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    30 Jul 2009
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    How I did it

    I went through the game using Syonyx's Guide, at GameFAQs, which is actually for the PS2 version of the game but works just fine for our achievement gathering purposes because of the absolutely insane level of detail this guy put into the guide. It really is kind of scary how much effort he put into the walkthrough as it covers everything you could ever want to know about Force wielding Lego pieces.

    Time Spent to Complete

    Now as with all "Family Games" on my Gamercard, I Gameflyed LEGO Star Wars. It is not a buy unless you have late fees associated with your rental as it took me exactly 35 hours to get the full 1000. Your mileage may vary. Quite a long time for a kids game if you ask me. 7/10

    Annoyance Factor

    I've mentioned this is supposed to be a kids game right? Cute lil aspiring gamers are supposed to enjoy hitting the buttons and watching Luke jump around the screen shooting baddies and while the game itself isn't hard but the achievements are pretty damn annoying to complete. My favorite are the "undefeated" series of achievements, where you basically can't die in the level. Now for the ground based missions this can easily be cheesed by using a ghost character like Obi-Wan, who cannot be attacked. However, in the vehicle missions, the slightest error results in a search for a 2x4 with which to stab yourself. In the eye. It is seriously enraging at times. In addition to this, the game is BUGGY. It loves to freeze at critical times (such as the final stretch on the Death Star II mission while you are trying to go undefeated) and on one mission where I had to fight Vader he simply did not appear, which meant the mission could never be finished. All the studs, mini kits and power brick had to be recollected. 7/10

    Difficulty to 1000

    This game isn't as difficult as it is annoying. The sheer number of off the wall bugs and undefeated achievements make the game a thing of luck more than skill. If you can get past the bugs, and have a good amount of time, 1000 points of gooey Lego goodness can be yours without a terrible amount of effort 5/10.

    This game is for:
    Hardcore Star Wars fans
    Lego Lovers
    People who love mindless hours of collecting items
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    Lego JoshCant trust a cheater! Worst review ever!
    Posted by Lego Josh On 24 Apr 20 at 15:22
    SkinfasstActually it's a pretty accurate review, for anyone wondering if they should start this game for the full 100%. Undying achievements are really annoying.
    Posted by Skinfasst On 27 Jan 21 at 09:39
    This game Is not buggy at all its never crashed on me and that's normally because your disc is damaged or your xbox Is overheating.
    Posted on 10 Mar 21 at 10:40