13. LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Bonus Levels

As you collect more and more Gold Bricks, you'll unlock special bonus levels that you'll have to complete to raise your completion percentage. Each set of levels requires an increasing amount of Gold Bricks, with the most being 60 for the LEGO City level. All of these levels can be completed at any time, but can be made easier by collecting characters, Minikits, and Extras to make your life a little easier. You can find videos for all of them in the playlist link below.

LEGO Star Wars II: TOT | Bonus Levels

Episode IV

Once you have at least eight Gold Bricks and finish the story, you'll be able to build the Gold Brick door inside this Episode's room, to the far right.

Super Story

For this Gold Brick, you need to replay the entire set of Story missions in order, in one sitting. You can also try to beat the Super Story in under an hour and collect over 100,000 to break two default records, but that isn't necessary for the Gold Brick. You'll very likely break these records anyway, though. Even though this game is more than a decade old, you could still challenge someone else to do better than you if you wanted to. If you've been following the Story page's instructions for collecting enough Studs for True Jedi, you'll find that playing through the levels without having to worry about that as a great and new experience. You can really save a bunch of time on Chapter 4-3 by not going overly crazy about Studs. Extras cannot be used for Super Story.

Character Bonus (Mos Eisley)

In Character Bonus levels, you can use any character that you've unlocked to play the mission. The goal here is to earn 1,000,000 within the time limit of five minutes. You really won't be able to get that many Studs in the time limit unless you have a bounty hunter character; you can buy Greedo in the shop for 60,000 Studs, or you can play through Episode VI, where you'll earn one for free after Chapter 6-1. Some certain Extras can be turned on for this level, but obviously none of the Score Extras are allowed.

With this being the first Character Bonus level, this one will be the easiest to complete. Metal objects, when blown up with a thermal detonator, give the most Studs out of all the objects available for destruction. It'll really help if you have as many Extras as you can for this. You can use all of them, save for the multipliers, to make things a lot easier on you. Purple Studs are only found in the Character and Minikit Bonus levels, and are worth 10,000 Studs. Try to go for these as soon as you see them.

Minikit Bonus (Death Star)

A Minikit Bonus level is the same as a Character Bonus level in terms of goals, but you'll instead be using vehicles. The vehicle selection isn't your usual one, but is instead the set of vehicles you piece together by collecting Minikits. You likely won't have a full completed Minikit model by the time you decide to check the Minikit Bonus level out, so you'll have to come back later after you've finished some from any of the 18 levels. Some Minikit models are completely useless, like the ones created from Chapter 4-2 and Chapter 4-3; more information on each of these vehicles is given on their respective section of the walkthrough in the Free Play pages. You should also try to at least have Invincibility, Tractor Beam, and Infinite Torpedoes for these.

This level is a bit of a pain if you don't have infinite torpedoes at your disposal. The typical blue objects in the ground and on the walls barely give off any Studs, so you'll want to move between two purple towers that you can use your torpedoes on. These will drop way more Studs than anything else, but have a long respawn time; flying back and forth between two or three of them will eliminate this problem, and you'll be able to get the Studs you need within five minutes.

Episode V

To build the next door, you need at least 16 Gold Bricks and finish the six story levels.

Super Story

Once again, you'll have to beat all six levels in one sitting. There's not a whole lot to say about this mode, since you've already beaten the levels in order to unlock it. Since you'll probably want to get this over with as fast as possible, try to remember what you have to do ahead of time. You can always consult the Story pages of the walkthrough if you're having any issues.

Character Bonus (Bespin)

This level has a lot of unopened bridges with buttons that might be too far away from you to press. Using Boba Fett completely removes this problem from the equation since he can fly over all of these gaps. As for collecting Studs, you'll probably be cutting it really close if you're not moving back and forth between metallic objects, so try to find two or three of those and get a path going between them.

