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Posted on 08 May 14 at 07:35
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Lego Marvel Super Heroes follows in the footsteps of all the previous Lego games, bringing with it the best features of the past, and adding enough new bits to make this feel much more than just a traditional Lego game with a new face. It consists of a 10+ part story, a bunch of side missions, a huge open world sandbox set in New York, and a bazillion collectibles. Give or take.

The story is a nice length and requires you to play through it at least twice in order to find all the hidden collectibles, and complete it. In the same fashion as previous Lego games, you're given 2-4 specific characters to play through each story mission on the first playthrough, but on the second run, you can use any of your unlocked characters. As I said, you need to play through each level at least twice, but it's unlikely you'll play through them more than that.

On top of the main story, there are 10 additional side missions, unrelated to the story. Each level has it's own mini story, introduced by Deadpool, whether it's a bank robbery or a house party on Stark Tower. Whilst much smaller than the main story, each one of these missions could take you a good 15 minutes to complete. And if you haven't unlocked the necessary characters, you may again have to play through them twice.

The "base" or "home area" if you will, is set on the Helicarrier from The Avengers, but below you is the entire city of New York. Jump down there and you'll find gold bricks (of which there are 250), Stan Lee (50 times), hidden character tokens, missions you have to do for the general public, 3 part missions you have to do to unlock playable characters, vehicles to purchase and so much more! I've honestly never known a game with so much stuff in it. In this sense it almost feels like a GTA game!

Despite just being a Lego game, I think the graphics are really nice. The objects built of Lego blocks look like Lego blocks. The buildings and scenery not made of Lego blocks look sweet, but also don't look out of place next to the Lego objects.

This game is by no means difficult. There are some more challenging areas, but with a lot of easy achievements, and the majority of the game coming from searching for collectibles, you should be able to reach 100% quite quickly. Having said that, I put this game in the other day just for fun, and despite having 100% in it, it was still a hell of a lot of fun to play, and I still found myself discovering new stuff, and laughing at the cheap jokes and hilarious dialogues from the AI. "Who do you think would win in a fight between the Statue of Liberty and....a snake!?"

I only have one complaint with Lego Marvel Superheroes. The controls and camera angles can sometimes be a pain in the arse. Especially where flying is concerned. Quite often is the case that you'll be backed up against a wall whilst in combat, and the camera will spin around and show you the back of the wall. Luckily combat is just button mashing, so this isn't too much of an issue. Flying on the other hand is an issue. Cornering sharply around buildings sometimes sends the camera crazy and you will sometimes find that the directions on the analog stick change according to your relative position to the camera. One minute you'll be pushing up and flying forwards, the next you're pushing up and flying right. For navigating the city, you can fly above the buildings so this is fine, but when doing flying races, you will likely get angry quite quickly.

For fans of the Lego series, or of Marvel, this game is a must. With over 150 individual characters, a lengthy story, and plenty of side missions, collectibles and objectives, Lego Marvel Super Heroes is worthy of the next-gen title. It's a lot of fun to play through the first time, and just as much fun the 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Would highly recommend.
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Sir Nielson
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Sir Nielson
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Posted on 24 October 17 at 12:19
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LEGO games have long been exclusive for the youngest of us. With Batman, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings including, many adult franchises have already been taken by the yellow block world. Now it's the turn of Marvel's heroes, personally, my favorite franchise. Because let's be honest, who can resist a game where Iron Man, Spiderman, Wolverine, the Hulk and Gambit make an appearance? And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There are no less than 155 characters to unlock! Let the adventure begin.

A man with a plan
The game starts with the Silver Surfer (Fantastic Four), which is shot out of the air leaving cosmic legoblocks spread around the game world. It's the work of Doctor Doom. Together with Loki, Galactus and a bunch of super-bad guys like Magneto, Green Goblin and Venom, he is creating a plan to disturb Tony Stark & Co. The story line (including free-to-play levels) includes 26 rather long missions in which the super heroes alternate. The story is not only fun to play, but also very humorous. In particular, the way in which the story causes the various superheroes to encounter each other and make conversation is great. Picking a favorite character or moment is simply not possible in this game, although the jokes of Spiderman rise to special heights. "Attack with an elevator? That's wrong on so many levels."

