) First track section, destroy the 3 overhangs.

6) Same area, destroy the 3 enemy carts.

7) Same area, there is a floating chest.

8) Second tracks, destroy the 3 overhangs.

9) Same area, destroy the 3 enemy carts.

10) Same area, again, a floating piece.

Red Parcel (Treasure x6): Starting area, behind the scholar puzzle to the left.

Battle on the Bridge

1) Starting area, in front of you behind the silver bars.

2) Same area, further downwards after a bridge. You have to be fast for both of them!!

3) Next area, to the far left after a crawl space.

4) At the far right side, underneath all the platforms.

5) Next area, after solving the scholar puzzle and using the mushroom.

6) In one of the camouflaged pits.

7) A little further on, after digging up a vase and placing it on the corresponding platform.

8) After the 3 statues, towards the front of the screen on the outcropping rocks.

9) At the flower pressure pad, behind a rock to the right.

10) Towards the end of the level, in an area where flowers pop when you walk across it. Make a full smiley here.

Red Parcel (Regenerate Hearts): First plant on the right, after cutting down the ropes of a bridge. Blow up the silver rocks in the following area.

The Last Crusade

The Hunt for Sir Richard

1) At the beginning, just jump up to the balcony and smash the glass.

2) At the mopeds, destroy the manhole cover and drive over the cones.

3) Across the bridge, destroy the cart and build the crawl space.

4) In the library, to the far upper left, use the revealed swords to destroy the chains.

5) On the 2nd level, to the right, destroy the metal coverings and type in the numbers in the hidden room.

6) Next area, behind the metal bars, you have to find the 5 skeletons. 1 and 2 are in coffins, 3 is after activating the thugee statue. 4 is after rats, behind the barricade on the right. Number 5 is underneath the water. Just push the 3 buttons.

7) Same area as the last skeleton, after the crawl space and digging in the cage.

8) Room with the sarcophagus of Sir Richards. Simply use the coffin and jump across.

9) During the boat section, knock down the 10 buoys.

10) Same area, when you repair the crane, pull the second character to the upper area.

Red Parcel (Parcel Detector): After the stone bridge, towards the top of the screen. Destroy the items and head upstairs to the lever where you can open up the portculis and drive through with the boat.

Castle Rescue

1) Blow up the 4 Knight statues with shields. The first is in the first room, 2nd and 3rd are in the second room and the 4th is in the area after the thugee statue has opened.

2) Area after the statue, shoot the items to the right.

3) Second room, move the table on the checkered floor and jump up.

4) After getting outside, blow up the silver machine next to the crane.

5) After reuniting with your dad, use your scholar ability on the right wall.

6) In the firey room, left of the switch-table, behind some smashable books.

7) During the boss fight for the key. After the restricted area to the left where you have to blow up the gates and jump across a gap.

8) Same area, above the stairs, you have to shoot down the ladder.

9) After knocking down the radio tower, drop down to the gargoyle to get the statue.

10) After the second enemy gate, destroy the silver dresser to get the final glyph for the riddle.

Red Parcel (Disarm Enemies): In the room which opens after the thugee statue.

Motorcycle Escape

1) In the first area, behind the gate you can blow up to the left.

2) Same area, destroy the chains holding the boats, drive them to the right and into a hidden area.

3) During the driving sequence, destroy the 3 bushes which let flowers grow. 1 is to the left of the first jump, 2 is between the rolling stone areas and 3 is after the jump where you use the key to raise the ramp.

4) Continue on, its right behind some iron bars to the left.

5) Continue on, it will appear in a barn with an open door.

6) After the second gate, it's on the left behind some bushes.

7) Same area, turn the key of the well.

8) Same area, dig up the trampoline and jump in the building. Use the tractor and drive over the secluded lawn pieces to let carrots appear.

9) Area with the turrets, destroy the far right tower and enter the door.

10) Same area, destroy the manholes to let seeds appear and then plant them.

Red Parcel (Treasure x8): After the seond gate, on the windmill which you have to turn with the key.

Trouble in the Sky

1) Starting area, to the right behind a glass display case.

2) Next area, at the clock tower to the left, you have to set it to 12:45 with the key.

3) Area where bombs drop down, open up the shed which doesnt have a handle.

4) Continue on, destroy the small tan structure to reveal the crawl space.

5) The second time bombs drop, decipher the riddle.

6) Where you get the wrench to fix the car, push the cart on the left to the right and reach the lever.

7) At the beach, to the far right, jump up the bars to reach the top platform.

8) Same area, just dig up all 3 castles. Start from the right and work your way to the left and you will find them.

9) Same area, behind the second castle and some rocks.

10) Same area, to the far left, jump in the water and swim on to the secret area.

Red Parcel (Treasure Magnet): Where the bombs get droped down. In front of the shed is the mailbox and after you drive the tractor across the patches and destroy the mushrooms.

