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14. Bounty Hunter Missions

You may have noticed a small locked-off room in the Cantina that has a picture of Jabba the Hutt above it. This room leads to ten Bounty Hunter Missions, all of which reward you with a Gold Brick when completed. In order to unlock this room, you need to first beat all 18 story levels, and then you need to buy all of the bounty hunters in the game. These would be Greedo, Boba Fett, IG-88, Bossk, Dengar, and 4-LOM.

None of your Extras will have any effect for these missions, so you can do these as soon as you unlock them if you'd like, and you'd be as prepared as anyone else would be. But, to make things just a bit easier, it'd be a good idea to do these after you're familiar with the standard 18 levels in the game so you can have at least a general sense of where you're supposed to be going.

LEGO Star Wars II: TOT | Bounty Hunter Missions


Being the first of ten missions, this one will be the easiest, which becomes even more apparent when you see that the level takes place in Secret Plans. Boba Fett, the flexible character he is, is all you'll need for this mission, so switch to him as soon as you can. Grapple up from where you are and fly across the bridge to the next area, which skips having you build the bridge back to functionality. The next area is where Darth Vader normally is for the first time, but he's not going to be here for this mission. Run to the end of the hall and go right after passing the doorway to find a bounty hunter panel. Open it up and head into the backroom, then run over to a flat wall with two ramps on either side of it. This should be a familiar spot if you've already gone for the Minikits here in Free Play. Just run up the two ramps and into the small dents in the wall to push a bunch of white pieces out of both sides. Then just build them into an archway, where you'll find R2-D2 inside.

If you decide not to go with Boba Fett for whatever reason, it should be noted that droids like 4-LOM or IG-88 cannot build things, so they would be less than optimal choices for the level. You have far more time than necessary anyway, so it's not a big deal if you've been using one up to the end.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

You'll be in Chapter 4-2 for this one, inside the Sandcrawler. Obi-Wan is at the very back end of the Sandcrawler, so that should clear up any sense of confusion on where to go. You can use droid panels with IG-88 and 4-LOM to get by, but the Jawas inside will always try to zap them; since they take two hits of health, it's smart to use either 4-LOM or Boba Fett to kill them in one shot with their superior blasters. And since 4-LOM is a droid, Boba Fett reigns supreme once more as the best choice. You'll know when you finally get to the back end of the Sandcrawler, as you won't be able to get out to the desert since you'd need the Force to do so. When you're here, look to the right and destroy some small containers to reach Obi-Wan hiding in a small room there.


Chewbacca is in Chapter 4-3. You'll start off outside the Cantina, and Chewbacca is in the large area with the theater and the Dewbacks, so it should be pretty clear as to what you need to do to get there. You can ignore anything you don't have to do, and you can destroy the big gray door leading to the area Chewie's in with a thermal detonator. When you've made it here, shoot off the three brown doors to the left, and you'll find the wookie behind the door to the left.

Princess Leia

Leia is, of course, back in the prison hall of the Death Star. Since you start out by the unbuilt turnstile, you'll want to be a bounty hunter who isn't a droid, but you can skip building it altogether by using Boba Fett to fly across the gap and towards the grapple point. And from the top of that first grapple point, you can hover into the computer room ahead, which will bring your whole party with you. From the computer room to the elevator down to the prison hall, there shouldn't be anything spectacular standing in your way except for perhaps a few enemies, so just run on towards the elevator.

When you're in the prison hall, build up the two control panels so you can get to the cells, and then look for Leia's original cell. You'll find it by looking for the small grate that you can use the Force on. Leia is now in the cell on the other side of the hall, so just face left when you get to the grate and open that cell up to find her.

Admiral Ackbar

Admiral Ackbar is in Chapter 5-2, in a secret room where you once could find a Minikit. You'll start off in the room with four buttons and two crates, but you can ignore them. Instead, take a droid and use the protocol panel on the left side of the room, then blow up a pile of junk so you can get to another room past it. In here, all you'll have to do is build a control panel back to functional levels so the tube next to it will drain, releasing Ackbar. The only problems you should have with this level are with enemies, as they seem to bother you the most when you're trying to build the control panel.


Yoda is going to be hiding out on Endor, in the Ewok village. Switch to Boba Fett for this level, as he can skip a lot of what you have to do for this level. You'll want to head left towards the traditional start of this level, and Boba Fett is much better at doing this since he can fly over the unbuilt bridges instead of having to repair them. When you get to the large throne, you should be able to see Yoda off in the distance. Break the purple containers next to the throne and use the pieces inside to build a turnstile, which will raise a platform next to him. Now all you've got to do is fly over to the platform with Boba Fett, and the platform will automatically raise you up to Yoda's height.


Like many before him, C-3PO is located where a Minikit used to be. Run up the stairs and proceed towards the bounty hunter door at the end of the hall at the top of the stairs, then go through and use the door straight ahead. This will open up the path to the two elevators, which is where you'll want to go; you can't use the stormtrooper one, but the bounty hunter elevator is all yours. Wipe out any enemies that are giving you trouble so you can properly use the elevator, or die and use your small period of invincibility to do so. You'll find C-3PO in plain sight on the rooftop after you've finished your elevator ride.

Lando Calrissian

Another Cloud City target, but this time you're already at the top of the stormtrooper elevator. Build the grapple point up ahead as fast as you can and make your way towards the end of the level. You should have absolutely no trouble doing this, since you should certainly know where to go by now. Switch to a droid like IG-88 when you get to the protocol droid panel protecting a large door and keep using him for the rest of the level. Lando is past the smoke near the end of the level, and only a droid like IG-88 will be able to get through unfazed, which is why it's best to save time and stick with him.

Luke Skywalker

Luke is up at where the fifth Minikit used to be in Chapter 4-3. If you don't remember where that was, it'll become clear soon enough. Fight off the stormtroopers and head towards the cantina, but stop to blow up the first metal object or so that you see to find parts for a turnstile. Build the turnstile and use it to turn the giant structure nearby upright, which will then release pieces for a grapple point. Build the grapple point to get to Luke, and you'll have another easy Gold Brick in the bag.

Han Solo

It wouldn't be a proper bounty hunter mission list if Han Solo wasn't the final target. Fortunately for you, he's about as easy to get to as everyone else was. The problem here is that a lot of this level relies on waiting, which you'll notice right away. You start off at the very beginning of Chapter 5-2, and you'll have to get through a lot of heating ice up and waiting for bombs to explode before you finally get to the first turret of the level. Han is in the room to the right alongside the yellow cart, so push your way through the snowtroopers and into that room. Build the cart back up to proper functionality, but don't use the turnstile in the middle of the room. Instead, jump on top of it, preferably with Boba Fett for more movement options, and then jump off when you think you can fly over to the hole high up on the right wall. Han's camped out up there, so you'll really benefit from a jetpack.

Bounty Hunter missions complete

Complete all of the ten Bounty Hunter Missions.

Bounty Hunter missions complete
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