A lot
Not only the number of characters and unlockables is overwhelming, but also the way it has been worked out. It's not just a bunch of different faces and costumes. On the contrary. The most prominent characters all have unique features that are identical to their franchise. From the way of talking to their attacks, the Marvel name isn't harmed in any way. The puzzles and gameplay may be as straightforward as what you're used to with LEGO games - solve the basic knots and solve puzzles by building block by block - but the Marvel heroes make it all the more enjoyable. Whether you're flying around with Iron Man, throwing around and kicking enemies with the Hulk, hanging on the ceiling with Spiderman, jam computers with Wolverine's claws, throwing your shield with Captain America or slipping through a pit with Mr. Fantastic. There are so many good things to do that spin your head. Not all features have as much added value, but some add something to the gameplay. For example, Black Widow can make herself invisible to bypass alarm systems (lasers) and Hawkeye can shoot arrows which the other heroes can use to get up. The level of the puzzles remains a bit on the surface, but the package in which it is presented is in any case very smooth.

Artificial "intelligence"
Are there any comments on this abundance of awesomeness? Hell yes. Although the game is very good looking, there are also constructive errors in the game, which could be solved after the other LEGO titles. First of all, there is the questionable AI of your buddies. Often you play in a mission with two or three different characters, between which you can change while playing to solve specific puzzles. This is already going wrong. The button to switch between characters is the same as the transform button (for example: the Hulk). You want to change quickly from character and instead you transform by accident. This doesn't only slows things down, but is also super unnecessary. There are enough buttons left unused. This adds to the scary dependence of the player's contribution. Playing by yourself with a certain character, you are pretty strong and move wonderfully through the world. If you leave it to the computer, that same hero is suddenly beaten very easily. This doesn't endorse credibility. What's also very annoying: you climb to the top with character 1 where you find out that you have to press a button with character 2. You switch to character 2, and see character 1 jump down without thinking because character 2 is also at the bottom. As a result, you must repeat the same path again and again. This feels incredibly meaningless and ungrateful and also eliminates the flow. Incomprehensible that this isn't resolved in this LEGO game by now. Donkey Kong Country did this better a little 20 years ago.

Another huge flaw in the game is the unambiguous menu structure and interaction during missions. The map of New York City contains many icons. If you go to a certain point to do something, you often find out that you can't do anything at that time with that character. But "then what?" is the big question. The game doesn't clear this up. During missions, this lack of interaction becomes painfully clear during puzzles or fights where you do not know what to do. The solution is to just break about everything you see in the hope that there are blocks left which you can use to do something. You expect a game to give some (optional) feedback, and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes fails here. This lack of decent interaction is really a great pity, as this would really improve the gameplay because there is a lot of potential. This also applies to the co-op mode. The camera refused to switch to the dynamic camera on a regular basis, so when you were next to each other, you still had a split image. There were also moments where the split screen showed the same image. The result: two times poor vision. In other LEGO games, co-op was terrible also occasionally, but as bad as here I have not experienced it yet. Very sad, because this makes the co-op virtually unplayable.

Like most LEGO games, this game is also worth the effort. The Marvel universe has been brought to life again and makes the LEGO world richer than ever before. The great number of top characters (including Marvel founder Stan Lee) with their unique features are a pleasure to play with. There is so much fun in this game that this is a must-buy for Marvel fans. If you are looking at the gameplay more critically, then you will find a lot of bugs. Most are not unknown to veterans of LEGO games. Think of big characters who get stuck on the surroundings, stupid AI of opponents and fellow heroes who accidentally defeat your friends instead of enemies. But since this isn't the first LEGO game, you would expect it to be the solved by now. Unfortunately, this isn't the case, and Marvel Super Heroes even has the worst co-op mode I've ever seen in a LEGO game. If you think of this as an important part, I wouldn't advise to buy the game. However, for single player mode, there is plenty left to talk about. A very cool title, simply because the fighting with your favorite superheroes in LEGO variant remains incredibly addictive.
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