Desert Ambush

1) Starting area, grab a horse and throw yourself up with it.

2) Same area, you'll be able to see a riddle. Use the ladder, destroy the gate and on to the thugee statue.

3) Same area, destroy the 3 trucks completely.

4) Same area, enter the cave and place the head on the statue.

5) Same cave, climb to the very top, emerge out and blow up the rocks after the whip swing.

6) Same big area, simply destroy the 3 metal poles.

7) Next area, after battling the tank, build the oil well and glide up.

8) Same area, build the mine cart to blow up the secret area.

9) Next area, to the left through the crawl space.

10) Next area, destroy the silver chest, get the key and throw yourself up with the horse.

Red Parcel (Treasure x10 - has to be done BEFORE defeating the tank the 2nd time): Avoid the tank fire, build the ladder to the left and continue across the boardwalks.

Temple of the Grail

1) Starting area, free the horses and head to the very start to lift yourself up.

2) Inside the temple, in the room to the right with the blue brickn simply use the statue.

3) Next area, before the bridge, through a crawl space to the left. Use the lever and step on both buttons in front of the cage.

4) After the bridge, you cannot miss it.

5) A little further on, destroy the chain with a sword.

6) Next area, just though the crawl space.

7) A little further on, repair a machine where some bars appear. You just need to time it right.

8) Next area, it's in a rock shaped like a bears head. Just destroy the teeth.

9) After the first invisible bridge, drop down the stalactite and enter the hole.

10) After the very last bridge, it's to the left.

Red Parcel (Invincibility): At the start of the level, to the left, buried next to a rock. The right-most enemy truck contains the mailbox.

4. Secret Temple Level (just an example)

Start with a Bazooka Trooper, turn left and shoot at the bus terminal until it is destroyed and the 3 people in it are dead.
Turn right, destroy the oasis resort area and build the bizarre wing vehicle with the rubble.
Head forwards toward Stonehenge, destroy the cacti and trees along the way.
Destroy the men standing by the building.
Destroy everything around Stonehenge including the fence and building. Pick up all studs on the ground.
Plant the flower seeds.
Dig the patch of dirt where the building used to be.
Construct the "O" from what you dig up.
Walk through the archway, causing the lights to turn red and the man to come up from the hiding hole, kill him.
Destroy Stonehenge with your bazooka which will destroy the ground underneath it, revealing a space ship.
Moving right, turn the fan counter-clockwise, exposing the temple of the grail.
Keep turning it, exposing the Lego wall.
Rebuild the Lego wall.
Shoot a bazooka at the temple of the grail, exposing the doorway.
Enter the temple of the grail and collect the studs inside.
Moving down, destroy the rocks and cacti on the way to the guard door.
Open the enemy door.
Head the rest of the way down, destroying the rest of the rocks and cacti, except for the 3 that can't be destroyed.
Move left to the the area by the rail cart, destroy the objects there and pick up any studs off the ground.
Move the dancing rubble off the hole covering.
Turn the crank exposing the slaves and blow them up.
Put the glass bottles in the blue case.
Move the case to the rail car, and use the torch to ignite the rocket on the back of the cart.
Jump on a motorcycle and follow the path to the race track.
Ride the bike through the gates in time for them to turn green, use the (B) button to wheelie for speed.
Destroy all objects around the race track, and pick up all studs off the ground.
Repair the oil derrick twice, use the rubble from the derrick to build the "E" and use the E to jump to the derrick and up to the floating stud.
Go up from the race track and use a girl to jump to the door that has a gold stud. Enter the room to collect its studs including those behind the glass wall.
Exit the room, head left, and use Indy to whip to the hidden platform and collect the studs using a girl to jump for them.
Head back to the right of the race track to the half-created Sphinx. Go to the buried opening, and create half the head.
Go through the newly exposed Shorty door to get to the platform and pull the switch.
Destroy the objects around the Sphinx, and use the new rubble to create the rest of the head.
Have your two people stand on the red switches to roll the head to destroy the Easter Island head.
Go between the headless Sphinx and the old Stonehenge. Grab the pull-taxi and follow the path of studs, now that there are no objects in the way of it's path.
Head back to the race track, and go into the hole that was created when you won the bike race. Build the rubble from the hole to create the "L".
Head left and down to find the dinosaur fossil. Destroy the objects around it.
Pick up a stick of dynamite and place it in the doorway hole.
Go into the large hole, clear out the rest of the hole and build the dinosaur head.
Go up from the doorway hole, and clear the rest of that hole out.
Use the rubble from the doorway hole to build the tail. Build the ribs, then bring the skull from the big hole and climb the tail to place the skull where it belongs.
Head right to the Greek ruins, and clear out the broken pillars.
Bazooka the non-broken archway.
Clear out the rest of the hole.
Build the rubble from the hole into the "G".
Build the red and yellow rubble to create the picture of a trophy.

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