Minikit Bonus (Hoth)

Don't bother trying this level until you have the Snowspeeder from Chapter 5-2. It's the only vehicle that can tether bombs and drag them around, and they're by far the most useful way of getting Studs. Drag them into a white wall, and tons of them will pop out, more than you'll ever get from a torpedo target. It'll take a lot less time to finish this level than it will for Episode IV and VI's Minikit Bonuses.

Episode VI

The last of the episodic Gold Brick doors asks of you to have 32 Gold Bricks minimum.

Super Story

Time for the final Super Story run. You should know exactly how this works by now, unless you decided to do this one first for some reason. Just finishing the levels gets you the Gold Brick, but finishing fast means you'll be able to use your time to do other things. One of the more time-consuming levels would have to be Chapter 6-3: Speeder Showdown. Try to get rid of your speeding enemies as fast as you can.

Character Bonus (Endor)

This final Character Bonus is easier than Episode V's, since metal objects tend to be a bit closer to each other. Imperial and Gamorrean Guards take more than one hit of health, so Boba Fett once again is the best choice.

Minikit Bonus (Endor)

There won't be any bomb-rolling tricks on Endor, so the best thing to do is immediately locate two purple torpedo targets and fly between them, shooting smaller things if you have downtime. If you don't start on finding these things right away, you might not have a lot of time left when you finish the level.


Once you have 60 Gold Bricks, you can take a crack at the LEGO City level outside the Cantina. It's highly suggested that you have as many characters and Extras as possible for this, though, because you're going to need to do a lot to earn all of the 1,000,000 Studs hidden in the city.

The level is pretty easy to understand. You're here to collect all of the Studs, so don't shirk any work. There are only a few things to remember when going through the city -- Use the Force on everything you can, Jedi slam everything, and use a detonator if a Jedi slam doesn't have much of an effect -- in that order. Using the Force on some things produces Studs, and it's never been clear whether ignoring that before a Jedi slam will prevent you from getting all of the Studs. Most things can't be destroyed by Jedi slams or detonators either, but some houses that are otherwise not destroyed by a slam might be blown apart with a well-placed bomb. You should also try to ride every animal and vehicle you can; some reveal a trail of blue Studs when you're in the vehicle, and can only be picked up when it's in use.

As for specific locations, there are a few specific places that would make more sense with a bit more information. The playground to the south has a rotating merry-go-round-thing with metal bars; this thing doesn't blow up, and spinning it doesn't produce any Studs, so you can ignore it. Next to the red building near the starting point is a large tower. Between these two buildings, use a Jedi slam, and you can get started on making a flying vehicle. One piece is inside the red building, and you'll have to use a Dewback to the south to get to the final pieces on top of the tower. There are also two wind turbines in the northeast, and they're also worth mentioning because the lightposts around the entire city cannot be destroyed until these turbines are working. To the northwest, there are a bunch of colored blocks that you can use the Force on. You'll have to stack them in the correct order to make them spell out the word LEGO in order to get any Studs out of them. And finally, there are some spots in the southwest that make flowers appear if you step on them. If you have a really good TV/monitor or can get pretty close to it without straining your eyes too much, you should be able to see small blue specks in the grass; these are where the flowers will be, so walk all over them to make them pop up. The Studs for these should appear after the last of the flowers stops moving around. And finally, the only flowers that can be destroyed are near the yellow building to the north.

If you're ever having any problems with the level and just can't find what you need to do, you can always restart and head into the level fresh. There's also a video available in the playlist link at the top of the page, so you can always follow what's done in the video as a last resort. Hopefully it won't come to that, though.

LEGO City complete.

Complete the LEGO City level.

LEGO City complete.
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Stud Fountain

This isn't a level, but once you have all 99 Gold Bricks, you'll be able to build a golden fountain that consistently spews out Studs. This is a good way to get Studs if you still need to buy the more expensive multipliers by the time you've gotten all of the Gold Bricks. Just hover next to it with Boba Fett and let the game sit for a while.

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